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Lancer (PvP)

This can be used in PvE, where it's quite honestly Over Powered, but it's what I use in Cyrodiil to collect Alliance Points.



Altmer, originally because of the Passive Bonus when channeling Sweeps.  Then, I realized that that got me Interrupted, so I modified the build somewhat for Burst without Sweeps.  With that in mind, let me say that Dunmer may be just as good, because of the Flame Resitiance, and Immunity to the Burning SE.  There's a lot of Dragonknights out there, and the extra Stamina wouldn't hurt.

Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion, mostly because of Kenarthi's Roost.  Honestly, it was 6 easy Skyshards at the Start of the game, and I'm a role_player, so I haven't changed that.  

Aedra:  She's a Templar, a Holy Warrior of Auron, from Auridon.  Despite being a Mage/Magicka spec, she also honors Meridia, and is a Champion of the Fighter's Guild.  This is all Role Play, and not of interest to Roll Players, but I'm just putting it out there, because it's part of her Character, and motives for fighting for the Altmeri Dominion.  (I consider her Home Town to be Mathiisen.)


I have a piecemail of Light, whit Heavy pieces (Body, Legs, and Pauldrons) but this isn't maximized with Monster Sets, and farming Trials.  You can do better, look some up, there's lots of "Best in Slot" articles, and videos out there, but I'm not going to make up some combo that I haven't playtested.  Sorry, I know the rules, but I'm not going to lie to you.  I have 5 pieces Torug's Pact (Infused, Magicka glyphs.) Sword, and Shield of Bastion of the Dragon (With matching apparel) and 3 piece Necropotence for the Max Magicka.  Lightning Staff/Lance with a Flame gliph, mostly for the bonus to AoE damage.


This is my main Offensive bar, for AvA, and 1vX fights, so it's set up for multiple targets.

Blockade of Storms:  This is for Area Denial, because most people don't want to stand where it hurts.  So, they avoid that patch, or take damage.  Useful for holding Bottlenecks, "You shall not Pass!"  Slam down the staff.  I don't see the point of playing a Tank in PvP, but there it is.  In sieges sometimes they want to come through the Gate, and you don't want them to.  At the very least, make them pay for it in Health.

Puncturing Sweeps:  It's still there, the original build was minmaxed around them, it got boring, I still use it.  Gives you some Health back, and also gives some Damage Resistance during the animation, but it's also begging to be Interrupted.  Also good Area Denial stacked on top of Blockade of Storms.

Impulse:  This is my Spammable, it makes it extremely uncomfortable to be around me.  So, I don't have to turn around, or switch targets, if you want to get behind me, it's going to burn.

Solar Barrage:  Automatic pulses, which stack Fire Damage on top of Lightning Damage, which is what this side of the swap is all about.  It also Empowers light attacks every pulse, which is what the other side of the swap is all about.

Cleansing Ritual:  2 Purges, a Group Heal, and a Synergy for your allies!  What's not to love?  In AvA, I generally find a spot, we want to Hold, and the enemy wants to take away.  This could be a Gate, Bridge, or Resource, but gather around me, drop down your Endless Hail/Caltrops/Lightning Flood/Whatever, and make this spot our own.  Anyone else inside it Dies, that's the Strategy.

Mace, and Shield (Doesn't matter what weapon you use, I'm just playing a War Cleric, so the Mace is an allusion to AD&D, where Clerics use Maces)

This is for Duels, 1v1, gank/countergank, and basically Single Target.  

[1]  Radiant Aura:  Recovers Magicka, while I'm using Spamina to Block/Bash, and weave in Empowered attacks.  Barswap cast Solar Barrage to keep that up, and count Pulses from it.  Each Pulse is an Empowered Attack.  Also grants Minor Fortitude, Endurance, and Intellect, this is how I Sustain indefinitely.

[2]  Shielded Charge:  This is now Spammable, it also works in Pursuit, but this isn't a chasedown spec, so the lack of a minimum distance means you can weave it in with Empowered Attacks right in their face.  Also pops a small Bubble shield, which isn't that strong, but it doesn't really have to be.  It's spammable, so you can pop it back up any time you have the Spamina, and an enemy in front of you.

[3]  Empowered Slam:  Notice a pattern here?  It's in character, Empower makes your Weapon/Shield glow with a bright golden light, on a Golden Altmer, with shiny Gold tattoos, in Golden Saint (Costume) Armor.  You get it?  I reactivly Block/Bash/Attack, and weave in casts.  When this lights up, the 3 hit Combo is this/Empowered attack/Regular Bash.  This 3 hit combo does a surprising amount of damage, for what it is (A Stamina attack, on a Magicka spec, but it's somewhat balanced in Cyrodiil, due to some hidden mechanics I don't understand well enough to explain.)  

[4]  Radiant Glory:  You knew this was coming, at least anyone in PvP anticipates this when they see a Templar standing there, glowing.  Keep an eye on their Health, and when it gets down to 50%, burn them.  (Also Heals you, and as a Channel, grants you some Resistance for being an Altmer.)

[5] Purifying Light:  Focuses 1 enemy, and when it goes "POP!" they keep glowing, to heal allies around them.  It's not much, but this is a Melee mage, in the Moshpit.  So, every little bit that helps your allies hurts the Enemy.  I'm not a Healer, but I'm a Templar, and my allies appreciate this.  Especially holding a Resource so the enemy can't take it.

Ultimate:s  The other one is Radiant Sweep by default, because it stacks on the Impulse/Solar Barrage pulses.  This one is more of a Flex Slot, depending on the situation, but Remembrance is the default for holding a position with allies.  Also, Dawnbreaker is In Character, (Champion of the Fighter's Guild, with a staff!) but I only really use it as a slotted passive, and in Duels/Countergank.  (If I'm running around Solo, where I expect to get Ambushed by Nightblades.)


There ain't none.  Sorry guys, but you have to learn how to play this, and react to what the Enemy is doing.  Barswap cancel to keep Solar Brrage up, likewise for Radiant Auroa, and keep an eye on your Ultimate bar to see if it's time yet, but other than that.  The closest thing I have to a Rotation is a quick Empowered Attack/Spell/Bash Cancel 3 hit combo, I use in reaction to a Block (Empowered Slam) to Interrupt a Channel (With Damage on top of it) and spend most of my attention on Triage.  Watching the enemy, picking out the Healer to focus down (Because we make everyone harder to kill) and reacting to other player's Attacks.  You can't do that, counting Seething Tokens to make casting the Whip worthwhile.  This isn't a Tank, Healer, nor DPS, because this isn't a Dungeon Raid, it's PvP.  You have to react to the Players, not run through the same Macro, only faster than the other Trials Squads.

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