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Got stuck on campaign lvl 6 quest. Servers down???

Hello everyone,,

When i finish on liberate Lyris Titanborn, the loading screen load the game indefined time and i cant continue. What happen??? Its my connection that causes lag??? Or i s a tutuapp.uno/ problem of the vidmate.vet/ game???? Im playing on showbox.bio/ xbox one, anyone else occurs the same??

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    So I’m working on a fun build not really geared toward any one specific task. The only goal is to be poppin’ off ULTies as fast as I can for shock and awe!! Evil laugh*

    So I’m using currently blood spawn (for dat Ultimate), Tava’s favor (with elude for dat ultimate), and I use heroic slash and sometimes carve (for dat ultimate).

    Buuuuut last night I acquired shalks exoskeleton x2 rings, necklace, and sword and shield. The five piece bonus from this set grants me minor heroism indefinitely while in combat . More ultimate!!!!  9Apps APK  Vidmate APK https://get-cartoonhd.com I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions for me.

    1. Would using shalks exoskeleton STACK with the minor heroism I receive from heroic slash?

    2. If not, would it be more advantageous to keep this set and use the slot heroic slash currently occupies for a different ability?

    3. OR should I ditch the shalks set in favor of something else and keep using heroic slash?

    4. Is there a set which grants you Major heroism?!

    5. Are there any other ways to get a bunch of ultimate as a Nord Stam DK?


    ** Remember I don’t really care about being super powerful or the best at anything, I just want ultimate, lots of it. (for this fun build anyway)


    Ask if you need any clarification on any of my questions. Thanks for any answers ahead of time!!

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