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Advocates of the Nameless

North America, PC


About us

Advocates of the Nameless is a new guild. We accept members from all experience levels. We are good folks. We care about your progression and we care about your well being. It's like another family. We hope everything is good, let us know what you need from us. We have experienced crafters and seasoned players. We DO NOT charge dues. We are a drama free zone.

What we offer:

1.    An active and engaged discord.

2.    A safe place for LGBTQ, BLM, and anyone who just needs a friend.

3.    Experience and a large knowledge base of the game that we don't mind sharing with anyone.

4.    Guild house with a merchant and a banker. Soon to come: Crafting tables.

5.    An opportunity to grow- We are a newer guild meaning we have room to add new leaders!

We run daily dungeons, trial run tuesday, PvE and random quests and gameplay. We accept all timezones. We run raffles and giveaways! 

Who are we looking for?

That's simple, you.

Everyone brings a different experience to the table and we appreciate you for considering us. Hopefully we see you soon, just join the discord and we will get you all set up!


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