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I am currently accepting initial biographies for "The Unofficial ESO Roleplayer's Companion".

I've come up with a tentative design for those Heavy RP Character Dossiers.  Check it out below:


Please send me a message with the following information so I can build a file for you. I intend to offer these books in quarterly (free PDF) and annual (purchasable Hardcopy) editions. The design may change pending copyright allowances. This is always something I've wanted to see for my favorite MMO's and it's time someone did it, right?!

When sending a message, please include:

Full Character Name:


Guild: Your main one not all of them.


Class: When they become available.

Main: The weapon type in your right hand. (Not the name of the equipment)

Offhand: The weapon/shield/rune type in your left hand. (Not the name of the equipment)

Armor Type: Cloth/Light/Heavy Type (Not the name of the equipment)

Skills: Those most often on your skillbar. Limit to 6.

Days and Times: When you are likely to be online, as well as your Country and Timezone.

Backstory: Between 500 and 600 words. In order to ensure enjoyability, I may recommend edits. This volume is intended as a Heavy Roleplayer's companion, so this is absolutely required.

Screenshot: Character should have all equipment types listed above. The image will go on the opposite page, may not be in full color (printing costs pending), so make sure that your character is as unobstructed and as epic as possible, and has clear contrasts. Attempt to get the screenshot with highest resolution possible, or get a friend to do it for you. Please make sure that you are clearly the subject. No group photos. We want to see you.

I am not listing Level because that is irrelevant. It will change quickly and end-game is capped.

Visit http://eso-rp-companion.webs.com/ and go to Contact Us to send us your file.

Stay Boss!


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    Arquen V.

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    Oh hell yeah, I'm all aboot this.

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    Sorcerous Mike

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    Sounds Nifty

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