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HatchetHaro's "Rising Storm" Stamina Sorcerer PvE DPS (DrB)


A Stamina Sorcerer PvE DPS guide by HatchetHaro

Yes I stole that name off of Warframe.

Stamina sorcerers are actually quite powerful in raid settings, and is a great class for stamina damage-dealing. Here is my take on an effective stamina sorcerer build and rotation.

Please keep in mind that these are all simply what I personally use and are my own recommendations on my preferred stamsorc build. There are many alternatives to the build that other people may prefer, and I will talk about them as well. 


Dragon Bones


Right now for the Dragon Bones DLC (actually same for Clockwork City, but it never gained traction until the end of it), Mechanical Acuity seems to be quite potent, especially on weapons.

In fully optimized raids, Automaton armor and jewellery + Mechanical Acuity armor and weapons seems to be BiS. However, that build will also be something hard to sustain unless you're a Redguard, so in that case, I would suggest VO + Automaton.

I mean, I don't like it. I hate proc-reliant damage. :(







I'm personally not a fan of racial passives; most people are pretty much forced to pick an "optimal race" in order to be able to min-max. Still, here are some raw stats on races that have something to do with stamsorcs, ranked from best to worst (personal opinion).

Redguard – +10% stamina, +9% stamina recovery, 792 stamina restored on melee attacks every 5 seconds (effective at most 304.8 stamina recovery; expect ~270)

Khajiit – +8% weapon crit chance, +10% stamina recovery

Orc – +6% stamina, +4% melee weapon attack damage

Bosmer – +6% stamina, +21% stamina recovery

Imperial – +10% stamina

Argonian – 4620 stamina restored on potion use (effective at most 205.3 stamina recovery)

Dunmer – +6% stamina

Nord – +6% stamina

Altmer – jack shit

Breton – jack shit


General rule of thumb is that a higher stamina pool is going to grant you more damage with your abilities. Stamina recovery is less sought-after in this stamina sorcerer build since each rotation contains 4 heavy attacks already.

Here, this may mean that you might want to prioritize a higher stamina pool. That +10% stamina buff on Redguards and Imperials can net you about 8% more damage compared to, say, Argonians. That ~3k stamina difference can mean a damage difference of 1k+ per DoT, and in a full rotation it can add up.

The same can be said about Khajiiti crits, and that added critical chance is rather appealing to many players.

However, while the sustain is good, this build lacks in heavy attack flexibility, and regaining stamina after a death-and-revive may prove challenging without orbs, shards, or potions. This problem is especially compounded in CC-heavy trials such as the Halls of Fabrication.


And yes, this means I'm handicapping myself somewhat by playing an Argonian; f**k yeah lizards.


Vampire it up. It looks ugly, but it'll give you 10% more stamina recovery. Just pop on a skin or wear some full armor.

Or just use a Dwemeri Tonal Attenuator / Executioner's Hood and Nordic Bather's Towel to hide your ugly mug yet embrace your beautiful skin.


Health bonuses


A minor thing to keep in mind is your racial health bonuses. Remember: a dead DD deals 0 dps, so a 17k+ health pool is desirable in veteran trials, perhaps even more. In this case, you may find yourself assigning several points into health or using health enchantments, which will take out from your stamina pool. Naturally, the more health you have, the less of a hit your stamina pool will take. Here are the races with racial passives with something to do with survivability, ranked from best to worst (also personal opinion). Keep in mind that I've decided to ignore the resistance bonuses; I find that they matter little, and it's just better to have a good health pool.

Imperial - +12% max health, 10% chance to restore 6% of max health on melee attacks

Nord - +9% max health, +6% damage reduction

Argonian - +9% max health, +5% healing done, +5% healing received

Orc - +6% max health



All into stamina. You can always get extra health from enchants.



The Warrior in dungeons and trials

The Lover in non-group scenarios



Health + Stamina

You shouldn't really need the Dubious Camoran Throne for the stamina recovery. While the sustain on stamsorcs is quite bad, you shouldn't have much trouble with the stamina sustain with the number of heavy attacks we have. Even in vHoF, I wouldn't suggest it. Just pop an orb or two once in a while.

Also, using the Dubious Camoran Throne decreases your health and stamina pool, and if you use health enchants to get your survivability back up, your stamina pool will take more hits. Remember: ability damage scales off your stamina pool as well.

