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Lich or Julianos build PLZ HELP

Hi I run a magicka templar as a healer/dps. Cp500+ I have been offline for a good year or so now. My end game pve build was 5 pc lich and 5 piece Julianos all gold with willpower jewelry. It was decent in both pvp and pve but im not pvping anymore. So, before that it was 5 pc julianos with 2 pc molag kena 2 peice torugs pact and 3 willpower. I could do maelstrom with that setup. I was just wondering which of these 2 sets is better for PVE after all the updates. Any thoughts or questions would be appreciated.

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    You can just use well-timed heavy attacks to help with sustain in PvE.

    Try using it with 2p Grothdarr.

    2p Molag Kena is rather undesirable now with all the changes to sustain.

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    what about a mix of bsw and Julianos mixed vs the same mix only using either silks or lich to help with recovery, and then the mundus for resistance if needed if not then the stone for critt/max mag



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