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Magblade advice needed

Hi people, 

I'm currently trying to get my magblade's damage up. 

Current setup:

5 Juli

4 Infall (still farming Moondancer jewel) 

Skoria/Zaan (trying to get Grothdarr) 


Front - Infused fire

Back - Infused lightning (still have to learn vMA mechanics) 

I'm trying to go 5+1+1, but at the moment my Zaan for example are not in the ideal weights yet. 

Currently LAs does about 11-13% of my DPS. Would it make sense for me to make my front bar Nairn rather than Infused?

On a 6M dummy I have to do a couple of HAs to sustain, unless I use Witch mother's.  Might it be better to use max food/max magica and a decrease cost enchant, or is a HA or two the way to go? 

Apart from that, are there any good magblade theorycrafters out there other than Deltia or Alcast? 

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    I would still opt for infused front bar, especially if you are using charged weapon enchant. The damage contribution is quite significant and charged enchant can also proc concussion (and thus Minor Vulnerability). Then your backbar blockade could proc off-balance. That said, I use Inferno blockade on backbar, which does more damage in a group scenario.

    If you can do HA while the target is in the off-balance phase, then it is the most efficient way to do so. I would advise against going with a cost reduction enchant, because you miss out on a lot of spell damage otherwise; maybe incorporate a HA into your rotation every 2 or 3 cycles instead - with adequate support and when health is permanently supported by Warhorn (Minor Toughness) and Ebon (or if you use Valkyn), then perhaps brew would be the ideal option.

    I am sure that there are many other magblade theorycrafters out there. It is just that since 3.1, when the traits and mundus were adjusted and had some of their values normalised, coupling with the front-loading nature of CP, the performance gap for builds in most classes have been narrowed significantly, reducing the relative value and need to theorycraft. Theorycrafting and testing are more or less restricted to that of new sets/mechanics changes, but as far as the skills are concerned, they have been mostly the same for years - differences are dependent on group support, player skill and execution, e.g. weaving for the Merciless Resolve proc and sustain support, more than the gear and stats themselves. Thus the apparent stagnation in magblade theorycrafting that you've observed.

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