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"Ice Up" Mag Warden PvP build

This is my ice-themed Mag Warden PvP build that I recently made and updated for the Dragon Bones DLC. It focuses on high mobility and timed burst. It also uses the Winterborn set from Maelstrom Arena which adds a fun and unique element. 

If you aren't familiar with the ESO Build Editor tool at UESP, It has everything you need to complete and theorycraft stats on a build and is continuously updated with the game. It also compiles the entirety of the build into a viewable page for convenience. 

Please click the below link to view the page for this build that contains all stats, gear, skills, and CP: 

---------->  Build page : “Ice Up”  <----------

Click on the tabs on the right hand side to scroll through skills, passives, and CP allocation. Mouse over icons and armor/weapons to see details. This sheet is fully self-buffed and in Cyrodiil

This build uses back bar 2h on a magicka build for use of Forward Momentum. This skills allows us the mobility that magicka builds normally lack. It does require some getting used to so make sure you give it a fair try. If it does not work for you or you simply don't need it, then switch to a Resto Staff and replace Forward Momentum with Healing Ward.

Basic gameplay for this is similar to most other Mag Warden PvP builds. You want to buff up and light attack cancel vines on your back bar, bar swap, weave in a Fetcher Infection and a Dampen Magic and once your Mechanical Acuity procs (screen and character turn blue) you Light Attack (LA ) > Deep Fissure > LA > Cliff Racer > LA > Cliff Racer > LA > Force Pulse as they get stunned. Block cancel another Force Pulse if they aren't dead yet, but if they aren't blocking or shielded and have less than 27k health they are usually dead in one combo.

This build also does not use a skill for our Major Sorcery but instead uses Spell Power Pots. Below are images for the two that I switch between. 

Comment with any questions and good luck!

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    Thanks for sharing your build. It The use of Forward Momentum on a magicka build is quite interesting.

    Is it possible for you to provide a better overview of your build, including details like stat benchmarks, champion points distribution, recommended gears, traits and mundus, similar to your Warden PvE thread?

    Simply linking the UESP Build Editor with limited elaboration doesn't really meet our posting expectation for class-specific builds.


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    @Latin perhaps I didn't identify it well enough but I posted a link to the specific build page I created using the editor. This page includes gear (weights/traits/sets/enchants), skills, buffed stats, and cp distribution all in one tab-navigable page. I will try to increase increase visibility of the right link.

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    Any updates for this? 


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