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nightblade help

I look at alot of builds for this set up both stamina and magicka . I notice that my magicka nigth blade is to squishy for my taste. I don't know if theres anything could help that out. So right now I am running around with dual wield for my main bar and destro flame staff for my second. Messing around with the abilies for both of them and trying all the abilies with assassin, shadow and siason abilies. I am level 40 also a vampire. Any help would be great full., I like this class because of the sleath and class I never played a dark elf before now. Having alot of fun just need help to figure to out.

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    A few things. First, be sure whether you are going to be more involved in pvp or pve. You can do both on a character but to excel at one you really need to make it one or the other. If you are in PVP I recommend creating a tether bomb build for group play until you learn how pvp and game mechanics work, then you can work on 1vx and ganking builds if you desire (personal perspective). If you are going for pve then you absolutely need to choose a role: DPS, Healer, or Tank. I recommend dps until you learn game mechanics as healing on an NB is not easymode, and tanking certainly isn't, though doing any of the 3 is fun as hell once you learn how!

    Next, Since you are a Dark Elf I advise running a flame staff as much as possible for that bonus flame damage and for now DW is fine, but once Summerset drops you won't necessarily need DW anymore since staves will be 2 piece item sets (honestly at level 40 it doesn't even matter either unless you have crafted training gear equipped). Fire staves increase all single target damage and lightning staves increase all aoe damage by 8% respectively which is normally higher than DW will get you. 

    It is excellent that you are leveling all your class skills at the same time as many first timers (like myself) make the mistake of focusing on just the skills that sound cool and forget to get the passives from the other lines. Vamp is great on an NB and even better on a dark elf so be sure to level it up and take advantage of that ulti/resource regen (though vamp is a little bit lost in pve and significantly better in pvp). Level everything you can to 50! The more passives you can stack the better. It is tedious as hell but do the mages guild skill line asap.

    General advice: This game is all about stacking passives, and effects in order to make greater things happen which means you need to read EVERYTHING really carefully and use all you can to your advantage. Try to stack major and minor buffs especially Major and minor sorcery, prophecy, berserk (dps), force (dps), resolve, mending (healers and tanks) and ward: those are the big ones especially for pvp. After that debuff your enemies unless others are already doing it for you with Major and minor breach, defile (pvp only), vulnerability, maim, and anything else you can find to make the enemy less effective. And the last and most important thing is definitely just have fun with the game and ask questions because we all need explanations sometimes.. Don't let any toxic players get in your head and never become a toolbag "Elitist." :)


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