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The Shadow Guardian

Updated for Clockwork City



Warm sands, friends! Welcome to my Nightblade tank guide! It has been a long road with many twists and turns, many of which as taken us under the shadow of a dark moon, but fear not friends, not all is lost. One can still protect their friends as a Nightblade tank and do so very well, yes? Yes! Come, take a look.



Table of Contents

  1. Updates(s)
  2. Overview
  3. Race
  4. Vampire
  5. Attributes 
  6. Champion Points
  7. Mundus Stone
  8. Gear(Enchantments, Block Cost, Sets)
  9. Skills
  10. Rotation
  11. Video(s)
  12. Shoutouts


Update - 11/10/2017

After a much needed break from the game I have decided to come back to The Elder Scrolls Online and thus far have enjoyed myself. I have spent a lot of time thinking of a way to recapture some small measure of the glory that was Sap Tanking, a thing of the past in some ways, it is true. Sadly the identity of 'Sap Tanking' as been lost due to changes introduced during the release of the Morrowind chapter but not all is lost.

I want to warn everyone that this update and approach is 'experimental' still but thus far has worked rather well. Is my build and set combinations as strong as they once were? No, no they are not, however, they are still very much viable and should be able to handle almost all content save for perhaps main tanking in a veteran trial, that I will need to test but off tanking should be more than doable.

With that out of the way I have decided for the moment to keep the formatting the same and make changes where they needed. This is for all intents and purposes a 'soft update'. Is that a thing? It is now! I will continue to revisit it and make changes as I go along, maybe get some images back up!

With that all said, take a look, and enjoy!




Like all classes in the Elder Scrolls Online the Nightblade class possesses a number of distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to tanking as described below.


  • Access to Major Evasion via the class skill Blur and it's morphs.
  • Both group and self healing.
  • Easy if not tedious rotation.
  • Superb Ultimate generation.


  • Lacks both accessible and reliable class crowd-control skills.
  • Lacks a class damage shield skills
  • Lacks strong direct healing skills.

Recent changes have hurt the Nightblade class severely and taken away some of their identity as a tank; being known for unmatched resource sustain and self healing, making them a very independent tank that can out survive a Dragonknight (in my own experience playing both and seen in random groups) easily. Despite that with the proper attribute and champion point allocation, gear, skills, and passives a Nightblade tank can still surprise and amaze, showing that while it is a class that has been beaten down by the nerf bat they are not ready to quit.

This guide focuses on recapturing some of that lost identity by staying true to it and sticking with a build that has become a main stay of mine and has stood against the test of time.

I have chosen to test this on a khajiit as they make the perfect test subject, offering absolutely nothing to the build. If I can do it on a khajiit, anyone can do it with practice and good ol fashion dungeon know how.



My top three picks for a Nightblade tank.

Argonian is currently the 'meta race' for this build and many other tank builds, here is why. Resourcefulness increases Maximum Magicka by 1/2/3%, a minor bonus but also restores 1524/3049/4620 of your Maximum Health, Magicka, and Stamina when you drink a potion which is huge!. Argonian Resistance increases Maximum Health by 3/6/9% and adds 495/990/1485 Disease Resistance a rather irrelevant addition when compared to the health bonus. Finally Quick to Mend increases healing done and received by 1/3/5% which plays perfectly into the build's play style.

Imperial is another strong secondary choice for their raw resource bonuses. Tough increases Maximum Health by 4/8/12% while Conditioning increases Maximum Stamina by 4/7/10%. Finally Red Diamond gives your melee attacks a 10% chance to restore 2/4/6% of your Maximum Health.

Dark Elf is the perfect choice for those wanting to swap between a damage dealer and tank role. Their Dynamic passive increases Maximum Magicka by 2/4/6% and Maximum Stamina by 2/4/6%. Resist Flame further increases Maximum Magicka by 1/2/3% and adds 693/1386/2079 Fire Resistance which will help soften the blow taken from playing as a Stage 4 Vampire. Finally Destructive Ancestry increases Flame Damage by 5/7% and both Frost and Lightning by 1/2%.

Keep in mind that these are just my top three picks, you can play this build with any race and be successful. I currently play as a Khajiit the absolute worst possible race for this build and have completed veteran dungeons and trials; vSO, vHRC, even veteran Dragonstar Arena and Veteran Maelstrom Arena as a damage dealer in the past If you play as literally any other race then your Nightblade will have an advantage over mine.

