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Forgive me if repost search game up empty.

A quick discussion on fast travel, it's something that has evolved through the years as a non existing element to something that allows you to travel nearly endless across vast lands for some small coin,

Where does everyones opinion lay? Should there be an old school system of get your ass walking with nothing but a long CD "Hearthstone" to return to a main city? how about a travel network such as WoWs flight system? are you a lazy fuck and don't particularly like to explore the beautiful and vast lands that this game has to offer and just want the GW2 style of hey discover insta click tele?

I myself fall into a midway of walk my ass and hop on a bird and let's go or in TESOs case possibly a caravan system? Sometimes you just need to get somewhere fast, the days of clear 6 hours for a raid 1 to get ready 1 to organize 3 to raid 1 to bitch about loot is over, Raid times are something that people seem to just hop on 5 minutes before the start tele to the place collect purps and that just isn't fun for me anymore, But either way I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter.

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    I heard fast travel will be through "Wayshrines".

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    Panterra Arius

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    Yup way-shrines, location you must find first to be able to fast travel too. They are going to be usually in each city, and maybe some other locations. They don't want to make them super hard to find, but they want to have you search for them, maybe even find special ones in hidden locations.

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    Kind of like the waypoints  in GW2. Although by Pantera Arius' description much less common. I could see that working for a game like this although a caravan system would probably be my preferred style. Bring back Silt Striders!

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    Oh alright yeah I hadn't seen anything on the way-shrines, but I'll be honest didn't look extremely hard, thanks it'll be interesting to see.

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    Panterra Arius

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    Loved at start of skyrim once you get to whiterun just start getting taxi's from the guy out front to every big city haha then quickest travel everywhere because ive "discovered them" :P But i like this TESO idea of finding them first

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    I hope way shrines are  limited, in one of two way ether 1) traveling to a wayshrine has some sort a cooldown much like the hearthstone of WoW, or 2) if there is no cooldown make way shrines in only major places i.e. captial cities and bases.

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    Felyx Fidelys

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    I like the idea of wayshrines as long as you cannot use ones that you haven't previously visited - including those in major cities. I also think there should be a cooldown on how quickly you can use another wayshrine - perhaps 30 minutes to an hour between warps. I am in favor of these two restrictions to encourage players to at least try to explore some of the landscape. This will be especially important in ESO given the nature of acquiring quests.

    Caravans would also be a good fast-travel mechanism for locations where there are not wayshrines, such as small (but important) towns, farms, etc. It would be really cool if there were random "raids" on these caravans that created an instance for those on board where the players, with the help of some guard NPCs, would have to fend off attacking trolls or even enemy faction NPCs. There could be small side-quest, reputation, or title rewards for completing one or more of these random instances.

    FFXI had something like this with the boats between continents where pirates would attack. There was actually a small chance that a Notorious Monster would be in the attacking party, and he had an even smaller chance to drop a Kraken Club (read: zerg stick) that was a really good drop for end-game zerg players or melee white mages who liked to solo. It wasn't easy to get, as both of those chances first required that the random instance occurred... which might have happened once every 10 or so 15-20 minute boat rides.

    As far as raids go, if I know I will only be able to log on a short time before raid then I try to log out at the raid location when I am playing the time prior - so travel time to raid doesn't become much of an issue. It would be neat if one of the random instances I mentioned above were the beginning to one of the raids (obviously, this one would only happen in a specific location to players with a specific quest). 2 hours of prep and travel for a raid do become quite tedious; perhaps a 5-10 minute hike, caravan, or boat trip with lore elements would be a good (closer to insta-ready) in-between and could also be used to go over raid mechanics, player responsibilities, etc. Then again, I'm not for having restrictions just to have restrictions, and I'm not sure that I've justified this one (small as it is).


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    Yeah I'll be curious just too see how they are implemented.

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    We should find out soon enough!

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    I hope they charge people to use the wayshrines, can't pay? then walk folks.

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    I'm hoping if theres a teleport system that you have to actually discover the teleport "way-shrines" as you called them before just insta-going to them.  Kinda like Skyrim i guess but make it much more limited.

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    Baba Yaga

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    I'd prefer that players need to reach the location of "way-shrines" the hard way once before they fast-travel to them.  Some people will never be able to form an mental picture of the terrain, but this would a least give them a feeling for the distances involved.

    The devs have given some indication that the fast-travel system can be disrupted in the RvR zone, Cyrodiil, which is good news.  It gives more opportunities for things like blockades, ambushes, attempting to reinforce besieged fortifications, etc.

    One thing I remember from the early DAOC was that the "fast" travel in each home territory via horse route was slow enough that it could affect RvR battles.  Once, the enemy realms attacked one our relic keeps while several of the major guilds on my server were doing a PvE raid far away from the frontier.  Even suiciding back to the nearest rez-point and horsing it to the frontier took several minutes - long enough for them to take the keep before we could reinforce it.

    Could the large size of the faction-locked territories in ESO make it difficult to rapidly disengage from a PvE raid/quest and reach Cyrodiil in time to respond to an enemy assault on our faction's holdings there?

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    Fast travel has become a type of norm in MMO's and sRPG's. I guess a limited amount of fast travel is desirable, but i would hate to see instantaneous transport too any spot on the globe that a player wished. Certain areas of the world should take time to arrive at, generally those areas would be the "epic" areas, the most challenging areas, the best dropping areas, and the most dangerous areas.

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    Aaren Ice-vein

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    Since this is and MMO having the FT system from the single player games would ruin the game.

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    Silt Striders, Caravans, Super Jumping and Mud Holes should be the fast travel system! "Way Shrines" arnt needed when we have so many cool TES Universe travel options.

    Silt Striders from Morrowing are Awesome and Unique to the TES universe,

    Caravans are a great for setting the feel of the worlds technology,

    Super Jumping is a funny potion/spell that everyone remembers from morrowind and even funnier to give to people and watch them use it and fall to their deaths,

    and Mud Holes should be finally put in a TES game! Talked about in books you find in game, Jump in a mud hole, get eaten by a Giant translucent worm, the worm swims super fast through an underwater current and you jump out when you reach the opening you desire.

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    Umaril the Unfeathered

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    I'm sure a lot of people would love to have many different Fast Travel options featured in the past games, but so far, it looks like the only announced option so far is by Wayshrine...& travel by Wayshrine across the Provinces in your Faction territory sounds like it could be pretty fast, indeed!

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    The only concern that I have over fast travel is regarding wayshrine placement in Cyrodiil.

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    reichmar wrote on January 26, 2013

    The only concern that I have over fast travel is regarding wayshrine placement in Cyrodiil.

    They said that you'll be unable to teleport to friends in Cyrodil so this may be the case. Excluding waypoints from the Cyrodil area completely. I feel if they have way points then people can just teleport back and  forth between the front lines. We should be required to run a good distance to the battle. Just like real soldiers do in fantasy, history and everything else basically.

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    I like the idea of way shrines.  It gets people motivated to search around and explore the world around them and actually learn the environment.  Let's face it, there always comes a time where you hop on and just don't feel like running/riding for 20 minutes to another city.  Not everyone has tons of time to kill just to walk, because of work/school/kids and the occasional alien abduction.

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    I can't wait to see how this is implemented. The way Bethesda implements fast travel in TESIV: Oblivion was too basic. The way Bethesda implements fast travel in TESV: Skyrim is really cool and not basic at all. The implementation of fast travel in general just implements a far more implemented nature of implementions and implementingations.



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