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Presenting the ESO Interactive Map

Hey Tamriel Foundry community. With today's drop of ESOs non-disclosure agreement we are able to publish one of the site features that we've been working on during the past several beta events. This has been an extremely fun project, and I'm really excited to share with you guys the Tamriel Foundry interactive map of Elder Scrolls Online. This Google maps implementation displays the entirety of Tamriel in one continuous map layer allowing you to zoom in (with incredible detail) on each individual map portion. Before I go any further describing the map project in general, I should encourage you all to check it out here: http://tamrielfoundry.com/map/


Using the select menu on the right side of the map (or below the map for low-width resolutions) you can select the zone for which you want to peruse the available map markers. For the time being (in order to prevent spoilers and preserve some of the element of surprise, you can only view map markers for the following zones:

  • Khenarthi's Roost - Aldmeri Dominion, Level 1-5
  • Bleakrock Isle - Ebonheart Pact, Level 1-3
  • Bal Foyen - Ebonheart Pact, Level 4-5
  • Stros M'Kai - Daggerfall Covenant, Level 1-3
  • Betnikh - Daggerfall Covenant, Level 4-5

These marker layers display all the prominent points of interest, collectible treasure, and explorable locations that you will encounter in these zones in The Elder Scrolls Online. Hopefully this will prove a valuable resource to players who are looking to get the most out of their ESO experience by ensuring they don't miss out on any cool stuff they can find within the world. To celebrate the release of our map, I've also thrown together a little desktop background (2.2MB jpeg) for those of you who really like the appearance of our map (as I do). I'm using this as my new desktop BG and I really love the way the map looks, hope you all enjoy!

About Atropos:

I am a dedicated gamer and MMO enthusiast who has been involved with MMO communities since EverQuest. As the creator of Tamriel Foundry and Ashen Foundry, I love the challenge of building platforms and tools for MMO communities to flourish.

134 Replies
  1. AlmightySpoof

    Member19 Posts

    Top-notch work, thank you guys for all the effort you put in to provide us with things like this and tactical combat

  2. Zephyr

    Member26 Posts

    Fantastic. Will be very useful thanks :)

  3. EpicCoffee

    Member142 Posts

    Oooh. Thanks for this!

    Glorious! Cheese and cabbage for everyone!

  4. Braev-Alexandros

    Member197 Posts

    Awesome update, it's coming along great.

    If you plan to cross me, make it well enough to not fear my vengeance.

  5. corruptparagon

    Member65 Posts

    Great job and thanks to everyone that made this possible. Really a masterpiece!

  6. Arghast

    Member2 Posts

    Great work! Will get much use of this :)

  7. Guardog

    Member3 Posts

    perfect job, thnx alot for this

  8. Tree

    Member54 Posts

    Wow, epic map -  Thanks!

  9. Daraba22

    Member4 Posts

    Hey, My name is David. I was just curious when the Interactive Map on this website will update? Before or after launch? I like the look of this Interactive Map better than ESOHeads, because you get to hover over the location and get the name of the area, and I just want to see the locations of all the other Areas.

  10. TTMighty

    Member11 Posts

    This is bloody awesome.  Many thanks for creating/publishing it.  :-D

    I would only care to make one request:  Can you add the names of the areas on the "over all" map?  I can't remember which ones are which when I go to the pull down menu for a specific area, but if I saw the names on the over all map, I could tell which one I wanted to see.

    Many thanks again.

    –Troy The Mighty

  11. Jetblack

    Member71 Posts

    just what the doctor ordered

    For The Queen!

  12. This-Is-Rocco

    Member20 Posts

    is the map down? it keeps telling me it couldn't be found and kicking me back to yahoo


  13. Lexifer452

    Member47 Posts

    Great map, all around. Now, I know its been years since this went up but are there any plans to add dlc areas? Wrothgar, hews bane, gold coast and imperial city? That would be awesome for my alts.

    Gamertag: Lexifer452

    XBOX NA Server

    Magicka DPS on multiple tons.


  14. Malic

    Member743 Posts

    Great Map ! Foundry continues to be a great resource for ESO, here I am from beta until now and I continue to find value and information here.



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