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PC-NA : Looking for Argonian furnishings/decor (as well as k

Hi folks! I just acquired my first home and I'm looking to furnish it with Argonian themed furniture (as well as kitchen items such as food, storage and utensils). If you have or know a crafter that can make these items, please contact me in-game. I'll try to keep an updated list with what I'm looking for posted here. I'm relatively new to the game, but I do have some materials and gold to make the purchases. Just let me know what I owe. Thanks everyone!


Wanted List:

Argonian Bed, Woven

Argonian Bench, Woven

Argonian Bookshelf, Woven

Argonian Chair, Woven

Argonian Mortar and Pestle, Bone

Argonian Rack, Drying

Argonian Table, Formal

*Breton style decorations (such as pots, vases, candles, cups)

*Pretty much any Common or Argonian style Cooking Items, Food and/or Utensils

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