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Help with NB Tank Build. Also ESO Noob.

Hey folks,

Just dropping this and hoping for some constructive feedback. I'm a newb to Tamriel, but have 20+ years across various MMO's. Some at high end, end game content...others just more or less to do when I am bored. Regardless though, I'm looking for some advice on building from the ground up. I don't have a capped character, or access to anything super fancy. I understand the basic theories behind most classes, but have always had an affinity for tanking.

That being said, NB tank looks pretty strong and I am seeking out some inputs on how to build it from the ground up. What weapon/s to go focus, and a good, reliable build that will make going through the PvE content smooth while working well in dungeons and whatnot during the levelling process. That...to lead into a strong build once hitting max level and looking to start more challenging things.

What are some things I should be looking for? Certain things to keep my eyes out for? Recommendations and the like. Now...I have done some legwork and watched numerous videos and read a few articles...but there are several different opinions on what works where and how effective on thing is over another. Keep in mind, not planning to do a whole ton of PvP. Not off the rip anyway, maybe eventually once I get more comfortable with things. 

Anyway, if you have the time and the knowledge to provide a constructive answer, feel free. Meanwhile, I will be tinkering around with things to see how it goes. Thanks!

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    Few things seem harder than making your first character be a tank, especially a non-meta one. In other games, that may be true of tanks and healers alike. But in this game tanks have it much worse. That's because most tank builds calls for a high health stat and much use of 1H&S, neither of which are good for DPS. By way of contrast, a healer is likely to have high magicka, carry a destruction staff, and wear light armor, all of which are also effective for damage. Or to illustrate the point another way: A healer who has the strongest character in a 4-person dungeon group might easily do 40% or more of the damage. That's much less likely for tanks. Related to this -- when soloing, you of course need ways to stay alive. Healers' and damage dealers' ways of doing this are typically at least as effective as tanks' are.

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    To do it reliably, at least at the beginning, double-bar 1h+s. Later on, you could incorporate lightning staff on the backbar to help with minor vulnerability and concussion debuff, if you are comfortable with it.

    Unless you are doing trials with NB tank, otherwise you would pretty much play it like a DPS with taunt. Your healing utilities scale off the damage you do or targets hit, your sustain skill rewards consistent light attack weaving, so it makes sense to play that way. You just need to learn when to block, when to interrupt, where to stand, how to manage your resources and etc., but that will come with time and practice.

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