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Earth & Bone DK-Health Tank


Disclaimer and Intro:

I’m not an expert in Tanking, this is more of a fun build for me. I have no idea if this tank will actually work in real life applications. I’m not saying it can’t, I actually have high hopes, but I just haven’t tested it in real dungeons.  I’m currently leveling this toon on the Live server myself, but I have tested on the PTS.

The test that I do is I go into vWGT and gather as many mobs as I can in the first part and see how long I survive. With this tank I survive indefinitely, completely 100% self sustained survival that could go on forever. I’m unable to get more mobs so I don’t know how much punishment this tank can take, but I think it’s quite a bit. If you have a tank now, try going into vWGT solo, and gather all the mobs in the first part before the first doorway and see how long you survive to compare.

There is a lot of synergy with this build, one skill plays off the next and it all seems to work really well. I’m sure there can be variations on this that will work, so make it your own and have fun! To make this work you need to actively manage stamina and magicka as we’ll be using both with equal importance.

So let’s begin.


All into Health


Nord - for Health and Damage Reduction passives.


5pc Warrior-Poet & 5pc Plauge Doctor (Armor and Jewelry) - All Jewelry with Magicka Regen Enchant and All Armor with Health Enchant.

You can have these in any configuration, just don't use weapons unless you have 2 one handed & shields so that when you switch bar you don't lose any 5pc bonuses.


1H&S on both bars with Shield having Health Enchant - Any 2pc that has max health as the first item bonus works. If you do have two 1H&S of Plauge Doctor or Warrior-poet you can use two 1pc health bonus monster sets which would end up being the best setup, but I didn't have the weapons and this setup works just fine.

Champion Points:


You need 100 into Bastion, the rest you can choose what is best for your particular application.


You need 100 into Arcanist and 100 into Tenacity, the rest you can put where you want.


Put 120 into anything in "The Apprectice" so that you get Arcane Well Passive. This tree doesn't matter very much so the rest just put where you want.


Blue Magicka and Health food.

Mundus Stone: 

The Atronach - Magicka Recovery Bonus

Bar Setup:

Main 1H&S Bar:

Piercing Armor - Your main taunt

Choking Talons - Your CC and Minor Maim application

Structured Entropy - For Health Bonus

Bone Surge - One of your main shields

Igneous Shield - Your other main shield that also shields group.

Ultimate: Spell Wall - Cheap ulti for resource return with DK passives as well as blocks for free while active, perfect synergy.

Secondary 1H&S Bar:

Noxious Breath - Applies Major Fracture in AoE fashion,.. this is a great for mobs.

Unrelenting Grip - Brings stragglers to you. Wonderful CC ability

Structured Entropy - For Health Bonus

Inner Fire - Range Taunt

Igneous Shield - One of your main shields that also shields group.

Ultimate: Magma Shell - Gives allies a huge shield and limits incoming damage, use for a particularly tricky situation.


You should have 65k health or higher, 14k Magicka and 10k Stamina and 1.5k Magicka Regen or higher.



So this is where it gets fun. Just like a duel wield DPS, we animation cancel our heavy attacks here with rotating our shields. It goes something like this. Add Choking Talons, Unrelenting Grip, Noxious Breath, Inner Fire and Piercing armor to this basic rotation whenever it is needed to properly tank.

Basic Rotation:


Ignious Shields -> Bone Surge -> Taunt & Engage Target

Combat Rotation:

Heavy Attack -> Ignious Shields -> Heavy Attack -> Bone Surge -> Spell Wall Ulti as soon as it's ready. -> Repeat

Remember to Animation Cancel your Heavy Attack!

Explanation: So basically we let our magicka regen replenish our magicka pool, and let our heavy attacks replenish our stamina pool, and allow the Ultimate, which will be frequently activated, to replenish all our pools. Alternating between the stamina shield (Bone Surge) and magicka shield (Igneous Shields) allows enough time for replenishment, add in the Ultimate and boom! You can basically sustain indefinitely.

Once I level up my Live Server toon, i'll take him into dungeons and trials and give it a try so see how he works out. This build can easily be modified and work just as good or better, but keeping the basic idea of Alternating between Stamina Shield and Magicka Shield, then letting Magicka Regen recover our Magicka Pool and our Heavy Attacks to recover our Stamina pool, use a low cost Ulti to replenish all pools and continue on tanking.

Again, i have no experience taking this build into dungeons and trials, this is a fun build I thought of based on a Blazing Shield Templar tank, but the Templar tank lacks Talons, Chains, Resource Replenishment on Ulti and Major Fracture AoE which are all HUGE boons.

Have fun!

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    Contributor233 Posts

    Small update: I took this tank on PTS as the Live was offline this morning and went solo into Vet Imperial City Prison, killed the first mob in front of the door (very slowly, the DPS is terrible) and then pulled all the mobs to the first over-fiend boss and I was easily sustaining indefinitely solo. This seems like another decent test.

    - The White Mage Oramago

    ”The elements that permeate all living things is the elemental source of my power.”

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    Member3 Posts

    Good to see another JKith build! Will definitely take this into account when I level my DK

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    Contributor3062 Posts

    So this is the updated version of Alanarre's health tank?


    Why is blocking/Shield Wall essential to the build?


    And for the stamina-newbish among us, how much cancelling of heavy attacks can one do and how does one do that?



    Also -- you're spamming an ultimate, but not using Heroic Slash?

    General tips

    A sorcerer leveling guide

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    Contributor233 Posts

    I haven't really updated this for CWC as i'm more focused on Sorcerer DPS and leveling a new MagBlade. -- This is out of date and don't see myself updating it any time soon. That said, it is still viable for 4-man content though.

    FrancisCrawford wrote on December 28, 2017

    So this is the updated version of Alanarre’s health tank?

    Why is blocking/Shield Wall essential to the build?

    And for the stamina-newbish among us, how much cancelling of heavy attacks can one do and how does one do that?

    Also — you’re spamming an ultimate, but not using Heroic Slash?

    I wouldn't say this is the updated version of Alanarre's build, but more my twist on it.

    ShieldWall is essential because as it autoblocks you restore all resources so that you have infinite sustain.

    Heavy Attack cancel just means holding left click and pressing the skill half way through the heavy attack so that the computer auto-executes at the earliest possible time without lifting left click.

    Using Heroic Slash for Minor Maim you mean? Yes, probably a good evolution to the rotation. I'm not an expert and still am learning about tanks.


    What I do is go into vICP or another DLC vet dungeon and see how long I can last with the boss and mobs gathered before the boss on me. I'm able to sustain indefinitely with this, not sure if that's a good tank test for not, but that's what i've been trying. -- #newbieTanking.

    - The White Mage Oramago

    ”The elements that permeate all living things is the elemental source of my power.”


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