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"Looking for guild" - PS4, EU (Australia)

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex. I live in Australia, so it can be difficult to coordinate trial schedules with a lot of the guilds I've been in.  I work a 9-5, so I'd fall into the casual category, but I've been playing for years. I main a templar healer, and I really want to get more involved in trials, and guild/group based content.

I'd love to play with people in an at least vaguely similar timezone as me!

If you have a guild that you think fits, send me a message or post below!

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    Hi mate. I run a growing social guild on the PS4 EU server. We've two member in Australia and one who's very active and would love another person from that timezone to join us. If your interested let me know:)

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    I am australian and with this guild and i also have issues with time zones i feel your pain. My casual job makes it abit easier for me to be active in events and on discord i have to say in the short time i have been apart of this guild on top of receiving so much help and advice i feel like i have found a long lost distant family. Anyway hope you join and come have some fun :) 


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