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I am wondering how they are going to go about crafting items. How many types of crafting will be in the game and can you select more than one type?

I assume that there will be the normal three as in all Elder Scrolls games (Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy). However, I am wondering if they are going to have component gathering specialization like in LoTRO. Like gathering material skills, for each crafting type.

Curious to see more information on this and how they plan on going about it.

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    Magnus wrote on October 27, 2012

    I’d love to spend lots of time at a forge. And I definitely want to see it pay off. I don’t want to just unlock new tiers of crafting as I go along, I want to simply get better. If I’m handed some ebony and a daedric heart at smithing level one, I want to make the worst daedric weapon you’ll ever see. And at smithing one hundred, make iron that will cut better than generic elven blades.

    This would definitely reflect the range of capability I would like to see when crafting.

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    IMO, player crafted goods are the best way to handle the gear needs of a gaming community. Get rid of the PvE/PvP grind. Sure, kill a boss and get some cool loot, but for the most part you should be raiding to get rare mats which players convert into useful things. It should all come back to the players. This is a TES game. You should be able to have a completely fulfilling experience playing solely as a crafter, if you so choose.

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    I really hope that all of the crafting skills will be included in this game. One thing that I want them to include is being able to name your own weapons or armour like you could in other TES games. Do you think that would happen?

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    I also think we should have minigames: quality of item should depend on how we solved minigame. I think crafting should take time, one can't be master warrior and master crafter just like that. There are mmos where everybody is crafter, and we all know that is fail. Crafted item should be rare, but enough to supply players. Note that when you craft item, none disappers. So if there will be lack of crafted items in begining, more and more will come.


    Now my crafting will be enchanting. I liked way you learn enchantments in Skyrim, but hated how you enchanted items: almost no customization. Also, i think we should have "trait" system: adding negative effect gives more space for positive effects. You know, things like Boots of Bliding Speed, sure bit more blanced. Maybe it could be added into other crafts: make larger sword which is slower but does more damage, or poison that is slowly killing you but increases your speed for that time. Generally i think we should have as much customization posible. Same way enchanting in Morrowind was limited with power of item and soul gem, but you could choose to do whatever you wanted with it. So lets say armor has durability, armor rating, weigth, health/stamina/magica regen and you have, lets say, 100 points you can distribute along. Of course armor has it's base stats which can go max 25% +/-. that would be great for battlemages, tanky rogues, fast tanks and so.

    Another thing i'd like to see in game would be few uniqe items, once crafted can no longer be crafted, but could be awarded, lets say to player of the month for each faction. Lets say some master orc smith creates armor which will be worn by current leader of DC.

    Naming is also great idea.

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    I really hope weapons and other metal bits degrade over time. However, I think they should make a distinction between degradation of weapon damage and the weapon itself. They could call the former "sharpness" for blade and "strength" for blunts, and the latter would be "quality." While the weapons lose their sharpness/strength and quality out in the field, the player could repair the sharpness/strength without having to return to a blacksmith to get it done. But they would need a blacksmith (or a workshop) in order to repair the quality of the item.

    I also like the idea of a smithing minigame that forces me to get better at beating the high quality weapons into existence. I may want to smith daedric armor quickly, but I know I'll get bored of smithing shortly after and that will be a bummer. A bit of a struggle to get there would make things interesting, so long as the struggle itself is interesting. I wouldn't want to spend my time smithing by typing in percentage numbers and trying to figure out my math is right. I'd hate that. But if I'm watching myself beat an item and trying to gauge my strength by watching a bar and clicking at the right time? And in the right place? That would be cool. That would make me feel like a smith.

    And, of course, they could mix in the rested effect. The less rested you are, the lower quality your items are.


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    Saras wrote on January 23, 2013

    And, of course, they could mix in the rested effect. The less rested you are, the lower quality your items are.

    That would be great actually. More than rested, it's take when you created last item. If you make 5 items in row, quality is falling, if you didn't create anything last month, quality is falling. But if you make one (or ten? whatever number) piece a day, with pauses to rest, you make best quality items. That would ecourage full-time crafters.

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    I want to throw something in the round about blacksmithing. It would be very useful, to melt gathered weapons and armor in a smelter for new ingots, for example one iron sword gives you one iron ingot, two iron daggers would give you one iron ingot. So you can actually use the useless loot for new ingredients for your smithing skill. There is a mod for this for Skyrim, and I like it very much and it is quite balanced, I think.