Additionally Altmer make a fine choice for those swapping between tanking and damage dealing.





Prior to the release of Morrowind I never suggested that players should become a vampire but with the current state of the class and the PvE environment I will say that it is quite beneficial, namely the passives are rather than the skills unlocked. Lets review the relevant ones.

  • Supernatural Recovery - Stage 2 Vampirism - Increase Magicka and Stamina recovery by 5/10%.
  • Undeath - Stage 3 Vampirism - Reduces damage dealt to when you fall below 30/50% Health. Lower Health increases the effect up to 33%. This passive makes you extremely hard to kill and with all of the healing this build is capable of you will not stay below 50% for very long.
  • Unnatural Recovery - Reduces the severity of the Health Recovery determent in Vampirism stages 2 through 4. The finally relevant passive that you will need. This will buffer the negative affects of playing as a vampire.

With these three passives you gain a respectable amount of resource sustain and a massive durability buff that is too good to pass up. Thankfully you only need to remain at Stage 3 Vampirism in order to benefit from Undeath as the final passive Dark Stalker offers nothing to a tank build allowing you to avoid a heavier penalty. The penalty for Stage 3 without Unnatural Recovery is the following. 20% Flame Damage taken, 14% Vampire Ability cost reduction, 50% Health Recovery reduction. The extra Flame Damage taken outside of a boss encounter where Fire Damage is extremely prevalent is an irrelevant negative and as a Nightblade tank you have more then enough healing to make up for the reduction in Health Recovery. With such strong passives it is worth trading in those good looks to become an unstoppable life draining beast, right?



Attribute allocation will be influenced by character's race, your Champion Rank, and your currently equipped gear and skills. As with both damage dealers and healers you will want to aim for a certain amount of Health before investing attribute points into either Magicka or Stamina.

The below allocation is my current spread using a khajiit character with 150 epic(purple) Tri-Stat food and rings with the Arcane trait

Health: 34(+/-) - 30,000+ Health is more than sufficient for both normal and veteran dungeons with 35,000+ be recommended for both normal and veteran trials.

Magicka: 0(+/-) - 20,000+ Magicka Is ideal milestone to if possible.

Stamina: 30(+/-) - 20,000+ Stamina Is an ideal milestone to hit if possible.




The below allocation has been adjusted to assume that readers possess the maximum number of Champion Points in each category, 230 points.


 The Warrior:

  • 56 Ironclad - 20.15%
  • 43 Hardy - 10.5%
  • 43 Elemental Defender - 10.15%
  • 43 Quick Recovery - 10.15%
  • 45 Thick Skinned - 17.45%



The Thief:

  • 81 Shadow Ward - 24.06%
  • 50 Arcanist - 11.25%
  • 43 Tenacity - 10.15%
  • 28 Tumbling - 12.08%
  • 28 Warlord - 12.08%

Heavy focus on Shadow Ward with moderate investments made in key areas to reduce the hefty stamina cost of breaking crowd-control and dodging.



The Mage

  • 56 Blessed - 12.08%
  • 56 Elfborn - 20.15%
  • 56 Elemental Expert - 12.08% - Boosts the damage of Swallow Soul and Bahraha's Curse and by extension their healing.
  • 56 Master-At-Arms - 20.15% - Boosts the damage of Swallow Soul and be extension it's heal over time.

A even spread to get the most out of Swallow Soul and Bahraha's Curse.



The Atronach, is by far the best choice in my opinion. Offering 210 Magicka Recovery, which boosts sustain.




In this section of the guide readers will find several sub-sections that include a brief list of universal traits used across all proposed sets, a Beginner's Sets section listing gear combinations that do not include a Monster Set or dropped set from overland zones and or dungeons. A Veteran+ Sets section that lists 'advanced' sets intended for players more familiar with the game with 300 or more Champion Points. Sets include both Monster Set options and may contain a overland and or dungeon dropped set. The Monster Sets sections lists the various Monster Sets deemed worthy of use and explains in which circumstance a Nightblade tank should use them.

