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Foundry Tactical Combat 0.71

FTC 0.70 is released for ESO update 2.1! FTC 0.71 is released for ESO update 2.1!

Hey folks, I have released an official ESO 2.1 (Imperial City) update for Foundry Tactical Combat. This update primarily serves to add compatibility with the new API version and re-factor the way that buff tracking is handled by FTC. As many of you know the recent ESO update dramatically changed the nature of buff and effect-related information reported by the API.

Previously FTC was forced to use a very complex logic to approximate the activation and timing of buffs and debuffs. Thankfully ZeniMax has relaxed their stance on the API and has restored this information to the official UI layer. A consequence of this was that a very large amount of FTC code was no longer required, and in cases, undesirable. I needed to spend some time going carefully through the logic for buff tracking and deciding how to adapt to the new system. Sorry that this update is a bit delayed after the launch of 2.1, I appreciate your patience and support!

Download The Foundry Tactical Combat Addon


Installation Instructions

To install Foundry Tactical Combat follow these steps. FTC is also supported by Minion, an automated ESO addon management utility.

  1. Download FTC_Current.zip to a location of your choosing.
  2. Extract the .zip archive into your ESO addons folder found in My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons/ for Windows users, or Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons. for OS X.
  3. You should now have a folder inside Addons named "FoundryTacticalCombat" which contains the addon files.
  4. Launch The Elder Scrolls Online. FTC should be automatically enabled. If not, go to the Add-Ons section of the game menu and make sure that the box beside Foundry Tactical Combat is checked.
  5. Access the FTC configuration settings by navigating in-game to Settings -> Add-Ons -> FTC, or by simply typing "/ftc" into chat.


FTC 0.70 Changes

General Changes

  • Update addon for ESO 2.1 API compatibility.
  • Deprecate usage of the EVENT_INVENTORY_ITEM_USED, EVENT_ACTION_SLOT_UPDATED, and EVENT_ACTION_SLOTS_FULL_UPDATE events which are no longer required under the new API

Buff Tracking

  • Refactor buffs component to use additional information provided by the ESO API.
  • Develop an exception system for preventing the display of certain undesirable buffs.
  • Deprecate buff extensions files, which are no longer needed under the new API!
  • Add wider support for buffs that may be reported by the API but not previously recognized by FTC.
  • Correct a number of buff related bugs from 0.69 (PTS beta FTC).

Known Issues

  • The new version of FTC buff tracking doesn't currently work well with ground target AoEs. It does not report a duration for these effects because they are not reported by the API. I will need to develop a separate system for tracking GTAOE timers in a future version.

FTC 0.71 Changes

Buff Tracking

  • Fix bug which prevented the correct re-application of buff timers if buffs were refreshed before their full duration.

Combat Log

  • Improve the wording of incoming healing and damage to better indicate the source of that damage or healing.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • Fix bug preventing incoming healing from being displayed in scrolling combat text.
  • Restore SCT alert for Sorcerer Crystal Fragments proc.

About Atropos:

I am a dedicated gamer and MMO enthusiast who has been involved with MMO communities since EverQuest. As the creator of Tamriel Foundry and Ashen Foundry, I love the challenge of building platforms and tools for MMO communities to flourish.

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    Member7 Posts


    Thanks for the new Update.

    Is there a way to use the old Trackingsystem to display GTAoE's ?

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    Member3 Posts

    This is cool, unfortunate, however that i cannot use it. (I'm on xb1)

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    Member207 Posts

    Thanks boss.. many of us have been.. not so patiently .. checking the site to see how soon we would be able to use this program again. Appreciate the work.

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    Member3 Posts

    Hi, congratz for this addon, but with this update i'm having issues with crystal fragment passive, it doesnt show up anymore either on "ALERT" (in the middle) or as a passive proc, i have to hear the sound or watch my char hands to see it :)


    hope on a fix soon


    ty and keep it up

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    Member3 Posts

    (maybe i'm doing something wrong, if anyone has a sorc and can test this and confirm i'll be happy, i tried removing "show alert" and putting it ON again, but nothing worked, switched to another UI and it works, but on FTC i cant let it work)


    heeeeeelp :D

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    Moderator1308 Posts

    Great, thanks for the update.

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    Member1 Posts

    Thanks for update! FTC is a wonderful tool, very helpful.

    (Some buffs on other player don't disappear from screen although none is focused. Seem to be every buff from one, if next has none.

    Same with disguise, e.g. "Kollopi Essence")

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    Member40 Posts

    is it possible just overwrite old FTC with it?

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    Member12 Posts

    Thanks. Same comment as above, the sorc's fragment proc is no longer posted. Many of us use FTC to track proc's and DoT's in need of renewals, as well as buffs. I would appreciate if this could be shown, and maybe even highlighted in a specific "action needed" frame. Regards.

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    Administrator3186 Posts

    I posted an update 0.71 which resolves several bugs with 0.70.

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    Love this add-on.

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    Member3 Posts

    Good News and Bad News...


    Good News: This is a fantastic add-on that I've been using since release. Keep up the great work. :)


    Bad News: Ever since the official ESO update that reworked buff tracking, when I pan over a character, their buffs display properly; however, when I pan away from that character and the target frame disappears, as it should, the buffs that character had remain on my interface and don't disappear until I pan over another character with buffs that replace the old character's buffs.

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    Member1 Posts

    I was waiting for something like this, great work!

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    Member35 Posts

    Great update! Only one thing though, it does not track the duration of eruption for DK's.

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    Member785 Posts

    Loving this update. However, I do wish Liquid Lightning was tracked as a rebuff on the enemy like it did previously, as this was very helpful to let me know when to refresh it.

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    Member29 Posts

    It's really a great update as usual, thanks.

    The only problem I have is that, using the default target frame, I don't see the buffs of my target.

    In previous versions I was able to do so.

    I checked also the position and it is not overlapped by anything else.

    Is there a way to solve this?

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    Member256 Posts

    Can we expect a new update with Monday's patch/expansion?

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    Administrator3186 Posts

    Unlikely, sorry. Real life is kicking my but lately. I might be able to do a quick compatibility pass just to make sure nothing is totally broken.

    Creator of Ashen Foundry and Tamriel Foundry. Former guildmaster of Entropy Rising. Economist and MMO enthusiast.

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    Member256 Posts
    Atropos wrote on October 29, 2015

    Unlikely, sorry. Real life is kicking my but lately. I might be able to do a quick compatibility pass just to make sure nothing is totally broken.

    Hey whatever you can do, man, we totally understand that there is a big wide world of real things to do. I do appreciate you letting us know what's up though.

    Characters: Elim Garak (Dunmer Magicka DK DPS) Antonius Cassius (Imperial Stamina DK Tank) Cal Terrace (Breton Magicka DK Healer)DK VMSA current high score: 410K 


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    Member2 Posts

    I really loved your addon.

    Ever since the new customization, I can't live without it.

    Take your time and thanks for all your works!


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