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Help with Stam Necro

I have a PvE Stam Necro build (wearing 5 heavy, 1 medium, and 1 light for survivability, since I mainly solo) with  DW and 2H on bars 1 and 2, respectively. I'm hoping to find a good skill rotation to help make things run a bit smoother.

I like running my class abilities (mainly Ricochet Skull and Hungry Scythe) as mag and relying on stam for my weapons. Currently, my Grave Lord is at 31, Bone Tyrant is at 26, and Living Death is at 13. Dual Wield is at 27 and 2H is at 32.

I'm currently running Ricochet Skull and Skeletal Mage (soon to be Archer) as my ranged and everything else for close quarters.

Any help is appreciated.

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