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ESO: Elf Models.

Hello Everyone! I'm new to these parts so forgive me if someone has already posted about this. But I was wondering what do you guys think regarding how the elves should look. Do you think they should lean more towards the beautiful perfect elves (Physically and morally) which seems like the path they are taking, or do you prefer Skyrims approach which was more along the lines of gaunt and intimidating with a very non-human quality (My personal opinion on them).

I personally really detest the lord of the ring style elf, I think one of the things that I find awesome about the ES was how they changed the image of Elves completely.

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  1. Zorkaluk

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    @Alinor I actually wasn't critiqueing them, I was being melodramatic in my support. And hopefully @Sordak is right, after all there is an option on the triangle for "angular" faces which sounds damn elf-y to me. I think they're justing showing off the human looking ones because they want to entice newbies, and they know that true TES fans will make their characters canon regardless of what they advertise.

  2. Zorkaluk

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    Unashamed double post because this needs a bump.  Now that people have had a chance to look at the character creator, what did you see? I noticed a few things, notably that Altmer couldn't have black hair. What the actual fuck? Such a small thing that has always been in the games.  Secondly, (and much more importantly), the eyes were totally different from what TES has done. Thirdly, the models, as people have said were far too human.

  3. Micanis

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    @Zorkaluk You're definitely right. Their faces don't have the distinctive angular shape and  some of them have human skin tones rather than golden ones. Here are some offenders:

    A comparison between an ESO altmer and a Skyrim altmer:

    The ears and less so the skin, are the only things that identify it as an elf. In Skyrim the ears, skin, eyes, and face shape all scream elf.

    White humans with pointy ears and a glamorous orc:

    Those altmer have very human skin tones and the orc's face is too perfect. If not for the tusks, I would not have known that was an orc.

  4. Praetor

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    Elves are elves whether they are nice or not you can still have both mean elves and nice elves, i'm sure the developers are putting different groups into the game to diversify the race. Not all will be mean but there will be some non classical Elves

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  5. Bardicnonsense

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    The shape of the head isn't quite so much of a bother. Surely there are some square headed Mer in Elder Scrolls. But they should have sharp cheek bones and almond eyes. The eyes! Dunmer eyes are red Zenimax! No bones about it! And Altmer are golden! How else are we suppossed to make jaundice jokes about them?!

  6. Snapdragn

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    That fat faced Altmer is the scariest thing I have ever seen. He would never survive in Summerset. He would be hunted down and his parents would be killed for allowing him to live.

    After watching the CC video it relieved some of my fears. I saw that the Altmer golden skin color was there as an option. Some of the lighter shades may look human but at least there is the option there for a golden skin color. I think with enough time I maybe able to get the jawline right. The one thing that concerns me now is the eyes. Is there golden eyes?


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  7. Wangcincay

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    I know I’m rather late, but reading the whole thread really amuse me. As a lore fan, I do believe ESO should have preserved the lore and not ditch it away only for the sake of fan service i.e. prettified race, but I never really play as elves in Skyrim due to them looking too scary.

    I think elves should retain their inhuman look, but soften it down to the point where you could be around group of elves around without feeling too far from Kansas.

    I picture elves has this anime appeal, which by calculation is actually appealing to human, but when brought to real world look off (big eyes, pointy chin, small noses, cheeckbone)

    I think the problem with skyrim is that the elves lack too much face fat. Give them a bit of face fat to soften the look a little bit and they should be human enough to play with, but different enough to have their own identity. 

    (I think Tolkien’s elves are cheap no offense, they have too much fan service. I don’t like human with pointy ears. Think of it:

    “Are you an elf?”


    *checks ear*

    “Oh right you’re an elf, i thought you’re human.”

    Just... no.)

    Even the beautiful elves by human standard would retain their pointy chin, big eyes and arched brows. Sort of like anime brought to life, but more to an apoealing level than horrifying level, still look otherworldly though.

    And i think EEO did too much tapering. The eyes must’ve stayed slanted, and the faces aren’t long enough.

    Here’s how I picture the high elves:


    Hopefully, both pro-pretty and lore-friendly party agree, because I too am trying to find a middle ground.


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