One particular exception to this, however, is that you're going to want more stamina recovery on the final boss of vHRC; that fight is even more draining than the entirety of vHoF, so what I like to do there is switch to the Dubious Camoran Throne and put on a piece of armor that has a full health glyph on while running through the corridor to the final boss room.

Keep in mind that this does not cover vMA; that will be a different build all together.

Champion Points

Keep in mind the CP jump points. Long story short, CP values are rounded down to the nearest whole number. Basically, listed 15.6% value would actually just be 15% value, so you may not want to waste those points on the useless 0.6%.


Ironclad - 40

Spell Shield - 28

Medium Armor Focus - 20

Thick Skinned - 40

Hardy - 56

Elemental Defender - 56


This is just a quick baseline CP setup for everyday content. For serious vet trial runs, you may want to adjust your CP to accommodate for the trial's main damage types; consult your pals/raid-leader for that info.


Master at Arms - 28

Thaumaturge - 56

Precise Strikes - 61

Piercing - 39

Mighty - 56


In trials, based on your group composition and penetration, you may want to take points out of piercing and assign them to Thaumaturge, Precise Strikes, Master at Arms, and Mighty, in that order. Here's just my preferred setup.

Master at Arms - 37

Thaumaturge - 66

Precise Strikes - 66

Piercing - 15

Mighty - 56


Warlord - 20

Mooncalf - 100

Tenacity - 100

Shadow Ward - 20


In CC-heavy trials/fights such as vHoF, vAA final boss HM, and vHRC final boss:

Warlord - 37

Mooncalf - 75

Tenacity - 75

Tumbling - 9

Shadow Ward - 44

300CP Setup:



Ironclad - 20

Spell Shield - 6

Thick Skinned - 20

Hardy - 27

Elemental Defender - 27


Thaumaturge - 28

Precise Strikes - 28

Piercing - 17

Mighty - 27


Warlord - 2

Mooncalf - 37

Tenacity - 43

Shadow Ward - 18



Solo / Dungeons


Armor / Jewellery

2pc Kra'gh's / Velidreth / Stormfist

5pc TFS (Twice-Fanged Serpent)

3pc Automaton / Mechanical Acuity

All armor - medium Divines - Stamina enchantment

All jewellery - Robust - Weapon Damage enchantment


Automaton / MA Axe/Dagger - Nirnhoned/Infused - Poison/Prismatic enchantment

Automaton / MA Dagger/Sword - Infused/Precise - Weapon Damage enchantment

vMA Bow - Nirnhoned - Ravage Heath + Gradual Ravage Health poison

Trials (Full Damage)


Armor / Jewellery

2pc Kra'gh's / Velidreth / Stormfist

5pc Automaton

3pc Mechanical Acuity / VO (Vicious Serpent)

All armor - medium Divines - Stamina enchantment

All jewellery - Robust - Weapon Damage enchantment


MA / VO Axe/Dagger - Nirnhoned/Infused - Poison/Prismatic enchantment

MA / VO Dagger/Sword - Infused/Precise - Weapon Damage enchantment

vMA Bow - Nirnhoned - Ravage Heath + Gradual Ravage Health poison

Trials (Support)


Armor / Jewellery

2pc Kra'gh's / Velidreth / Stormfist

5pc VO (Vicious Serpent)

3pc Sunderflame / Night Mother's Gaze / Morag Tong

All armor - medium Divines - Stamina enchantment

All jewellery - Robust - Weapon Damage enchantment


Sunder / NMG / Morag Axe/Dagger - Nirnhoned/Infused - Poison/Prismatic enchantment

Sunder / NMG / Morag Dagger - Infused/Precise - Weapon Damage enchantment

vMA Bow - Nirnhoned - Ravage Heath + Gradual Ravage Health poison


Full Gear List

Monster Set - Kra'gh's; Velidreth; Stormfist; Spawn of Mephala

Crafted sets (no jewellery) - Hunding's Rage; Night Mother's Gaze; Mechanical Acuity

Looted sets (has jewellery) - TFS; VO; Sunderflame; Automaton; Spriggans

Bow - Maelstrom / any of the above 5pc sets


The reason I'm using Kra'gh's is that the damage from its proc is the best among the monster sets. Overpenetration isn't too much of a big deal especially with that proc. A downside is that if you're away from your target, it's not going to be of much use, so use in fights where you're constantly at melee range with the boss.

