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Introduction to PvE damage calculation (Horns of the Reach)


A special thank you to all addon developers that have both significantly improved the quality of my gaming life as well as allowing me the opportunity to reverse engineer game mechanics. In particular, Combat Log Statistics by @Zeakfury and Combat Metrics by @Solinur have been instrumental for the majority of my testing. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to the community for the kind words, encouragement and valuable discussions.


  • Introduction
  • Damage Equations
    • Resource Pool
    • Spell Damage
    • Recovery
    • Spell Cost
    • Spell Critical
    • Critical Modifier
    • Damage Calculation
      • Base Ability Tooltip
      • Base Damage
      • Average Damage
      • Ability Metric
  • Analytical Results
    • Champion Point System
      • Thief
      • Mage
    • Mundus: Apprentice, Mage, Thief and Shadow
    • Armour Traits: Divines and Infused
    • Weapon Traits:Nirnhoned, Precise and Sharpened
  • Numerical Results
    • Introduction
    • Details of Simulation Algorithm
    • Simulation Interface
    • Simulation Accuracy
    • Simulation Results for Magicka Sorcerer



This post is divided into three main sections: Damage Equations, Analytical Results and Numerical Results.

Damage Equations covers the majority of equations needed to accurate calculate damage. It is my impression that the majority of these are readily recognisable by the community so my exposition of it will be brief. In addition, the Unofficial Elder Scroll pages boast a comprehensive build editor that not only calculates statistics for virtually all gear combinations it also clearly and tidily demonstrates the underlying equations used.

Optimisation decisions based of the Damage Equations are covered in Analytical Results. These include champion point optimisation, mundus optimisation, armour trait optimisation and weapon trait optimisation.

While the Analytical Results provide some insight into damage optimisation, some optimisation questions are rather arduous to answer, in particular the impact of proc sets on damage. One approach is with a geometric distribution but this only models the average behaviour and leaves much to be desired. Numerical Results summarises some of my combat simulation findings.

While I will rely on magicka sorcerers for the bulk of my examples, most of the concepts apply equally to other classes.

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  1. EnormousRainbow

    Member5 Posts

    I was actually curious to that as well. It may be a bit complicated however. LA damage seems pretty set, and on dual world has a range of 5m I'm pretty sure, and fully charged heavy attack damage may be set as well with a 8 or 9m range on dual world. However, partially charged heavy attack damage seems to depend on how long the attack button was held and it would probably be difficult to calculate. I don't think that anyone would calculate a partially charged heavy attack anyways because from what I've seen it's damage can be less than a light attack's.

  2. Latin

    Member1308 Posts
    decay wrote on November 9, 2017

    Right, it was reduced in a recent patch, wasn’t it?

    It was reduced at some point in the past to balance its damage against 2h weapons, but I don't think it was that recent. I remembered testing something back in PTS 2.6 that involved checking this.


    EnormousRainbow wrote on November 9, 2017

    Thank you Latin for that excellent response. Extremely appreciated. I did, actually, come up with that .1775 figure at one point myself later on, but with less than legendary quality items I came up with a different figure. It is probably chocked up to my poor math skills. Much love.

    Glad it was helpful.

    The last time I checked, with dual wield, the offhand modifier is consistently ~0.1775 for legendary (base damage 1335), epic (base damage 1132) and superior (base damage 1108), at c160, so there might just be a rounding error somewhere.



    It is approximately max pool + 40*damage.

    e pluribus unum

  3. Astrid-Iron-Fang

    Member2 Posts

    Where do the ratios come from for the CP optimisation?

  4. Latin

    Member1308 Posts
    Astrid-Iron-Fang wrote on November 17, 2017

    Where do the ratios come from for the CP optimisation?

    From your damage parse.

    If you use Combat Metrics, you could also use the Constellations addon to help determine the optimal CP distribution.

    e pluribus unum

  5. Solinur

    Member352 Posts

    I will have an update on this soon (in a test version), it introduces a better detection on Critical Damage Done and also can calculate Penetration values.

  6. Astrid-Iron-Fang

    Member2 Posts

    Console players don't get addons :(

  7. Latin

    Member1308 Posts
    Astrid-Iron-Fang wrote on November 17, 2017

    Console players don’t get addons

    I don't know much about optimisation on console. The only solution I can think of involves using the damage parse of other players who use similar builds and rotation as your's, to approximate the damage ratios.


    e pluribus unum

  8. EnormousRainbow

    Member5 Posts
    Astrid-Iron-Fang wrote on November 17, 2017

    Console players don’t get addons

    I, too, am a console player.  Without a ton of knowledge of the game and every ability, and a TON of math, it would be impossible to get your damage ratios really.  Best way to optimize is to keep changing the cp up in different ways and seeing what hits highest after many parses.

  9. InfiniteXavier

    Member61 Posts

    Is Asayre still active with ESO?

  10. Azhrarn666

    Member10 Posts
    InfiniteXavier wrote on Jan. 10, 2018

    Is Asayre still active with ESO?

     I'm not sure.

    He's in my friends list and it says he hasn't logged in for the last 3 months.

    :( Sad

  11. Comment by willwon155 removed

  12. Squall8882

    Member2 Posts

    Can you send me a copy of the simulation? I wanted to toy around with it. My email is [email protected]

  13. Claud99

    Member5 Posts

    This Introduction is so great. Thanks man!


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