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Is there a impenetrable cap?

I've heard that there is no impenetrable cap and that you could stack impenetrable so high that crits do less damage that non-crits.

I've also heard that there is a cap from 3.2k to 3.5k.

Is there an up to date video evidence for proving either?

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    I don't have any actual evidence but I'm pretty sure critical resistance does have a practical cap. Kind of how physical/spell resistance mixes out at 32.5k or whatever it is. You can go beyond that but you won't get any further mitigation from doing so.


    As to what that cap is for crit resistance. I want to say its 50%. Meaning enough to cancel out an opponents base crit damage modifier. I do believe the number(s) you mention, 3200 or 3500, is what that equals out to.


    I of course could be wrong. I'm only posting what I think I recall reading some time ago either around here, or gamefaqs, or the official forums, about the subject of impen/crit resistace. Lol. Sorry.

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    Think about what you gain and lose by going beyond 3000 or 3500 crit resistance... that assumed anyone is hitting for 7000 crits in PvP... in most cases that is very inaccurate.  Most people crit for 6000 or less, meaning they are not doing more than 2000-3000 critical damage to you.  So if you stacked impen to 3000 they would deal their standard damage to you... if you stacked it to 4000, still the same.

    i have never heard that you could overstack crit resistance to the point where you take less damage from crits than you do normal hits... that isnt really how damage works in eso.  Crit damage is considered that which is beyond the normal damage of a critical hit; all of the damage of that hit is not "critical damage."  That is why crit modifier only applies to the critical damage you deal.  Basic damage reduction like vampire passives or the pirate monster helm set applies to ALL damage.  Crit resistance cannot be tricked into a damage reduction scenario.

    simple point: hitting a person with a damage shield up deals no critical damage (to the shield of course) because shields cant be crit... but the shield takes SOME damage.  Apply the same principle to crit resist; i would consider the game pretty fucked up mechanically if you took less than someone with a shield soaking the damage.

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    There is no numerical cap. But there is an effective cap, which depends on the critical modifiers of enemy. Critical resistance only modifies the critical damage component of a hit, so you cannot reduce the damage of the base/non-critical component.

    Every 250 critical resistance reduces the enemy critical modifier by 0.035. The reduction is additive with Resilient.

    3500 critical resistance gives a reduction of 0.49 to the critical modifier. Given a base modifier of 0.50, the enemy modifier becomes 0.01. The effective bonus damage from a critical hit with an assumed 0.60 critical chance, is 0.006 of your base damage.

    ((0.5 - 3500 / 250 * 0.035) * 0.60 + 1) * Base Damage

    This is compared against the standard critical damage component, which is 0.3 of your base damage (with an assumed 0.60 critical chance).

    (0.50 * 0.60 +1) * Base Damage

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