Velidreth is a very viable monster set too, and is the best monster set to use in trials against bosses with chunky hitboxes, such as Varlariel and the Possessed Manticora, due to multiple spores being able to hit the enemy more than once. Keep in mind that many bosses are not chunky enough for Velidreth to do that though, such as the Mage and the Serpent. My recommendation is to swap between the two sets depending on the bosses, but sticking with just one is completely fine.

Spawn of Mephala is a really good monster set to run as well, almost on par with Velidreth and Kra'gh's. It's great in stationary fights as well as fights with many adds, and it can also be activated from range with a bow heavy attack, thus very suitable for vAA.

Stormfist's proc is not as good, but its stamina recovery 1pc still makes a really noticable difference for sustain, and is pretty much necessary for the Halls of Fabrication. The proc itself can also proc your Implosion passive for more damage.

Automaton is really good, better than Hunding's Rage, but it is much more annoying to acquire. So far one of the best sets to use, in my opinion.

Mechanical Acuity seems to be the new meta for both stamina and magicka for the Dragon Bones patch (actually also for Clockwork City though it never gained traction until much later). They really shine when used as weapons, due to their procs matching up with most of the damage on your frontbar and also letting you keep the other 5pc bonus on your other set full-time.

As a result, since the effects of Mechanical Acuity scales more the less crit you have, you may want to go with an axe/dagger setup when you're using it.

As for Mechanical Acuity versus Automaton when paired with TFS, they're pretty much on-par with each other. I personally prefer Mechanical Acuity since it is more damage and also synergizes really well with Ballista, but if you're low CP and can not put 61 points into Precise Strikes, Automaton may be better overall for you.

A note on the traits on the dual wield weapons is that an infused trait on one will also apply the enchantment cooldown reduction on the other, but not the enchantment effect increase. The current best trait setup from what I've tested is nirnhoned main-hand with a poison enchantment with infused off-hand with a weapon damage enchantment. On daedric bosses, a prismatic enchantment on your main hand will grant you more damage than a poison enchantment; in this case, I would go with an infused main-hand with the prismatic enchantment with a precise off-hand with a weapon damage enchantment.

Keep in mind that the sharpened trait is still better than nirnhoned and precise as long as you're not overpenetrating.

That dual ravage health poison on your bow is actually pretty powerful. The gradual ravage health portion of the damage can also pretty much be on par with an infused poison enchantment. However, if you feel particularly cheap, you can always just go with a disease enchantment.


Trial Optimization

Optimizing stamina setups in coordinated groups is much more of a flexible subject, one that I would rather not go into detail on. Instead, I highly suggest giving Alcast's Stamina Optimization guide a quick read. Basically, from the above sets, except for TFS, pick any possible (as in, you can't go Hunding's + NMG due to both of them being crafted sets) combination of the two, and prioritize having one set of Sunderflame and NMG in the group first.


Newbie Gear

For when you're new to this class and want something easy to acquire and still effective.



5pc Hunding's Rage

2pc Night Mother's Gaze (NMG)

All armor - medium Divines - Stamina enchantment


3pc Agility

All jewellery - Robust - Weapon Damage enchantment


NMG Dagger - Sharpened - Poison enchantment

NMG Dagger - Infused - Weapon Damage enchantment

NMG Bow - Sharpened - Disease enchantment


Untested-but-promising Alt Gear


Please note that I personally haven't tested these yet; this is theorycrafting territory with no actual experimental basis on my end.



Flanking Strategist



I can see stamina damage-dealers wearing Alkosh in place of VO; the 5pc synergy proc on it could function as a decent DoT as well as the debuff, and it can be worked into rotations as long as there's a steady stream of synergies.

Flanking might be a great set in fights where you're on the boss' arse consistently.

Domihaus has relatively low proc damage compared to the "meta" sets, but it also grants a decent weapon damage buff if you stand within the proc ring. The proc itself, however, is a thin donut, not a circle, so positioning for the proc to damage to boss is pretty important.




