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Optimal weapon and trait combination for 2H and DW

Often I come across the question of what is the best weapon and trait combination for stamina users with respect to 2H and DW. The case for 2H is relatively straightforward and I’ve seen a few answers on the forums with reasonable explanations however the DW case is much more complex as there are 18 possible combinations. Axes are not being considered since the Bleed effect is refreshed quite often and it appears unlikely that it will run its full course. In this post, I’ll give a rough estimate for the optimal weapon and trait combination for 2H and DW for both PvE and PvP. Boss resistance is assumed to be around 18200 as this is the resistance of the Blood Spawn in Spindleclutch. The conclusion for PvE Boss applies even when Major Fracture is applied. In the next post I’ll explain how I reached this conclusion.



Bosses (Resistance ~18k): Sharpened Maul

Mobs (Resistance ~9k): Sharpened/Precise Greatsword


Light armour targets (Resistance ~10k): Precise Greatsword

Medium armour targets (Resistance ~13k): Sharpened/Precise Greatsword

Heavy armour targets (Resistance ~20k): Sharpened Maul



Bosses (Resistance ~18k): Two Sharpened Mace

Mobs (Resistance ~9k): Two Sharpened Swords or Two Precise Daggers (Combination 7, 10, 12, 13, 14 are viable depending on exact Critical Chance and Critical Modifier)


Light armour targets (Resistance ~10k): Two Precise Sword or Two Precise Dagger

Medium armour targets (Resistance ~13k): Two Sharpened Sword Two Precise Dagger

Heavy armour targets (Resistance ~20k): Two Sharpened Mace

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    Asayre wrote on May 12, 2016

    This is an old post. Piercing used to be a percent and it was a percent of 7920 so if you had 100 points of Piercing it would give 25% of 7920 or 1980. Piercing has been changed. With 100 points in Piercing it’ll now give 5281 flat penetration.


    I still haven't found a better one for this weapon choice comparison purpose, are the recommendations given still valid post Dark Brotherhood?


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    The OP is no longer useful for DB. In general for PvE, the effectiveness of Mace/Maul has decreased in DB due to the prevalence of armour debuffs. Sharpened is the ideal trait for general groups but precise will outperform it with ideal groups (https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/262295/nirnhoned-precise-and-sharpened).

    Introduction to PvE Damage Calculation

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    is this still the same for morrowind (special for pvp)?

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    It is my understanding that axes now have a part to play in various optimisations, as the potential for proccing with certain weaves is high enough that the bleed damage outdoes the benefits of other weapons. That said I am unaware of any master list of things that proc axe bleed, and know that there are things that you would expect to proc that don't, and things you wouldn't expect to proc that do.


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