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How should I reintegrate into ESO?

I'm coming back from a long hiatus and I am completely lost. I guess the easiest way to describe what I have missed is listing the DLC I do not have/have not done.

-clockwork city


-horns of the reach

-dragon bones 

-warden class.

I enjoyed PvE before but was never able to devote the time to do difficult content with groups(guilds?). I would dabble in PVP as a healer even though it was still an unorganized mess with discord. I'm not a fan of solo content(I came from a WoW background). I remember trying to do maelstrom for meta gear before I left... And I really did not enjoy it. 

I have 3 lvl50's and only 350cp.(aldmeri, Xbox)

Where do I start? 

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    If you don't like solo content, then none of the quests matter. In such case, finding a guild that can cater to your other commitments and playing time would be advised. Expect to invest time into learning the new content and skill mechanics if you plan to eventually get into the difficult content with guilds. 

    If you struggled with vMA in the past, there are now heaps of resources out there that can help you out with spawn points, kill priorities and mechanics. Having a Maelstrom Bow or Maelstrom Inferno/Lightning Staff is almost mandatory for DPS in lategame group content.

    The harsh reality of the MMO is that it demands a lot of time invested, and it can be difficult to catch up once you fall behind the crowd. 350 CP is quite low, you may need to grind group dungeons/pledges to gain more CP to get into groups for harder content. Some guilds are more understanding than others in this regard, so finding the right one given your available time and your own player-skill level is important.

    None of the DLCs or expansion that you've listed are particularly game changing, so I wouldn't worry too much about those for now. The one you want is the Summerset expansion, which gives you access to the Psijic skill line and some really strong trial sets. 

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    I have been scouring the web and watching videos. I have come to the conclusion that nothing has really changed... There are a few new gear sets and dungeons. 

    I think I'm going to try and get back into solo content. What else is there besides vma and pvp/undaunted dailies to do on your own time?

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    Well, the combat mechanics changed, a lot, but that is part of the core game and has nothing to do with any of the DLCs. The damage and range of some skills and attacks were changed, the cost of skills increased and sustaining resources in prolonged combat became more difficult. But in terms of the nature of the quests, they have been more or less the same as they had been since the beta. Where I said that the DLCs are not particularly game changing, I was referring to the sets that were added. They may be preferred for some builds, but could be skipped for now, for a returning player.

    Asides from quests, that's basically it for solo combat content. For non-combat solo content, I suppose you could harvest or refine raw materials and do the daily crafting writs.

    If you are willing to venture into some group content with a guild or otherwise, you could also do the daily Undaunted Pledges and attempt to make the weekly trial leaderboard. These along with vMA and possibly PvP are typically the main lategame activities for ESO these days.

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