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Forgive me if repost search game up empty.

A quick discussion on fast travel, it's something that has evolved through the years as a non existing element to something that allows you to travel nearly endless across vast lands for some small coin,

Where does everyones opinion lay? Should there be an old school system of get your ass walking with nothing but a long CD "Hearthstone" to return to a main city? how about a travel network such as WoWs flight system? are you a lazy fuck and don't particularly like to explore the beautiful and vast lands that this game has to offer and just want the GW2 style of hey discover insta click tele?

I myself fall into a midway of walk my ass and hop on a bird and let's go or in TESOs case possibly a caravan system? Sometimes you just need to get somewhere fast, the days of clear 6 hours for a raid 1 to get ready 1 to organize 3 to raid 1 to bitch about loot is over, Raid times are something that people seem to just hop on 5 minutes before the start tele to the place collect purps and that just isn't fun for me anymore, But either way I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter.

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    Zainn Flamerk

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    If put in to the game of ESO, i would think it would be like a general teleport spell from WoW, however in that game only a few selected classes can use it, in ESO i would think any class can use it Caster and Melee players alike, perhaps it a learnable spell that was lost to this war, or could be like a spell scroll that if you found a dungeon or town location you use it and the scroll would be spent or may be a stone with a recharge rate like the hearthstone from wow but not bound to a certain place like inns.

    I see a posible need for a "Fast Travel" system (Quick dungeon groups, raid gatherings, PvP alerts) perhaps also limited so that people will explore on foot, rather than quickly teleport place to place and not see the extensive environment, small details, that ZeniMax Online Studios has kindly paved for us.

    also depends on peoples play style too.


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    they we're talking about wayshrines like portals to get you to another place... but you need to walk to those shrines...

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