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Elemental Guardian – Magicka Warden DD Build (Summerset)


Heya, it’s me again, Masel. Now that Summerset is out I wanted to showcase a Build that has been a lot of fun in vMA on the PTS and that also puts out good damage and support in group content.

It uses some new sets and Skills, notably elemental weapon and the new 5+5+2 staff possibility. This is a fun Build that can dish out a lot of damage if you do it right and also buff your Group  (minor force & minor vulnerability, snare through chilled and very high burning uptime). I got Flawless on PTS on first try without a Mundus Stone (forgot it).


Altmer is simply the best. 4% on all our damage, max Magicka and Magicka recovery suits this build. Dunmer and Breton are second and third choice.

Stats (with major prophecy):



Attributes all 64 into magicka.


 Either Blue Max Magicka and Health Food or Clockwork Citrus Filet  (Witchmothers Brew is also okay).


Group Gear:



Solo Gear:




Bar Setup:

Main Bar(Inferno Staff):

Harness Magicka(Solo)/Pulsar(Group), Elemental Weapon, Fetcher Infection, Living Trellis (Solo)/Balance(Group), Inner Light

Ultimate: Elemental Rage(solo)/Eternal Guardian(group)


Off Bar(Inferno Staff):

Blue Betty, Winter's Revenge, Blockade of Fire, Channeled Acceleration/Chrystallised Slab, Inner Light/Harness Magicka (Group)

Ultimate: Shooting Star(solo)/Eternal Guardian(group)



Let's walk through the new warden and psijic skills that we're using real quick:

Betty Netch:

Restores resources, in and out of combat and is free to cast. Also removes a negative effect for free. So when you have a snare, dot or anything on you, use it to get rid of it. Also this gives you the 12% stay and mag recovery passive, you want it on your front bar.

Living Trellis:

This is a great emergency skill for vMA. You need to keep this up 100% of the time, and in case you are in danger, shield up, cast this, and it will heal you when you get hit. Also it gives a big burst heal when it ends or you recast it.

Elemental Weapon:

Awesome skill. Very cheap, hits hard, applies a random status effect and stacks orbs for the psijic skill passive.

Channeled Acceleration:

Finally a source of minor force for magicka builds. You can basically use either morph, but the longer one saves a lot of resources and makes the overall rotation easier.

Eternal Guardian:

Insane single target dps, use this whenever possible. In trials this guy (or girl #feminism) carries our butt. With Master Architect, remember to use it on the FRONT bar.


Why Skoria?

Simple: Looks cool, and there's no better monster set if we need a bit of health.

Why elemental waepon?

It is a really great skill, good job ZoS. Looks awesome, feels great to use and hits really hard.

Why a Back Bar vMA staff? What if I don’t have one?

Because they still make light attacks hit insanely hard (look at the parse below). If you don’t have one, doesn’t matter, simply use another Set /or a master lightning staff with infused/precise and either a drain magicka poison or a weapon damage enchant on.

Why Channeled Acceleration?

Lasts long, gives a necessary buff and finally gets rid of rearming trap...

How do we Sustain a Light attack rotation?

Balance. This skill is so great in group content (up to 300 mag per second). I also tried meditate, but in fights i never really found time to use it as a DD. Also, we have Blue Betty (196 magicka per second).

CP Allocation:

Red and Green depend on the trial. Blue is as follows

56 Thaumaturge

56 Elemental Expert

56 Elfborn

56 Master-at-arms

Rest into spell erosion,

The new CP system changes how they work, as most of the trees now have jump points. The returns from them get floored to the full percentage value, e.g. Investing 15.4% in a tree will effectively give you a 15% return.

So you want to use the points in a way of where you don't waste too many. The above distribution is always just above the full percentage for trees that have jump points.

Dummy Parse with the Group Setup:




Fully Solo, with a healer providing orbs and drain you can get 40k+ easily. Here's a cheese selfbuffed 6 million parse with lover and zaan:




A decent player could probably get out a lot more, but the lag on ths PTS with 200 latency is so annoying...

Rotation Video:

Full flawless vMA Run:

This is a work in progress thread. If you're interested in the Build, simply bookmark it and check back every once in a while when I update it.


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    Member226 Posts

    Updated for Summerset PTS.

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    Moderator1308 Posts

    Thanks for the update. Elemental Weapon is just so strong right now.

    Pulsar on main bar is just for the Ancient Knowledge passive, right?

    e pluribus unum

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    Latin wrote on April 25, 2018

    Thanks for the update. Elemental Weapon is just so strong right now.

    Pulsar on main bar is just for the Ancient Knowledge passive, right?

     Yeah, it's for the passive. You also want something for trash mobs to reduce health, pulsar is good for that.


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