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Newbie look for sorcerer build help

Hey guys firstly i'd like to apolagize if this is in the wrong subject I think it's right though,

I am a fairly new player to eso and I have so far a lvl 45 breton sorcerer, I have elsewyr and I have eso plus (although i only intend to keep that for a month just to get any neccesary skill lines). 

My main issue is that i'm looking for a simple easy effective build that will hold in pve and hopefully be decent for pvp, I'm hopeing for a dps based build but im open to others, I just went and used a respec scroll and messed it up so before I run to spend my gold on doing that again I was really hoping somebody might be able to share a build guide showing what stats and skills to add and how to use them?

Thanks in advance! :)

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