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How do i join a good trader guild ?

I seriously have no idea how to get into a good trader guild and i have been looking for ages , any suggestions?

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    Depends on your criteria for 'good' and your platform.

    The turnover of members in the major trade guilds on PC is comparatively high, because of the high threshold for minimum weekly sales that is set to fund the trader bids. If you are not already turning over 6-figures a week in sales, or is not prepared to contribute via raffles or donations, you may struggle to stay in, as it is competitive and the costs to trader bids are ever-increasing. As such, you will find recruiters advertising in the major zones like the pledge zones, Reaper's March, Summerset and CWC, from time to time. 

    There may also be advertisement for trade guilds in the guild recruitment section of the official forum; I'd keep an eye out for the point of contact and minimum requirement for the respective guilds.

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    An alternate way is to look in medium traffic cities (approx 2-4 trade kioskss in them), i.e.  Baandari Post ( Malabar Tor), Skywatch (Auridon), Marbruk (Greenshade), Sentinel (Alik'r Desert), Hollow City (Coldharbour), etc.

    Check each trader out and see that they have at least a few pages worth of decently prized items, then search for that guild's name on either Google ESO official forum, Reddit, https://eso.guildex.org, etc.   You'll find that many trade guilds have websites that you can visit and request to join!

    Here is a fairly complete listing of guild kiosks in the game to help your search:  http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Guild_Traders

    Good luck! :)

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    I run a helpful guild trader, we deal mostly in trading. At least two raffles a week plus contests for gold. we are free and run off ticket sales and donations. I bid every week on a good vendor. It's hit and miss with the bids. But if we ever lose I have free daily giveaways for the members. If your interested my guild is called Wares R us. 


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