Gear Section Table

  • Enchantments
  • Traits
  • Block Cost
  • Beginner's Sets
  • Veteran+ Sets
  • Monster Sets



'Big Pieces' (Helmet, Chest, Legs) - Maximum Health / Prismatic

'Small Pieces' (Belt, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders) - Maximum Health / Prismatic 

Jewelry - 3 Legendary(Gold) Shield-Play Enchantments (Reduce Block Cost)

One-Hand Weapon(s) - Crusher

Shield(s) - Maximum Health / Prismatic 



'Big Pieces'  (Helmet, Chest, Legs) - Sturdy / Infused

'Small Pieces' (Belt, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders) Sturdy

Jewelry - Healthy*

One-Hand Weapon(s) - Defending

Shield(s) - Reinforced

* Some overland and dungeon drop sets listed in the Veteran Sets may only drop in jewelry with the Arcane or Robust trait. In such cases and or in the case of the Healthy trait being abnormally rare then using jewelry with Arcane is acceptable. Attributes and or enchantments may need to be altered in such circumstances to insure Maximum Health stays above 28,000.


Block Cost

In the both the class's and game's current state it is important to reduce to cost of blocking as much as possible to reserve stamina. Here is a break down for blocking showing what I use to reduce block.

  • Base cost per block = 2,160
  • 81 Shadow Ward (-24)
  • 7x purple(epic) Sturdy traits (-24.50%)
  • 3x gold (legendary) Shield-Play Enchantments -603 Stamina per block. 
  • Fortress passive (-36%)
  • Defensive Posture + Morphs (-8%)
  • Final cost per block = 168

http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildEditor was used to obtain values and breakdown.



Beginners' Sets

For the aspiring Nightblade tank.

[spoiler title="Beginners' Sets"]

5 Seducer - 4 Magnus' Gift - 3 Willpower

Intended Content: Normal Dungeons - Non DLC Veteran Dungeons

Tri-Stat Food

This starting set is intended to give new players all the magicka sustain they will need to learn and practice the rotation by offering a balance of maximum magicka, magicka recovery and spell damage bonuses.


5 Kagrenac's Hope - 4 Magnus' Gift - 3 Willpower

Intended Content: Normal Dungeons - Non DLC Veteran Dungeons

Tri-Stat Food

This combination offers a balance of bonuses that bolsters maximum magicka, magicka recovery and spell damage. The 25% reduction to resurrection speed can be help in clutch moments when a boss encounter has taken a turn for the worse.


5 Tava's Favor - 4 Seducer - 3 Trinimac's Valor

Intended Content: Normal Dungeons - Non DLC Veteran Dungeons

Tri-Stat Food

This set takes advantage of the increase to ultimate generation from Tava's Favor while ensuring the player has plenty of magicka with four bonuses to magicka recovery to keep it up! A perfect combination for starting players looking to take off the Seducer training wheels while becoming familiar with a set that has served the tanking community well.



Veteran+ Sets

For the seasoned Nightblade tanks.


The 'Original' Shadow Guardian 

  • Intended Content - Normal Dungeons, Veteran Dungeons, Normal Trials, potentially Veteran Trials(needs testing)
  • Tested - Normal Dungeons, Veteran Dungeons
  • Tri-Stat Food
  • 5 Bahraha's Curse - 5 Armor of the Seducer / Bloodthorn's Touch - 2 Monster Set

The original build that has served me well since the Thieves' Guild DLC release, a potent combination of healing and resource sustain. While the identity of 'Sap Tanking' as been lost these last few patches this set remains true to it and is still quite effective.

The 'Original' Shadow Guardian is intended to fulfill the role of a Main Tank in both normal and veteran dungeons and potentially normal and hopefully veteran trials(needs testing). The two core sets aim to make up for the nerf to Siphoning Attacks while staying true to the legacy of the Sap Tanks of old. The Armor of the Seducer set or simply Seducer is and has always been a set that is woefully underestimated, even now. The double bonus to magicka recovery greatly boosts resource sustain while the five piece will routinely shave off between 100 - 200+ magicka off the cost of spells which may not seem like much but over the course of a fight it adds up quickly.

For those still skeptical there is the Bloodthorn's Touch set, an excellent set that also aims to boost resource sustain through a single bonus to magicka recovery, though that is not the reason you use, the five piece is. "When you deal direct damage, you restore 660* Magicka and Stamina. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds." The overall value of this set should not be underestimated.

