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I need help with my dark elf night blade. From what I been reading that I should just choice one stamina or magic. I just cant decide because I love my dual wield when I get in a rough spot and I like my staff for long range. Which goes great for my dark elf. Just running into if I should just go with one or another. Also what kind of equipment I should have on, light or medium armor. Any help would be great.

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    I would advise reading up on some recent builds here in the Nightblade sub-forum or otherwise, just gain some baseline knowledge about what tends to work, and the typical gear setups and stat benchmarks for stamina and magicka builds.

    Current stamina setups usually pair dual wield with bow, to supplement with more bow-DoTs (notably Endless Hail and Poison Injection); if you really need a way to attack from range, you can weave light attacks with Focused Aim, while keeping up with whatever DoTs you can apply from range. In such setups, you will want to use at least 5 pieces of medium armour (for the relevant passives in the armour skill tree).

    Current magicka setups will use 2 destruction staves (either 2 inferno or 1 inferno and 1 lightning) with at least 5 pieces of light armour (for the passives in the armour skill tree). The Dunmer passive Destructive Ancestry is more relevant for magicka setups than stamina. Also as you have noted, you will be able to do consistent damage from range.

    In general, it is not recommended to go with both stamina and magicka because your stats will be spread thin between weapon damage, crit, stamina, and spell damage, crit, magicka. Your attacks will not be as powerful as others who specialise in one of the two; and there is really no benefit to run such a hybrid setup either.

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    Which would be better magicka or stamia?


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