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Foundry Tactical Combat 0.63 - 0.67

Hey folks, I have taken as much feedback as possible in the past several days and released the first set of patches for the FTC 0.60 release. This update is intended to address the most significant and frequent concerns and issues users have had with the new version of FTC. I hope these changes continue to improve everyone's experience with the addon.

Download The Foundry Tactical Combat Addon


Installation Instructions

To install Foundry Tactical Combat follow these steps. FTC is also supported by Minion, an automated ESO addon management utility.

  1. Download FTC_Current.zip to a location of your choosing.
  2. Extract the .zip archive into your ESO addons folder found in My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons/ for Windows users, or Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons. for OS X.
  3. You should now have a folder inside Addons named "FoundryTacticalCombat" which contains the addon files.
  4. Launch The Elder Scrolls Online. FTC should be automatically enabled. If not, go to the Add-Ons section of the game menu and make sure that the box beside Foundry Tactical Combat is checked.
  5. Access the FTC configuration settings by navigating in-game to Settings -> Add-Ons -> FTC, or by simply typing "/ftc" into chat.


FTC 0.67 Changes

Settings Menu

  • Updated to the newest version of LibAddonMenu.

    Fix a bug with LibAddonMenu that caused certain menu-only elements to continue being displayed outside of the settings menu.

    Improve the behavior of the interface for re-positioning FTC elements.

Unit Frames

  • Fix bug when reforming groups that prevented FTC group and raid frames from being properly displayed.

Damage Stats

  • Require FTC elements to be unlocked to re-position the mini DPS meter.


FTC 0.66 Changes

Unit Frames

  • Remove buffer that was added in 0.65 on group frame updating to ensure data accuracy. Approach improving efficiency of unit frame updating from a different angle to continue addressing potential performance issues.
  • Remove raid frame individual member combat fading to improve raid frame performance.
  • Force a /reloadui when group or raid frames are enabled or disabled to avoid collisions with other unit frames addons.
  • Fix UI error with group member shields if small group frames were enabled, large group frames were disabled, and the player was in a group larger than 4 members.
  • Add player class icons to raid frames. Group leaders are still displayed as crowns, rather than as a specific class.
  • Group and raid frames will now correctly process group changes that occur while the player is in a load screen.
  • Made the color difference between in-range and not in-range group members more significant.

Buff Tracking

  • Add Major Sorcery buff tracking to Entropy and Degeneration as intended.
  • Change ability bar keypress tracking to use zo_prehook method.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • Brightened font color for entered/left combat alerts.

Damage Statistics

  • Change the default setting for sharing group DPS to disabled. Your saved variable setting for this will be forced to "off" when you update. If you want to use this feature you must go back into settings and re-enable it.
  • Add additional checks to DPS sharing to filter out bad data. Damage will no longer be shared for fights shorter than 10 seconds.


FTC 0.65 Changes

Settings Menu

  • Prevent target frame from disappearing while repositioning elements.

Unit Frames

  • Add group health bar buffering to limit the number of effective updates that are processed per second. This should further improve FTC performance in trial and large pvp group situations.
  • Correct a bug with the tracking of werewolf transformation timer in player frames.
  • Apply localization function to player titles.

Buff Tracking

  • Add correct cast time to Magicka Detonation and morphs.
  • Corrected buff detection of Dark Shades.
  • Do not purge the Hardened Armor buff when it's damage shield is consumed.
  • Improve the display of Vampirism and Lycanthropy on players. Vampirism will be shown with the tag "V1" through "V4" depending on the player's vampirism stage. Lycanthropy is displayed with the tag "W".
  • Override standard debuff display logic to always show the timer of your most recent taunt even if you are no longer targetting the taunted target. This is something of a temporary holdover until I develop a better system built into FTC for taunt tracking.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • Add option to change the scroll direction for outgoing and incoming text (up/down).

Combat Log

  • FTC will no long minimize chat on UI reload unless the Alternate With Chat setting is enabled.
  • Prevent triggering an error from using the Toggle Combat Log button when the Combat Log is disabled.

