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Is anyone managing these forums anymore?

This is sad.  This was one of the most active and most reliable ESO forum sites since before the game was launched.  It was where I used to refer players looking for build information but these days the activity seems to have waned.  I say this because the mechancs section has not even been updated with a Necro section which is now on live.  I would have figured that would have been updated for PTS.  

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    Well, times change and websites go in and out of fashion, I'm afraid. If you're looking for up to date builds, I recommend you take a look at https://alcasthq.com/eso-most-recent-builds/

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    The sub-Reddit for ESO is a common place people might go to for simple Q&A and the official forum is another place - one might postulate that it is primarily because the possibility of opinions, builds, achievements or otherwise, being noticed by ZOS is considerably higher on those platforms. I noticed that many newer players also prefer video guides rather than text-based guides, so platforms like Youtube or Twitch are being frequented more than conventional sites like Tamriel Foundry.

    Players/users also come and go. ESO is 5 years old and it's quite a different game now compared to what it was in the beta, at launch, at 1.6 and at other key milestones. Some people like the recent development directions and keep playing, while others have moved on to other things at some point. It's unfortunate that many of the core users are of the latter, thus the waning activity here.

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