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How to Play Sorcerer Healer


The years have gone by, but the inclination for the darker arts hasn't.  I have taken a different approach on how I share  information for Sorc healers. This guide is written for the user to make their own decisions with insights on many different aspects  that I have come about over years while I will continue to share builds that I enjoy. 

Possible Advantages

- Access to all possible support utility ( Stun, root, symbolize, fear, gap closer, chains, negate, defile, slow debuff, ... etc) 

- Mobility and defensive with boundless and Class Ward

- Supportive Class Passives ( cost reduction with ultimate, regains, extra health)

Possible Disadvantages

- Potential lack of bar space

- Lack of Heals over time in class utility

- Lack of group migration 

How to play Sorcerer Healer

 The more I played and interacted with others picking this class, I see different styles and builds with range of effectiveness or competitiveness, yet all interesting inspiring. I have seen off healers who dps like legendary champions, and healers that support in various different ways. In the end it comes down to finding a style that works for how you want to play. 

Team method of healing

  • In this method you a piece of a puzzle that fits into the whole picture. You adapt to gear, and bar slots often to fix team objectives and tactics. In this method you work with the team to become better more as a group over individual player.

Individual method of healing

  • This method you are an individual working with a team. You bring your own style and work together with the team to find personal glory with a group with the same goals.  In this way you test more of personal skills and adaptability.

Race Options 

When picking  a healer you will find the below listed as the top races for healers. There is 3 notable top healing classes, but I find each race has something offer even in they aren't the common choices. 

  • Altmer
    • Altmer offers stronger heals over time and supportive passives for sustain and max magicka. This is also a good choice for shock damamge passive to go with Sorcs. 
  • Breton
    • Breton offers cost reduction that can prove handy in pvp along with extra tankiness with resistances.  The after mentioned is also good in pve for more defensive style healer.  For Sorc this synergizes well with already existing cost reduction passives.
  • Argonian
    • Argonian offer the easiest sustain and well founded passives in resistances, extra health and even healing it's self done and received that make them a highly easily one of the most popular choice for healers. For Sorc you will have potentially 2k more health with 17% extra health by picking this class. 
  • Other Options
    • Why Bosmer or other races ?
      • There is 3 notable top healing classes, but I find each race has something offer even in they aren't the common choices. In regards to my famous choice of picking bosmer it allowed more stamina to support healer in situations such a breaking free or simply roll dodge. Also some niche usages with fall damage and poison and disease reduction. For healing you mind enjoy other classes passives for one reason or the other as hps in ESO is very strong no matter the race

Which mundus to pick?

Picking a mundus stone is something you do once, but any time it suits your needs or desire.  For instance you may swap gear, traits or enchants you may find you want a  boost of strength in a different direction.  For healers the most popular mundus stones are the following: The Ritual, The Apprentice, The Mage, The Atronach. 

The Ritual 

  • This mundus stone increases healing effectiveness. For raw healing numbers this hard to beat and combinded with the power trait it wil be hard to be out casted unless it's a one shot... then ask tank what they were doing.  This trait in most cases over powers the others, but it's most useful in situations of endurance when people will be taking a lot of incoming damage. Would also consider this trait if struggling to heal people for any reason be low level or just learning the art.

The Apprentice

  • This mundus stone increases spell damage. This will increase the effectiveness of healing of time skills such as the ever popular grand healing and it's morph of healing springs. This will also increase damage in general so use this if want more damage or go a hybrid route.. Another case to use is when swapping gear you find you spell damage is to low while unable to swap enchants (or don't want to).

The Mage 

  • This mundus stone increases maximum magicka. The results vary depending on race picked.. This option can be picked if you are falling below average maxium magcika because of gear, or level. Having more magicka magicka isn't necessarily best option for raw healing but it will allow you to sustain healing for lower period of time and be more forgiving of mistakes in resource management.. 

This Atronach 

  • This mundus stone increases magicka Regain. This option is very useful for all types of healers especially those without enough passives or champion points. A person make find usage out of this if they want or need to heavy attack less in a situations. This could also balance out a build or stats after gear swap to average regain of healers of 1700+ .

Other Mundus

  • While the after mentioned are the most popular you may want to consider others to fill in a gap in a situation for the team or individual. If you are kitting you might want to extra speed or resistances to yourself. The only mundus  you make not to use of healing is critical damage or critical done as it does no longer include healing in it's effect of the mundus

Which Food to pick?

There's actually a variety of food choices someone can make for food that depend on the build of even the situation. 

Witch Mother Potent Brew

Citrus Clockwork Fillet

Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl

  • This purple recipe gives above the standard blue recipes about of raw stats in maximum stats in Health and Magcika

Savories (aka Health + Maximum Magcika)

Gourmet (aka Health + Maximum Magicka, + Maximum stamina)


Which potions and posions are good?

Which Gear to use?

For overland - 

For Dungeons -

For Trials -

Which Skills to use

For overland  

For Dungeons -

For Trials -


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