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Eruption - Stamina DK PvE DD & vMA Build (HoTR, vHoF App

Hello everyone and welcome to my Eruption Stamina DK guide!


Stamina DKs are at the peak of their glory in PvE currently, as they put out the highest single target damage while retaining a very easy rotation comepared to stamina nightblades. This Build is off the usual meta builds as it uses the red mountain set, a very very powerful proc set in solo and raid environments. It also looks awesome seeing volcanoes popping up every 3-4 seconds everywhere (even more as soon as there are adds to bosses).


Redguard is best, but my Stam DK is my Tank (I offtank vAA HM and vHRC HM with him sometimes and go DD prior to that), so he is Imperial. With the cow hat it does't make a difference anyway, everything looks exactly the same, ugly as hell. Woodelf, Orc, Khajiit, all is fine and works, as sustain is very good due to the heavy attacks.


Unbuffed stats:



Gear for Group Content:


Gear for Solo Content:


Vicious ophidian is essential. The Stamina Return is absolutely needed, so farm any 5 pieces of it, even if it is blue, doesnt matter.

Bars (Group):


Bars (Solo):


On stages 5 and 7 ion vMA i use reflective scales instead of noxious, they're plain awesome to kill ranged mobs such as the ice casters and archers. You can also run that the entire time, as there is stuff to reflect on all stages.

Why Red Mountain:

Red mountain is such a cool set with the new volcano visual and does about 5% of your damage from the front bar only. It procs off half of our abilities, such as endless hail, injection, rending slashes and blade claok. On top, it also procs off our heavy attacks. on the front bar. It does exceptionally good DPS from the front bar only and procs off cooldown in aoe scenarios if you put down endless hail and have blade claok active. Keep in mind that this set scales off SPELL penetration, which is also the reason for the sharpened off hand. I have 1.4k spell penetration in the above parse, so with raidbuffs on it will become a lot more damage from the proc itself, up to 9k per hit with the right amount of debuffs on the target. If i had an infused sudnerflame dagger (transmutation, whoop), i'd use RM on both bars to get even more out of it.

Why Sunderflame?

Great Group Buff, almost 100% uptime from front bar only, no need to say more.

Why Flames of oblivion and not noxious? Why not both?

FoO uses magicka and does more damage than noxious. So we save stamina and hit harder in cases where fracture is already on the target. In case you need to apply fracture, use noxious, done. Using both complicates our rotation without necessarily improving it and having vigor on the back bar helps a lot in many situations.


Rotate counterclockwise through your abilities, start with molten, FoO, Trap, Potion, Bar swap before the fight. Then light attack weave Hail, Caltrops, Injection, Bar swap. Heavy atatck weave every skill on front bar from right to left. Restart at Hail and then recast molten everytime when necessary (every third rotation).

I tried to show it visually, hope it's understandable.


Rotation video coming soon.

6m Solo parse with noxious breath (only 80% fracture from noxious):

None None

6m Parse with tank putting on fracture and breach (no crusher) and me using flames of oblivion:


Full vMA run:

Coming soon.


If you have questions, go ahead! Hope you like the build.

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    Masel92 wrote on November 1, 2017

    wesmont said on November 1, 2017 :

    Very interesting build, I’ll definitely give it a try, I am using Sunder anyway and I think I have stored a Sunder bow and an axe. On the other hand, I don’t have any RM pieces so I should start farming.

    Question though, I don’t have the vMA bow yet so till I get one what should I put on my back bar considering that on your back bar both sets are at 4 pieces. So 5 pieces of Sunder or RM on the bow bar?

    without a vMA bow definitely go for red mountain

    You don’t get a benefit from double barring sunderflame.

    You can still get the sunder debuff at range, just bar swap cancel a fully charged heavy bow attack

    Feel free to post me the results you get without a vMA bow.

    Ok, a small update, I've started using the build, I still don't have a Sunder axe or dagger but I have an Infused mace so i am using that on main hand and a precise RM dagger on the off hand. Back bar is a RM Infused bow and one Veli one Kra'gh for monster set till i get my second Veli.

    Regarding blue cp distribution, I was wondering if it's worth it to put a few points into Elemental Expert to enhanced the flame damage of RM or they are better spend under the usuall 4 other passives?


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    I don't know if you have already but change traits of your weapons to Nirnhoned (main hand-Poison) and Infused (off hand- berserker). I'm getting better results on my DK with running 5Hunding+5VO+2Veli (my setup on that day :D).

    Toxic PAWS- RedGaurd-StamDK

    -Item Expired-RedGaurd-Stam Templar


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    I finally made an account just so I could ask what your CP setup is like. Looks like a solid build and I'm gonna give it a try!

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    TheNovaly wrote on November 26, 2017

    I finally made an account just so I could ask what your CP setup is like. Looks like a solid build and I’m gonna give it a try!

    It was actually covered in one of the previous posts.


    But perhaps @Masel92 would like to elaborate on it?

    e pluribus unum

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    Hey great build! Only issue I'm having is trying to figure out what skills are being used based off their icons. Haven't played ESO in some time and can't remember the skills, any chance you'd be willing to make a list of what skills are being used here?

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    GothamGuardian wrote on January 18, 2018

    Hey great build! Only issue I’m having is trying to figure out what skills are being used based off their icons. Haven’t played ESO in some time and can’t remember the skills, any chance you’d be willing to make a list of what skills are being used here?

    These are the skills used in the same order as they appear in the images by the OP.

    Group bars

    Deadly cloak, Venomous claw, Rearming trap, Rending Slashes, Flames of Oblivion, Flawless dawnbreaker

    Endless Hail, Razor caltrops, Poison injection, Molten armaments, Resolving Vigor, Standard of Might


    Solo bars

    Deadly cloak, Bloodthirst, Rending Slashes, Resolving Vigor, Noxious Breath (Reflective scale for vMA 5, 7), Flawless dawnbreaker

    Endless hail, Razor caltrops, Poison injection, Rearming Trap, Molten armaments, Standard of Might


    e pluribus unum

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    Thank you! You guys are awesome :)

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    Hi guys!

    Any update for summerset or any new ideas? I like the build and will try to make it work.


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