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Feels like ages!

It's been a while, i know some of you guys and gals are on here, are veterans, returning-veterans and some of you may haveleft for different MMO. I built a new rig not too long ago, and had problems playing the game and constantly updating, as it's already 80GB+ on the PC version, well i noticed on steam  ESO was only issued out "freely" during QuakeCon '18 and on sale for $9.00 if i remember correctly. Now i had posted on here 3-4 years ago i believe about the expansion packs Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood, if i also remember correctly, it's not so vivid in my vision, last year ESO Gold came out, seems like this version landed on steam at some time.If i buy ESO Gold edition mainly for the first era of updates and DLC's, would i have to uninstall the massive 80GB++ game to install any DLC on the disc? Sorry i am kind of old school and do love my games in DVD cases and Big Boxes... oh how i miss those days of Big Boxes PC games,  would have looked so lovely if ESO gold packaging was big boxed...Hope everyone had a glorious weekend my Console & PC friends on here.

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