Lastly there is Bahraha's Curse, the perfect complimentary set to a Nightblade tank, offering not only a generous increase to all three resources but offering one of the best and most reliable affects in the game. "When you deal damage, you have a 25% chance to create desecrated ground for 5 seconds, which reduces the Movement Speed of enemies within by 70%, damages them for 860** Magic Damage every 1 second and heals you for 100% of the damage done."


*Values shown are taken from http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Bloodthorn%27s+Touch+Set and do not reflect the actual values in-game where attributes, champion points, gear, skills, and passives are taken into consideration.

**Values shown are taken from http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Bahraha's+Curse+Set and do not reflect the actual values in-game where attributes, champion points, gear, skills, and passives are taken into consideration.



The Shadow Guardian - Off Tank

  • Intended Content - Normal Dungeons, Veteran Dungeons, Normal Trials, Veteran Trials
  • Tested - Normal Dungeons - Veteran Dungeons
  • Tri-Stat Food
  • 5 Ebon Armory - 5 Bahraha's Curse - 1x Chokethron - 1x Shadowrend

It is not uncommon for a guild's designated Off Tank to feel like they are in the shadow of the Main Tank. It is not a glorious job or the most fulfilling but someone has to do it, enter the Shadow Guardian, the undying shadow of the Main Tank.

The Shadow Guardian is intended to fulfill the role of an Off Tank in a Trial setting and a Nightblade is more than capable of doing just that especially with the aid of our two core sets. Ebon Armory is selected so the Main Tank does not have not to allowing him or her to wear the Plague Doctor set instead increasing their own health. The bonus health from the set bolsters your own health further alongside full Health enchantments. Bahraha's Curse is the perfect complimentary set to a Nightblade tank, increasing their resources and offering an additional source of healing for greater self-sustainability. This set is used over Alkosh and Torug's Pact as you are the Off Tank and thus will not be required to provide a significant source of resistance reduction unlike the Main Tank. This allows the use of the Defending trait on One-Handed weapons and Reinforced on shields to make up for the lack of a class damage shield.






Spoiler: Monster Sets

One of the boons of playing a Nightblade tank, specifically the 'Original' Shadow Guardian is the ability to swap Monster Sets freely without suffering for it as others might. Each listed set serves a specific purpose and can and should be used as the situation demands.


  • Swarm Mother (Crowd-Control) When you block an attack from an enemy that is further than 5 meters from you, you spin strands of spider silk to pull the enemy to you. This effect can occur once every 1 seconds. This set is amazing for any non Dragoknight tank. Combine with Volcanic Rune to help gather and control trash pulls.
  • 1x Shadowrend + 1x Chokethorn (Magicka sustain) One of the most commonly seen combination used by tanks these days, an excellant source of magicka recovery, ideal for the Shadow Guardian Off-Tank build.
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz - (Group Healing and Stamina Sustain) Another set that compliments the Nightblade tank play style. The one-piece bonus is only a meager 2% Healing Done but the two-piece is quite good. "When you heal a friendly target, you have a 10% chance to summon a dwemer spider that heals for X Health and restores X Stamina to you and your allies within 5 meters every 1 second for 8 seconds. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds." The only down side is the small area-of-effect and that the spider spawns on the player it triggers off of which can make it a little unreliable if you are trying to get it spawn under you.
  • Scourge Harverster (Massive Self Healing) A popular set made famous by Gilliam the Rogue's Bloodletter build. While the proc chance is abysmally low the pay off when it does proc is huge, healing for a massive amount in a short period of time while granting Major Vitality!





Bar One: Main Bar

  • Swallow Soul / Funnel Health - Heals for 26% of the damage dealt over 10 seconds. I prefer Swallow Soul because it passively gives Minor Vitality, increasing your healing received by 8%.
  • Refreshing Path - Damages enemies and heals the player and their group. The skill used to trigger Shadow Barrier. Keep it up at all times.
  • Puncture - Our main taunt, applies Major Breach and Fracture.
  • Sap Essence - The skill by which 'Sap Tanks' took their name. Main source of damage and healing during trash pulls and source of Major Brutality and Sorcery. Should be used sparingly.
  • Absorb Magicka - Slotted primarily for the 8% reduction to block cost. Can be used on boss encounters and or trash pulls where spell projectiles are prevalent.
  • Ultimate: Shield Discipline / Soul HarvestI prefer to use Shield Discipline as a buffer for my stamina. Blocks automatically at no cost for 6.7 seconds and all One-Hand and Shields skills cost 100% less. A low cost Ultimate. Soul Harvest can be used to rapidly generate ultimate during trash pulls and or on boss encounters that spawn enemies throughout the encounter.