DW bar:

Deadly Cloak - amazing defensive skill, and also deals quite a bit of damage

Rending Slashes - a good standard DoT

Hurricane - a good AoE DoT; also grants some great resistances for more survivability

Lightweight Beast Trap - an amazing DoT and source of Minor Force; cast this twice in one rotation, and it even outdamages Razor Caltrops

Bound Armaments - increases your max stamina and heavy attack damage as long as it's toggled; just try not to toggle it off

Flawless Dawnbreaker - slotted for +5% weapon damage, but also a good low-cost ulti in a pinch


Bow bar:

Bound Armaments - double barred, because it has to be

Poison Injection - one of your main DoTs

Endless Hail - your highest source of damage; your highest source of damage on crack with vMA bow

Critical Surge - a great defensive skill that grants some amazing healing; keep this up in harder fights

Razor Caltrops - one of your main DoTs; high cost but high damage

Greater Storm Atronach - a decent ultimate with a great buff for a teammate


Important flex abilities:

Steel Tornado - replace Rending Slashes for AoE spammable

Resolving Vigor - best heal for stamina players, which really isn't saying a lot, but hey, it might save your team

Shrouded Daggers - typical meta stamsorc spammable, but it's actually useful in some burst fights

Ballista - one of the best ultis you can use; great burst damage, more dps than Storm Atro, perfect for selfish parsing or solo fights

Suppression Field - a great AoE ultimate that also happens to apply your Ruffian passive from Dual Wield; use on trash fights.


Unimportant flex abilities:

Silver Shards - a nice ranged spammable that can be useful in certain boss fights where you have to stay at ranged for any amount of time

Shuffle - pretty much a 15% damage mitigation, except powered by RNG

Inner Fire - taunt, for taunting; useful for pretending to be a tank in dungeons

Acid Spray - actually better than Shrouded Daggers, if you really want that cleave damage


In this build, you have one flex spot, and that is Critical Surge, though to be honest, I'd say that Critical Surge is the best ability to slot in there due to it being one hell of a self-heal as well as 2% more weapon damage from the Expert Mage passive. For more damage without care for survivability, you can slot a random Fighter's Guild ability for 3% more weapon damage. You can also slot Vigor in case you want to heal your teammates.

With Dragon Bones, the Greater Storm Atronach ultimate is currently the most-desired ultimate for both stamsorcs and magsorcs due to its decent damage and, more importantly, 8s 25% damage boost for whoever synergizes with it. It also has a really good range, so you don't have to summon it directly on top of a boss. In fact, it is encouraged that you place it where the melee damage-dealers are so the tank won't take it and the damage-dealers can synergize with it easily. However, Ballista is still the best ultimate you can use if you want pure damage for yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind is the choice between Razor Caltrops and Anti-Cavalry Caltrops. Rotations are covered below. If your rotations take less than 13 seconds, Razor Caltrops will deal more damage. However, if your rotations take 13 seconds or more, Anti-Cavalry Caltrops will be better. The damage difference between them at 13 seconds, however, is fairly negligible, so it shouldn't matter that much. You can also choose to do one less heavy attack in some rotations and lower the downtime on most of your DoTs, and that should make Razor Caltrops more worthwhile than Anti-Cavalry Caltrops.

One more thing is my choice of Lightweight Beast Trap over Rearming Trap. In my rotations covered below, I will be casting Lightweight Beast Trap twice, which will keep Minor Force up. Lightweight Trap also deals much more damage than Rearming Trap, and from my own testing, casting Lightweight Trap twice actually outdamages a Rearming Trap + Shrouded Daggers rotation. Additionally, this frees up an extra flex slot for me to slot Critical Surge, and lengthens the amount of time I am on my front bar by 1s, also boosting my damage. So far, this rotation grants the highest amount of single target damage, and I personally prefer it this way because I have enough AoE damage already from Endless Hail, Caltrops, Deadly Cloak, and Hurricane.

Just remember that heavy weaving into Lightweight Beast Trap requires a bit more timing finesse, same with Caltrops; a trick is to cast that ability when your weapons start swinging, not before they're finished winding up.


What about the cleave damage from Shrouded Daggers?

I understand if people prefer cleave damage (even though you might as well use Steel Tornado on trash and ignore the cleave on bosses). Here are some variants on the meta rotation most end-game stamsorcs use.

