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Housing Showcase - Mizery Records


housing-showcase-mizery-records-group-photoWelcome to Tamriel Foundry's first Housing showcase. We'd like this to be a recurring feature showcasing some of the most unique and inspired user submitted houses. This month we are bringing you the guild hall of one the longest running PvE guilds on PC NA, Mizery Records.

Mizery Records is a PVE oriented guild, run by Michael "Mizery" Izzo. The guild was founded in April of 2014 and has consistently been running trials and other endgame content since. While the guild primarily focuses on endgame trials it also runs training runs dungeons daily and holds Veteran and Hardmode trials weekly. The guild is on the leader boards every week and continues to challenge itself in progressive trials. Their goal is to be fully prepared for the upcoming new content found within Morrowind. With the housing update the guild finally has a place to call home.



Mizery Records chose the Palatial Hall which has a very sunny disposition and is located on the island of Stros M'kai. As you enter the home you will find the guild's initials marked by the glowing 'Replica Dreamshard' and 'veiled crystal' which spell out MR. In the top right you can see the custom two floored fort that was created in the cliff side to help defend this Hall from any would be invaders.


In the courtyard of the home you will find the council room/war room. In the center you will find the council table (three Redguard tables combined), surrounded by 10 (Redguard armchairs-cushioned), and 2 (Breton Thrones-noble) as this guild is not afraid of a little light RP. Around the edges of the room you will find one of every crafting station so that you can do all your preparations before heading into the darkest depths of Tamriel.


housing-showcase-mizery-records-rock-fort-pathOnce you enter the guild hall you are greeted by the many accomplishments of Mizery Records with every dungeon bust adorning the walls and balcony flanking the entrance. In the center of the room stands the six pedestal busts, which includes the four veteran trial busts, along with the two Arena busts. All in all, these busts signify the guild has what it takes to conquer the most daunting of content. To represent the diversity of the guild, banners from all races and alliances hang from the balcony along with torn banners of the many defeated enemies.

This fort is a unique addition to Palatial Hall. To get to this rock formation a wooden bridge was constructed from wood platforms and the fort itself was made from stone blocks which allowed the design to be as flexible as needed. This fort comes equipped with windows and a second floor balcony to overlook all of Palatial Hall. From this defensive location no enemy remains unseen and the  guild is always prepared for attack.


After a long day of running through Tamriel's most ferocious dungeons and trials you will find the guild relaxing in this custom hot tub. Equipped with tarps overhead to keep the sun out and argonian dividers around the edge to give the hot tub some privacy. I can't think of no better way to end a day than in a nice relaxing hot tub.


If you have an unique, creative, or just plain crazy home or Guild Hall that you would like to showcase on Tamriel Foundry please contact @Benefactor. We look forward to seeing all the exciting creations that you come up with and wish to share with the community.

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    Hey friends, it’s me, MIZeRY63 and I came to thank my friends at Tamriel Foundry for accepting this idea for monthly housing showcases. Aside from that, I would like to thank my dear friend Benefactor for being a great friend, guild officer, and an eso player. I would like to add, there is more in which you can't see on the site, for example: Within our guild hall we also have 2 fully furnished bedrooms, 1 master & one guest; we also have a furnished kitchen with stove, tables, and more; we also have a custom lounge room which comes equipped with a custom fireplace made of stone; we have a relaxing beach with tent/fire, a custom pentagon shaped dueling arena; & lastly, we have both the Target Skeleton & Robust target skeleton on our third floor roof, which contains hidden entrances, :). @everyone please enjoy our guild hall and we hope to continue to offer great ideas & concepts for our beloved ESO Community. Sincerely, MIZeRY63.
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    The housing system is amazing the possibilities of how you can decorate your house are endless.

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    Nice house looking forward in this series can't wait to see other showcases.

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    I've been playing the game on again and off again since launch and I've played a lot of MMOs (I'd say all of the major ones besides Neverwinter). I must say I was truly impressed by the ESO player housing system.

    I really enjoyed this showcase! MORROWIND HOUSING NEXT!

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