Bar Two: Buff Bar

  • Dark Shades / Heroic Slash / Volcanic Rune Both Dark Shades and Heroic Slash are viable sources of Minor Maim, however, they both possess pros and cons. The summoned shades from Dark Shades will deal more damage and apply Minor Maim frequent over the course of a longer duration at the cost of magicka. Heroic Slash on the other hand will grant Minor Heroism and is potentially more reliable at the cost of damage and stamina. I am currently at the of this guide's update (11/10/17) using Dark Shades to reserves stamina. Volcanic Rune is viable crowd control options for trash pulls, dealing damage and stunning effected enemies for 4 seconds. While not nearly as reliable as Choking Talons it is a worthy option.
  • Mirage - Grants Major Evasion and Minor Resolve and Ward. Long duration.
  • Leeching Strikes - Our main source of stamina recovery.
  • Inner Rage - Magicka cost ranged taunt. Compliments the Swarm Mother set.
  • Absorb Magicka Slotted primarily for the 8% reduction to block cost. Can be used on boss encounters and or trash pulls where spell projectiles are prevalent.
  • Ultimate: Aggressive Horn - Provides you and the party with a 10% increase to health, magicka, and stamina and Major Force. The go to ultimate at the start of any boss encounter.





A tank's first and foremost responsibility is to establish 'aggro' also known as 'threat' in other games on enemies, especially bosses(duh!) and keep it. That is the purpose of the role and the only reason you are there. Dealing damage and healing is secondary. With that in mind it is important to keep all buffs and debuffs refreshed at all times while avoiding hazardous mechanics. This is not always easy to manage. There will be times when a buff or debuff must be forgotten if only momentarily to taunt an enemy to avoid losing aggro. That said, a solid rotation can make the difference and minimize that down time.


Single Target 

Rolling for Initiate...  Pre-cast Mirage and Leeching Strikes > Aggressive Horn > Swallow Soul > Refreshing Path > Pierce Armor (when in range) > Sap Essence (for Major Brutality and Sorcery) > Bar Swap > Mirage > Leeching Strikes > Dark Shades / Heroic Slash

Getting into the Rhythm: Bar Swap > Swallow Soul > Refreshing Path > Pierce Armor > Sap Essence > Wait untill Swallow Soul has 2 seconds left > Swallow Soul > Refreshing Path > Pierce Armor > Bar Swap > Mirage > Leeching Strikes > Dark Shades / Heroic Slash.

Pre-cast Mirage and Leeching Strikes before moving in to engage then hit Aggressive Horn if available. Cast Swallow Soul as you move into range, Refreshing Path just before you enter melee range then Pierce Armor. Swap and apply Mirage, Dark Shades, and Leeching Strike then bar swap, apply Swallow Soul, Refreshing Path, Pierce Armor, and Sap Essence again and hold until they need to be reapplied. The reason for this is because of the longer duration of Mirage, Leeching Strikes, and Dark Shades, opting not to reapply then immediately saves on resources and allows you to remain on the main bar longer where you possessed a greater amount of healing received.



Rolling for Initiative... Pre-cast Mirage and Leeching Strikes > Volcanic Rune > Refreshing Path > Swallow Soul > Pierce Armor (melee targets) / Inner Rage (ranged targets) > Sap Essence.

After pre-casting both Mirage and Leeching Strikes it is ideal to throw down Volcanic Rune especially in the path of melee heavy trash packs. Once they are stunned cast Swallow Soul and Refreshing Path. Once those are applied begin picking up targets in between sparse usage of Sap Essence. Make sure to reapply as Mirage, Leeching Strikes, Swallow Soul and Refreshing Path to main resources and key buffs. Remember Volcanic Rune's stun is affected by diminishing returns so repeated uses in a short period of time will not stun the same target right away.




Below are various videos I have upload to Youtube displaying various feats. This section will gradually see updates by way of additional videos.






Below is a list of addons that I find to be very useful for not just tanking but playing in general in a PvE setting.






@mrowmrif2, for all of your advise thorough out all these long months. Without your help this could never have been accomplished.