("-" no weave; ">" light attack; ">>" heavy attack; "|" barswap)


DW v.1: 11.5s rotation, easy to sustain, current meta

>> Rending Slashes >> Deadly Cloak >> Shrouded Daggers >> Hurricane |

DW v.2: 12.5s rotation

>> Rending Slashes >> Deadly Cloak >> Shrouded Daggers >> Shrouded Daggers > Hurricane |

DW v.3: 12s rotation, most damage, hard to sustain

>> Rending Slashes >> Deadly Cloak >> Shrouded Daggers > Shrouded Daggers > Hurricane |


> Endless Hail > Rearming Trap > Poison Injection > Caltrops (> Ballista) |

If you really want that cleave damage and can not sustain the v.3 version of the rotation listed above, try Acid Spray. This also gives you room to frontbar Rearming Trap, so you get 3% more weapon damage on your frontbar. Only thing you'll lose out on is the execute damage and the spammability of Shrouded Daggers, but at this point you'll have dealt much more damage from Acid Spray already. Look at me, breaking the meta without even playing it.



>> Rending Slashes >> Deadly Cloak >> Rearming Trap >> Hurricane |


> Endless Hail > Poison Injection > Caltrops > Acid Spray (> Ballista) |

Shout-out to BlackMamba19 for helping me test this!

Optimal raid blue CP for this setup: 66 Thuamaturge, 61 Precise Strikes, 64 Mighty, 15 Piercing, and 34 Master-at-Arms.

Based off of BlackMamba19's CP for this setup in CwC: 61 Thuamaturge, 56 Precise Strikes, 64 Mighty, 18 Piercing, and 31 Master-at-Arms.



Keep in mind that these are the rotations that I use and find work well for me.

("-" no weave; ">" light attack; ">>" heavy attack; "|" barswap)


>> Lightweight Trap >> Rending Slashes >> Deadly Cloak >> Hurricane > Lightweight Trap |


> Endless Hail > Poison Injection > Caltrops ( > Storm Atronach ) |

Starting rotation:

Hurricane - Deadly Cloak | - Endless Hail | - Lightweight Trap | > Poison Injection > Caltrops > Storm Atronach | >> Rending Slashes >> Lightweight Trap >> Deadly Cloak > Hurricane > Lightweight Trap | [Resume on Bow Bar]


This rotation length is ~12 seconds per rotation, approximately the length of Razor Caltrops.

Keep in mind that your ping can have an impact on your rotation lengths. A difference in 150ms ping is equal to about 0.2s difference per heavy attack and 0.1s per light attack. Based on that, you may want to tweak the number of heavy attacks you do to match the rotation length, and maybe switch out your Automaton gear for VO if you need a bit more sustain.

(~250ms ping, ~13s rotation; ~100ms ping, ~11.5s rotation)


Here's a video of my rotations.




I like how I go into so much detail on the single-target parsing aspect of this build, but in trials, killing trash quickly is just as important. This is the setup I use for it.


Suppression Field is there due to it buffing the Ruffian passive from Dual Wield. However, keep in mind that Suppression Field does not work on elite enemies, such as the Sun-Eater in MoL. They do, however, work on smaller enemies, such as the spheres in HoF. In any case, if you are up against elite enemies, just use your Flawless Dawnbreaker instead.

>> Steel Tornado(/Flawless Dawnbreaker) >> Steel Tornado >> Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado > Deadly Cloak > Hurricane | > Endless Hail > Razor Caltrops ( > Suppression Field ) |

Right after casting Suppression Field:

> Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado > Steel Tornado >> Deadly Cloak >> Hurricane | > Endless Hail > Razor Caltrops |



Solo 6mil skeleton parse (TFS + MA + Kra'gh's, Solo CP setup)



Raid parses





If you have any concerns or questions about anything this guide, feel free to voice them in here and I'll be glad to address them for you.

If you have any suggestions for alternative gear or rotations, I would love it if you post it here as well! It's always fun to experiment with different builds and learn new stuff.

About HatchetHaro:

Only ever plays stam DK and stamsorc.

Literally only good at stam DK and stamsorc.

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    Greetings! Playing as argonian dps too(on almost every character). I like it and i want to try this build cause i do not trust the people that do not play as argonian dps and rarely use their guides, but... What if i do not want to be a vampire? Vampire is ruining the original design of my char. How much i will lose if choose to reject vampire?

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