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Flame Lash or Molten Whip? (Elseweyr PvE/PvE)

I've been respeccing a lot, but the new Flame Lash appears to be "Broken" in PvP discussions, because Magicka DKs have been hitting for impressive damage.  (I believe on Spell Crits)  Since there is no Stamina Morphs for this, I'm going to be assuming a Magicka build, sets, and Destruction Staffs for building around it.

Ancient Knowledge

One problem I'm having is it's a Flame attack, and Single target, which matches up with an Inferno Staff.  However, you also have Engulfing Flames, and Wall of Fire (Either Morph) which are Flame Damage, and AoE.  This complicates fitting either Morph in with your Build, in PvE we're probably talking a DPS, (Though the use of the Heal from Power lash, when a target is Off Balance, might be useful for a Tank)

Seething Fury

This is the tooltip name for the Tokens you stack up to Empower Molten Whip.  I have to point out that this makes your eyes glow, which looks really cool (Especially on my Ayleid Cosplay) but also warns Players that they about to get they butts whipped.  The problem is, there's only really 1 Ardent Fury spammable, and it doesn't build up Seething Fury tokens:  Flame Whip, you have to cast Another AF to empower it, or 3 different ones.  Engulfing Flames is a gimmie, but if you want to get that Single Target (8%) bonus to it, that means putting Engulfing Flames (An AoE) on the same bar.  Either you can get the lightning Staff Bonus for one, or the Inferno Staff bonus for the other, if you bar-swap, then you don't get the Seething Fury on your Molten Whip.

Power Lash 

This is the Tooltip name for the Heal you get, when you hit an Off Ballence target with Molten Whip.  Again, this would be easy on a Lightning Staff, because Concussion, but it's a Single target ability, and the Engulfing Flames is an AoE.  Which means barswapping if you want EITHER 8% bonus, but as this morph doesn't require it being on the same Active bar, at least you have that option.  (It just makes landing the Molten Whip while they're still Off balance a little tricky.)  In PvP, you could use Crushing Shock/Molten Whip to punish Sweeps, which is the plan i have for when I finish testing, and have a decent Cyrodiil build.  (With Light of Cyrodiil, for 20% damage reduction while Channeling Engulfing Flames.)  I'm playtesting in PvE, because there's a lot of Mobs, and they don't move around as much, while I dial in the muscle memory to reactively Interrupt.  


Obviously, the Heal should work for a Magicka specced Tank, because a powerful Heal is nice, AND I get a lot of Interrupts blocking, with Bash cancellation for my combos.  This works extremely well for MW, because it's one of those spammables that's good to cancel a Power Attack (For Stamina) then Bash canceled for a 3 hit combo, with a chance to Interrupt.  I'm getting pretty good at comboing that with Power Slam, but here I'm running into Resource problems:  Molten Whip is a Spell, and Power Slam is a Feat.  So, for the time being, I'm replacing Power Slam with Molten Whip on my Magicka spec (Melee mage with a Sword and Shield of Order of Diagna to enhance the Heals)  That works, you just have to change-up what you're Reacting To, and the Heal>Empowering your next Power Slam for the purposes of Tanking.

So, for those of you who're interested (Or even reading this) my new Tanking Bar=[1] Unrelenting Grip [2] Obsidian Shard [3] Pierce Armor [4] Molten Whip [5] Choking Talons, and [R] .  The Inferno Staff (DPS, yes I'm a Tank/DPS Hybrid) has Burning Embers as the primary DoT/Heal, and Force Shock as the primary Interrupt.  For Magicka tanking, change it to an Ice Staff, and Frost Clench for a Single Target Root at a distance, but I'm still trying to balance AoE/Single target with Elemental Blockade, and Engulfing Flames  (Blockade of Flame does more damage to targets on Fire, which is everyone nerfed by Engulfing Flames, so the combo does immense damage, but if I switch to Blockade of Storms, i get more Concussed/Off Balance targets to Punish with Power Lash)

So basically, I need help, from better Theory Crafters than I here.  Regardless of Sets (Right now, it's still Light of Cyrodiil/Order of Diagna, and 2 piece Necropo just for Max Magicka because I don't have any Monster Helm sets.  Yet.  However, this is going to be the build to get them, once I get to the point that I can spec to Tank, OR DPS by slotting the collection of Staffs I carry around, and Abilities that work with them.  Frost/Shield to tank, and Inferno/Lightning for DPS)  2 Inferno Staffs?  

Engulfing Flames, and Blockade of Fire are hitting for enough without the 8% Lightning Staff passive, and the Inferno Staff 8% does help with the Single Target casts like Burning Embers, Flame Clench, and Whips.  IDK which one to stick with for DPS, but I'm leaning toward Molten Whip/Power Lash because it gives me more freedom setting up my Abilities bars, and rotations.  I don't have to set up 3 Ardent Flame casts to power it all they way up, but then I can't Interrupt some Bosses to take advantage of it, in the fights where Single target DPS really matters.

Help me out here, guys.  I can't respec morphs in the Dungeon, and it's driving me mad.  (Okay, more of a Putt, but still.)

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    PvP  Since grinding up AP to buy Light of Cyrodiil (Seriously guys, great set for an Altmer) I've been counter-gank/dueling a lot of Templars, and I have to say that Crushing Shock/Molten Whip shuts down Sweeps spam.  They learn, real quick, not to hit that Win button.  I can rollcast Crushing Shock, from out of Range of Sweeps, and still get close enough to punish with Power Lash before they recover, because practice, and even the shorter Animation on Sweeps is long enough.  If you PvP, this is a direct Counter to Sweeplars.  Instead of massive AoE damage with heals, you get massive Single target damage, and Heal.  I'll bet everyone who's done any PvP here lately has seen them, with sweeps up pretty much half the time in 1vX, and AvA (Army vs Army) situations.  Take that away from them, and it breaks their build.  If they keep stubbornly spamming it out of frustration (And not knowing how to fight without that Win Button) you can keep punishing them for it, and get health out of it.  It's honestly a little OP, for any Channel Build (Dark Exchange, anyone?) but especially Sweeplar, because that's melee, and they'll be right in front of you when they spam it at you.

    Also, Radient Beam o' Death (Either Morph)  You can punish their Class Execute too.  I think it just started to suck to play a Templar in PvP.

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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