Zatani, Jade Drakkan, and K'tea of Ebonheart Pact, for you three letting me tank our khajiit all star team runs which has helped me further test my build to improve it!

Quiz of Aldermi Dominion, for being a great friend and advisor for all these years? Has it been years now? Holy crap!



Critiques and feedback are both appreciated and welcomed!

Thank you for dropping by and happy tanking!


Not digging this build? Hey, no worries! Why not take a look at the below build(s)!


Gilliamtherogue's Bloodletter


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  1. ImShortGG

    Member43 Posts

    The rework to malevolent offering might be useful

  2. nox-uk

    Member110 Posts

    I can't see that skill ever being useful...



  3. Invellous

    Member192 Posts
    nox-uk wrote on November 14, 2017

    I can’t see that skill ever being useful…

    Nor can I, not for a tank build anyways. Seen some negative feedback regarding the skill and it's morphs and to be honest I do not blame people for not liking it.

  4. nox-uk

    Member110 Posts

    Shadow Guard build now also found here:



    Made me think of you :D


    Issues are exactly the same as any other NB tank build right now... :(



  5. Invellous

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    nox-uk wrote on November 15, 2017

    Shadow Guard build now also found here:


    <script src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" async="" charset="utf-8"></script>

    Made me think of you

    Issues are exactly the same as any other NB tank build right now…



    Sorry for late reply, Nox.

    Leader of the Hunt set is not a bad option, a good work around for stamina sustain, the issue with it though is obtaining it which is time consuming but not a bad option at all. Like Livewire it is a set that totally flew under my radar. Hats off to them for finding it! Is there a proper guide or video link? If so I will add it with Gilliam's.

    On the topic of the current state of the class...

    I agree that it does not resolve any of the class's weaknesses when tanking. The lack of reliable crowd control skills makes trash pulls more difficult than they to be, something that is much easier to handle on my Dragonknight tank. In many situations Swarm Mother's is enough and arguably more cost efficient but the actual control you have is not something you can replace by simply slotting gear. While the changes to the Nightblade's potent PvP focused crowd control skills are welcomed the fact remains that it is not ideal to have trash enemies running away and out of your party's area-of-effect skills.

    Additionally the fact that both Leeching Strikes and Siphoning Attacks will not give you the additional stamina or magicka per second when blocking hampers the value of the skills. While the gain per second is close to 10% of the original Siphoning Attack's base return having it work while blocking would helm immensely in the long run.

    Mind you this is not to say that you can not tank, you absolutely can and only in select situations will you find that playing a Dragonknight would be better. Currently, I would say a Nightblade tank is best suited to dungeons and trial off-tanking. I recently swapped mine back to a stamina damage dealer and am focusing on boosting my Dragonknight but will continue to monitor the patch notes, update this guide when I feel it is necessary and explore the potential of the Nightblade tank.

  6. nox-uk

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    Invellous wrote on November 18, 2017

    Mind you this is not to say that you can not tank, you absolutely can and only in select situations will you find that playing a Dragonknight would be better.

    By 'select situations' i'm reading that as 'all situations' :D  I can't think of any situations (outside solo) where NB tanks perform better than DK or warden. There *might* now be a case for full NB groups doing dungeon speed runs, targeting just the bosses. I've not seen any though.


  7. Invellous

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    nox-uk wrote on November 20, 2017

    Invellous said on November 18, 2017 :

    Mind you this is not to say that you can not tank, you absolutely can and only in select situations will you find that playing a Dragonknight would be better.

    By ‘select situations’ i’m reading that as ‘all situations’ I can’t think of any situations (outside solo) where NB tanks perform better than DK or warden. There *might* now be a case for full NB groups doing dungeon speed runs, targeting just the bosses. I’ve not seen any though.


    Fair enough, hah! Perhaps I should have defined select situations as situations that absolutely demand the control a Dragonkight brings to the table that a Nightblade can not. In most cases a Nightblade is more than capable with Swarm Mothers for trash and for boss's any of the other monster sets.


  8. nox-uk

    Member110 Posts

    They make trash easy. But an NB will be able to solo the trash when the rest of the group dies if built correctly.


    So to put it in perspective, DK's bring:

    Crowd control without using swarm mothers. This enables them to wear alternative monster sets, like Lord Warden providing massive resists to the group.

