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New stamina nightblade,returning player.

So with the new (or not that new,it is been 9 months) expansion of Elsweyr,i decided to return to game on Ps4. I want to replay my old khajiit stamina nightblade,but i erased it before leave the game.

Now i want to return and i see some changes of skills descriptions on the wiki. For example,the racial passives of khajiits are now op of a stamina nightblade,cause have regen of both three stats,health,stamina and magicka.

My intention is to play a stamina nightblade,but i can not decide to which skill tree go. Shadow have insta stealth and increased damage after leave stealth,making the tree useful for start a combat. Assassin is good too,it have insta back teleport also a dodge skill.

The last time i played my old khajiit stamina nightblade,i go shadow. While i win some duels versus players,some of them have stealth detector skills,so the shadow skill tree is useless versus those players. Also tryed to be insta invisible in a started combat in PvE without success.

Btw i prefer shadow skill tree,is just more fun. But i did not test the shadow skill tree on a mass PvP.

So i question,is still viable the shadow skill tree in PvP or in a small/large scale PvP? I mean,if the insta stealth fails i also can use the fear skill. Use and repeat. My intention is to have dual weild and a bow for my weapon sets. It is viable what i will try to be?

And in PvE can i turn insta invisible with the invisible skill without being attacked in a started combat? You know what i am trying to say? If so answer those questions.

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    I think no-one will answer me cause this forum is dead.

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    I play a stamblade and there were some difficult times. Just had to keep trying new things til it started to click. Different play styles for different types of mobs and getting the right gear going. I do a bow build mostly with duel or 2hand PrepaidGiftBalance


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