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Ice Fortress Alternative?

Anyone heard of warden builds that make effective use of the heavy armor skill (Immovable Brute etc) instead of Ice Fortress?

I was trying to make a tree minder type character, so I hate the look of Ice Fortress on my swamp dwelling Argonian, but as far as I can tell going for Immovable Brute instead is gimping yourself (no 8% damage mitigation), especially in PVP.

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    I won't be commenting on the aesthetics side of things, as it is rather subjective to personal preferences.

    The most glaring difference other than the Minor Protection is that Ice Fortress also buffs allies with Major Resolve and Ward, which can be useful if you play with a group.

    In terms of self buff, you are correct if you are already using at least 5 pieces of heavy armour (which is the requirement for Immovable Brute anyway), you lose Minor Protection but gain 5 s of cc immunity. But since you can get cc immunity from potion or well-timed break free of cc effects, perhaps it isn't that enticing. 

    Furthermore, regardless of whether you are magicka or stamina based, stamina is still needed to break out of cc effects, block, dodge, bash and sprint. Immovable Brute costs a lot of stamina which could otherwise be used for these defensive manoeuvres. On the other hand, Ice Fortress costs magicka, which is comparatively less valuable in this regards.

    If you were originally using Ice Fortress in 5 medium or 5 light, then you will no longer be able to do so if you swap to Immovable Brute. In the process, you lose regen, cost reduction, crit, and sustain, which can also impact on your damage output and defensive capability in Cyrodiil. But you will gain armour and spell resist from the additional pieces of heavy armour; when factoring Major Resolve. Major Ward and the Resolve passive (based on the appropriate number of heavy pieces), if you go from 5 light/1 med/1 hvy to 5 hvy/1 lgt/1 med, you gain 9% armour mitigation (from 23% to 32%), for 5 med/1 lgt/1 hvy to 5 hvy/1 lgt/1 med, you gain 6% armour mitigation (from 26% to 32%). This is a sizeable gain, but you do lose many of the effects of the light or medium armour passives - something for you to ponder on.

    It must also be noted that the Minor Protection from Ice Fortress applies before damage shields, so it will also reduce the amount of damage your shields take by 8%. Minor Protection mitigation is multiplicative with CP passives like Ironclad, both of which apply before damage shields. But Major Resolve and Ward, like armour mitigation and blocking, only apply after damage shield reduction, i.e. they have no effect on the amount of damage your shields take. This is another factor for you to consider if you utilise damage shields as a form of mitigation.

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    thank you for a very informed and well rounded discussion.  I'm thinking about trying to use a stamina build with potions of protection, plus glyphs for more potion speed with the argonian potion passives might make things interesting. We'll see I guess.

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