    AE root

    NB tanks now have to run a set that provides a 5 piece resource return as they don't get any useful passives (recently changed but still not vaguely useful for tanks) or skills for this anymore. Which lets DK effectively run an additional 5 piece effect. To put this in perspective a DK could provide any two of the following: alkosh (huge AE debuff), ebon (group health), plague doctors (massive self health), torugs (flexible - doubles anything an enchant provides, stamina return, shields, crusher, weakening), Livewire (AE concussion). An NB can only provide one because they need to wear a sustain set.

    DK provide a 6k minimum group shield, which activates their stamina return. (My DK was providing a 15k+ shield to every group member, every 6 seconds-ish)

    Then minor things, like extra spell resistance, 18 sec minor resolve/ward from a skill rather than a low base boosted by heavy armour. (NB are the only class that loose class skill effectiveness by using 5-1-1 undaunted passives) They get no shields, or long minor resists unless wearing heavy armour. DK get both.



    An NB tank can:

    Get 15% evasion in heavy armour, which is relatively new. We are almost forced to use this to get our wards, but even this has drawbacks, for example that's 15% less procs from any sets that tick off receiving damage (like leeching plate). On the plus side, Tava's still works for us, but we cannot easily run it becuase we do not have 'two' 5 piece slots availabel as one now has to be taken up with resource return.


    NB used to provide amazing group heals whilst tanking, via sap essence, which made up for basically all the above shortcomings. This is now gone.

  9. nox-uk

    Member110 Posts

    So yes, i am really annoyed about what they did to NB tanks. They are basically a shadow of thir former selfs and do not stack up to DK or warden. Morrowind changes destroyed them (and templar for that matter).

    Don't get me wrong, they are not 'bad' and can be played, look at Gilliams video. But they are going to be mega advanced wrt cp, not flexible, requiring perfect sets, unforgiving and need to be played perfectly. And all to provide less than a DK. It's like putting a bicycle up against a Ferrari. 99% of times, the Ferrari will win. That 1% time will be because someone left the keys at home.

    BUT, because I switched to DPS, I have now learnt to play that, so undersand more about NB in general. Also completed vMA, and it's just given me time to do a lot of other stuff, like achievements.

    I do want NB tanks to be viable, I want to get back to tanking. I don't mind them being worse than a DK (or infact all classes) but they need to be at least in the same league or offer something a DK/warden doesn't (like their previous group healing). Same applies to templars btw, they are in just as bad a place as NB tanks.


    There's not a single reason to take a NB over DK or warden right now. I will do my best to theorycraft a new NB tank, and post links to info/builds I feel will be helpful to your thread (and great work)

  10. nox-uk

    Member110 Posts

    From the mighty FearTurbo himself:


  11. Invellous

    Member192 Posts

    Pending the changes seen here I will be returning for a undetermined amount of time to see how this new chapter treats the class. :D 


    I am looking forward to the new Dark Cloak and Time Stop personally! Jewelry Crafting will also be a fine addition. :D

  12. nox-uk

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    Shield wall, dark cloak + meditate combo will be OP, but boring.

    Only real issue is it is not war horn, which these days is the go to for trials. Only personal issue is it's solving class role issues with non class skills. Whilst this is not really a problem per-se, it just means there is another area lacking of class flavour. Meditate, for example, no matter how good it is, is not really a NB 'thing'.

  13. Invellous

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    nox-uk wrote on May 19, 2018

    Shield wall, dark cloak + meditate combo will be OP, but boring.

    Only real issue is it is not war horn, which these days is the go to for trials. Only personal issue is it's solving class role issues with non class skills. Whilst this is not really a problem per-se, it just means there is another area lacking of class flavour. Meditate, for example, no matter how good it is, is not really a NB 'thing'.


    That does sound like a potent combo no doubt if not a bit overkill. 

    Shield Wall not being Aggressive Horn is not an issue at all. Both Ultimates are meant to be used in different situations and in most cases you will never need Shield Wall if both you and your group are using reliable builds and know what they are doing. The only time you would slot Shield Wall is on a particular boss encounter where Soul Harvest will be of little to no use and or in an encounter you know you will need the extra resources. 

  14. WolfingHour

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    Thoughts on upcoming changes to Minor/major evasion? 

    It throws the tava set under a bus and therefore ultimate generation, which to me was one of the major selling points of this build.

    Replace with akaviri?


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