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Foundry Tactical Combat 0.72

The FTC Settings Menu makes it easy to configure  the addon. FTC has been updated to version 0.72 for ESO update 2.3!

Hey folks, I have released an ESO 2.3 Thieves Guild update for Foundry Tactical Combat. This update primarily serves to add compatibility with the new API version but also fixes a few minor bugs in the existing addon. I apologize that updates to the FTC addon have not been more frequent. I do, however, see a bright future for the FTC addon. I am thrilled to announce that I have added Philgo68 as a collaborator on the FTC project. Philgo is the developer behind the brilliant Master Merchant addon and I am very excited to work with him to continue improving and updating FTC. We will be sharing a joint roadmap for continued improvement of the FTC addon in the coming weeks and we both thank you for your support!


Download The Foundry Tactical Combat Addon


Installation Instructions

To install Foundry Tactical Combat follow these steps. FTC is also supported by Minion, an automated ESO addon management utility.

  1. Download FTC_Current.zip to a location of your choosing.
  2. Extract the .zip archive into your ESO addons folder found in My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons/ for Windows users, or Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons. for OS X.
  3. You should now have a folder inside Addons named "FoundryTacticalCombat" which contains the addon files.
  4. Launch The Elder Scrolls Online. FTC should be automatically enabled. If not, go to the Add-Ons section of the game menu and make sure that the box beside Foundry Tactical Combat is checked.
  5. Access the FTC configuration settings by navigating in-game to Settings -> Add-Ons -> FTC, or by simply typing "/ftc" into chat.


FTC 0.72 Changes

General Changes

  • Update addon for ESO 2.3 API compatibility.

Buff Tracking

  • Resolved an issue with the bugg tracking component to avoid showing buff(s) from previous targets.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • With the 2.3 update to the game, integrated combat text has been added in the Settings -> Interface menu. This integrated combat text introduces a new framework to the UI allowing dynamic positioning of elements like combat text using the on-screen position of the target. These new tools are superior to the functionality allowed to addons before. Therefore we have disabled (by default) the old FTC scolling combat text and encourage users to adopt the new built-in system.
  • Our goal for the future of the FTC combat text module will be to augment and enhance the built-in combat text by adding additional useful information that can further improve combat awareness.

About Atropos:

I am a dedicated gamer and MMO enthusiast who has been involved with MMO communities since EverQuest. As the creator of Tamriel Foundry and Ashen Foundry, I love the challenge of building platforms and tools for MMO communities to flourish.

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    Contributor83 Posts

    Great. Glad to have it updated and for the Philgo68 collaboration. I can't wait to see what beneficial additions can be made with ability to get the on screen position of targets! Should be cool.

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    Member24 Posts

    Great !


    Good news :)

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    Member66 Posts

    Seriously the second I make a post of @Atropos missing he makes a post haha. Atropos its good to see you again!

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    Member1308 Posts

    This is very exciting news. I look forward to future updates for the FTC.

    e pluribus unum

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    Member352 Posts

    Freaking Awesome!

    ****Memento Casorum****



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    Member27 Posts

    Thanks for making the update, and adding a collaborator.

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    Member39 Posts


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    Member30 Posts

    nice :)

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    Member13 Posts

    Awesome! Very happy to hear from you again, @Atropos. Thanks for the update!

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    - A. Einstein

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    Member29 Posts

    Hello Atropos,


    Very nice addon for ESO , I've been using it almost exclusively for the game UI stuff :D Could I maybe ask you for a favor for a little addition to this great addon ?

    When you have the time to get around to it , could you please maybe add an option to have it also display the ground target skills durations ? Stuff like Lightning Splash; Wall of Elements ; Grand healing and so on ?

    Your addon does everything except this little thing and its a bit of a shame to have to rely on another addon like Srendar for that.

    Thank you for your time :)

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    Member15 Posts

    I did search for an answer elsewhere, but FTC stopped working with the latest update.... any way to get it to work or will it need an overhaul and new version?

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    Member256 Posts

    Any chance we could see an update of FTC?

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