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    Personally, I would love to be able to forge a powerful weapon and suit of armor that is unique to me (Well, as unique as I try to make it), and be able to use them as my character's de facto gear; something others recognise etc.

    I also hope we can name our forged equipment.


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    I believe that using a base models, and then getting freedom of adding minor details or extras, will be the best choice, as long as these extras are purely cosmetic.

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    Hydranys Carpus

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    Undertakerer wrote on January 25, 2013

    as long as these extras are purely cosmetic.

    That is an amazing idea! I would love to be able to craft uniquely designed items


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    Personally when it comes to crafting, I hope they keep things simple in terms of "visuals", having minigames included with every single items crafted would literally become a bore after the first day in my eyes. That being said, It would most likely be something similar to the minigames for jobs in Fable games, where a player simply does certain things when a green light is touched by a marker, which as far as I am aware, everybody that played that type of game got bored of jobs after pretty much the first time they did it for longer then 5 minutes.

    I hope things are done similar to how they were done with Rift's crafting system. Where you had base recipes for crafting, and leveled up the specific crafting style after a certain amount of skill points were done (For example, Novice, Average, Master) with the higher the ability, the better gear/items you could make. Whilst some items require materials/ingrediants gained from harder means, such as raid bosses or rare spawns.


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    Personally, I like the idea of being able to craft useful items. I have to primary hopes with the system they're developing; 1) that it isn't gimmicky with minigames or anything of the sort, and 2) that it lets me craft Bonemold and Chitin armor (that is useful at end game).

    The system needs to have enough depth where progression is intuitive and time consuming, but also where required materials are attainable and numerous, but sometimes rare -- moreso for better quality items.

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    I know this will never happen, but how cool would it be if players were not just able to enchant weapons and armor, but also be able to design their own weapons, and create their own texture/patterns for pre-made armors and clothing?

    I'm a big fan of daedric shrine weapons, mainly because they have their own look aside from the standard, smithable weapons. If i could design my own weapons ingame, without having to download some software (because i'm too lazy), that would be cool.

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    Hmmm the thing is, they didn't say much about mods, se we can't actually know if we'll have retextures and who will they affect. Alhought i think i heard there will be mods, but don't know which types adn how will they function.

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    Yashamon wrote on January 26, 2013

    Hmmm the thing is, they didn’t say much about mods, se we can’t actually know if we’ll have retextures and who will they affect. Alhought i think i heard there will be mods, but don’t know which types adn how will they function.

    I'm going to have to say there will be no mods like the ones TES fans are used to.  MOD's that can appear in server side games for both code-structure and fairness can only be things like UI or storage management.  It cannot tip the scales in battle or add things to the environment as your playing on a server, rather than your home PC where you can control all the code and so on.  There will be mods, but they will be focused on out-of-game stuff like HUDS and so on.

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    I'm hoping they get deeper into crafting then just the three or its going to get boring pretty fast.  I'd like to see some WoW mechanics here and get specialized crafting, like break the three main craft mechanics down: Smithing (weapon or armor specialist) Weapon (heavy, light, missile) Armor (heavy leather, Cloth).  Alchemy (poisons, healer, utility) Enchanting (weapons, stats).  This will open up a need for different kinds of crafters and open up all sorts of possibilities for trading and so on.. I hope there is an Action House as well.

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    Zaviel wrote on October 3, 2012

    @Nybling said on October 3, 2012:

    I’m going to go ahead and assume the following:

    • Weaponsmithing
    • Armorsmithing
    • Enchanting
    • Alchemy
    • Cooking

    I think blacksmithing will be broken up into 2 tradeskills personally.

    Smithing could be broken into a jeweler profession as well.  Would also like to see a profession about making scrolls, could possibly make locksmithing into a profession as well.

    Jeweler:  makes jewelry for all/most classes.

    Scribe:  creates temporary magic abilities/buffs useable for all builds/classes.

    Locksmith:  create/sell lockpicks as well as unlocking unique doors/chests (dungeon shortcuts for example.)

    Yhea i forgot cooking and jewel cafting, as well as scrolls like you mentioned.  Designers have promised to release almost monthly updates of new content and so on , so i think will def get the crafting we enjoy.  Its funny that they chose crafting last to work on and have been so cryptic with it thus far.  That tells me that their putting thought into it and not just releasing some version of old TES titles combined with other MMO titles.. Thats said, some MMO's have got crafting down pretty good. I'm hoping they can take all the good things from other titles and get rid of the bad things.  Will see.

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    If allowed to create items completely changed the game mechanics only the best of the best would be a great emperor and realism to the game



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