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ESO art by Mithoron

Posted on the main game forums; however, people do not visit there as much any more...

I have been doing 3D graphical art for the past 4-5 years and have been doing promotional work for other 3D vendors for the past couple years, as well as doing commissions (characters, book covers, etc.). My artwork has matured over the years, and I mostly specialize in pin-up type art--whether it be contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, or whatever. Although I'm posting some of my TESO art, you can find a more thorough portfolio of my work on my website: http://www.mithoron.com and always willing to work on commissions.

All images can be seen in FULL RESOLUTION on my website as well!

Any who, coming back to TESO made me want to so something about my Wood Elf Nightblade Mithoronelli, so spent some time working on some images of her. I always choose to dye my armor black with purple highlights...hence the color schemes below ;) I also am always wearing the Dwemer eyepiece, which I had a pain doing, but believe I got the look correct with some artistic liberties, hehehe.

So without further ado...here's what I came up with for my nightblade.

First, a character screenshot....

And now, the images I did of her ;)

A bit more sexiness thrown in....

And a full-on action image...

Let me know what you think and if anybody is interested in a commission, see my main site!

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    Those are really amazing!!! Just, WOW.

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    M4Y0219 wrote on September 12, 2017

    Those are really amazing!!! Just, WOW.

    Thank you so much M4!

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    Just finished a commission for a guildie, so thought I would share...


    For reference, their character screen....


    They asked me to turn up the "sexy" meter...so went as high as I could without showing naughty bits  ;)

    This first image, I thought about our lovely Dragonknight after a long night of dungeon delving and coming back to take off all that army and get ready for a bath to wash the grime and dirt off her....


    Then I thought about how she would feel finally getting that BiS staff...yeah, that's what it is!

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    Another commission I did for a guildie...

    First, her character sheet I used as reference:

    She told me she was a Redguard Templar turned pirate, so....


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