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Phone app for eso console players

Thank you in advance for anyone that can help. I searched the forums and was unable to find what I was looking for. But does anyone know of a good app for iPhone or android for eso. I searched App Store and there was few apps but no reviews so I didn't know if someone knew of one. Basically one that lets you track your toons skyshards and where lore books etc and gear sets and what not.

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    I don't think such a thing exists, sadly. Nothing that is widely used at least.

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    There's a few different eso database apps I've found unrelated to zos but none of them really have reviews. I'll end up just buying one checking it out. And I'll post my findings for anyone curious.

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    The ESO App for Android - Has detailed maps of the areas with interactive locations of skyshards, delves, lorebooks, world bosses.  Plus it has built in builds by popular youtubers.


    ESO Toolkit for Android - Has multiple features including sets lists, and all crafting info plus a way to input your character and keep track of all the traits for armor and weapons you have researched so far.

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    Hey, literally just joined the forum. A friend of mine got me using The ESO App, and it's amazing. You can create multiple characters, track skyshards, lorebooks, world bosses, and delve bosses individually. As well as track crafting for each character. Although I haven't used the last feature yet, I heard it was bugged but I'm not sure. Totally worth the dollar though.

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    Is it iPhone app or android. Bc I have iPhone and everything I've read is about the android app

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    The ESO App is working on a new build that will allow you to track all that kind of stuff.


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