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Light Armor useful in PVP?

in pvp i'm wondering if light armor might be useful as in will i be able to fight toe to toe with people in heavy armor. if i'm in light armor will i have to go heavy armored. can i use a combo of both and still fight well in combat? what do you guys think

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    I would not simply focus on light and heavy armor. There will be a variety of classes in pvp; Assassins, Fighters and Mages. Plan on being confronted by mixes of these classes. I for one, plan on combining magic and light armor. As per your question on 'which armor type would be more of a boon in battle,' I can only say that both have there pro's and con's. If you plan on using light armor, stay away from the Juggernauts who will mix restoration, heavy weapons and heavy armor. If you plan on using heavy armor, be vigilant and watch for mages and assassins.

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    very true i agree still i think that with the flexibility the game gives us i am gonna try some heavy light mixes at higher levels i mean i could max out everything on one character so good point thanks

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    Well, ofc heavy armor will be able to take a few more punches, but characters wearing light armor will probably be way more mobile which probably counters it.

    Usually glasscannons wins their fights by kiting, and i dont think there will be much difference here.

    (or maybe you can get some equivalent of Oakflesh from Skyrim

    http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Oakflesh )

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    In 20v20 fights you would want casters in light armor, both for restoration and damage reasons. You don't have to kite in the same way in bigger fights and its melee taking most of the damage.



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    A player in light armor will never be able to soak as much damage as a guy in full heavy armor, however I expect there to be more damage avoidance perks available for light armor guys and damage soak perks for heavy armor guys...think of it like this...your assassin in full leather armor can move quick and dodge blows from a heavier armored opponent but when a blow connects it will hit harder, whereas the assassin would see more blows connect with their target but the damage would be mitigated much better by the heavy armor.

    There's a reason you want your sword and board guys out front with your lighter armored guys flanking or sitting at range.

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    Eventually in Light / Medium Armor you didn't consume as much stamina as a heavy armored guy. So you could use your stamina to break snares / stuns, run and gain combat-mobility.

    But like dhodgs said, you want to flank enemies and do your S&B- heavy armored Guys stand in frontline.

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    Heavy armor would effect your stamina consumption much like a heavier weapon would. A tank would be better suited to heavy but if you wanted to be a quick moving dps that could get away from a tank character than light armor would be better.


    Its swings and roundabouts really.

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    Its never good going toe to toe with a tank, I don't intend to but if the situation does come to that a mixture of Light and Medium armour for speed and some protection whilst staying at range and blasting them with ice to slow them down, that with the combination of the weight of their armour gives me the advantage in the fight.


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