Combat Stats

  • Correct a bug preventing the final hit of damage on a target to be counted in the damage report.
  • Introduce the ability for FTC users to share their DPS with other FTC users in their group after the conclusion of an encounter. This functionality requires members of the group to be using FTC version 0.65+ and can be disabled if you do not wish to share. This feature is flagged as [BETA] and may not work perfectly right away. It can be disabled if it is causing you any problems. Feedback on this feature particularly is welcome. Credit for the idea goes to YayRP for his clever ideas in the "Dicey" addon.


FTC 0.64 Changes

Unit Frames

  • Allow FTC custom group and raid frames to be disabled as intended.
  • Resolve issue with incorrectly displaying some targets (or allies) as Dead.
  • Incorporate improved logic for detecting the correct Champion Point constellation for the XP bar.
  • Add a buffer to the group setup function to prevent this routine from running too often. This should help improve performance (hopefully a lot) when using FTC raid frames in Cyrodiil or trials. Please give me some feedback if you experienced this issue whether this addon update has made things better!


FTC 0.63 Changes


  • Reposition FTC welcome message to (hopefully) be more visible on multi-monitor displays.
  • Automatically release the mouse cursor after clicking the button to re-position FTC UI elements.

Unit Frames

  • Add options to individual enable or disable the player and target frames for more fine-tuned control of which FTC unit frame elements are utilized.
  • Restored the option to overlay labels on the default unit frames. While this seems like an incredibly trivial option, unfortunately the implications of its existence are inconvenient for the FTC code logic, which was the reason I removed this feature from the addon. To be clear, I have no desire to support enhancements to the default ESO unit frames and I remain firm in my desire to see this feature removed from future versions of FTC if possible.
  • Only hide the XP bar if the XP bar is disabled. Mount, siege, and werewolf timers will continue to be shown even if the mini-XP bar is disabled.
  • Enable out-of-combat opacity fading for the custom FTC target frame.

Buff Tracking

  • Correct the tracked duration on Summon Shades and its morphs.
  • Improve the detection for ground target spell activation which was causing players who quickly activated ground target spells by double tapping their keyboard key to not correctly receive a tracked buff.
  • Add debuff tracking for Destructive Reach (and variants).
  • Resolve (hopefully) an issue with residual UI displayed from the "fake buffs" in the FTC menu that was spilling out onto other buff and debuff labels.
  • Fix a bug that caused consuming a potion from your inventory while you had an empty quickslot to trigger a UI error.
  • Add long-buff tracking for the 4 vampire feeding stages.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • Filter out some additional damage events that should not be reported.
  • Correct a bug that caused changing certain SCT options in the menu to erroneously display the FTC player frame.
  • Add a toggle-able option to disable SCT alerts.
  • Correct a bug that caused the colors for Low Stamina and Low Magicka notifications to be reversed if FTC unit frames component was disabled.
  • Add additional contrast between critical and non-critical hits in scrolling combat text.
  • Allow the "arc intensity" setting in scrolling combat text to be turned negative to reverse the arcing direction of text. This will easily allow players who want their incoming damage on the left and outgoing damage on the right to swap the position of the SCT containers while still retaining arcing animation paths.

Combat Log

  • Only print the FTC welcome message to the FTC Combat Log, not to the default ESO chat window.

Damage Statistics

  • Change the anchor reference of the damage report to hopefully be more accessible for multi-monitor setups.
  • Change the labeling scheme for post-to-chat damage reports vs multiple targets denoting the total number of distinct targets included in the DPS summary.


About Atropos:

I am a dedicated gamer and MMO enthusiast who has been involved with MMO communities since EverQuest. As the creator of Tamriel Foundry and Ashen Foundry, I love the challenge of building platforms and tools for MMO communities to flourish.

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    Pyranea wrote on June 8, 2015

    As i like to have reaction and difficulty colors, i added some lines in frames/functions.lua (after line 194).

    – Populate name plate

    local reactR, reactG, reactB, conR, conG, conB

    reactR, reactG, reactB = GetUnitReactionColor(‘reticleover’)

    conR, conG, conB = GetConColor(FTC.Target.level, FTC.Player.level)

    level = string.format( “|c%02X%02X%02X%s|r”, conR*255, conG*255, conB*255, level)

    frame.plate.name:SetColor(reactR, reactG, reactB)

    Maybe you want to include it (as optional setting)

    I've been looking for this. Do you have this working in v.72? Mind sharing?


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