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Dungeon boss fight tricks/strategies

After a struggle with vet ICP last night and finding no information in a google search anywhere other than youtube, i figured it would be nice to have a master list of tough boss fight strategies on foundry. I know deltia has some dungeon guides on his site and tamriel journal has some information and maps, but not all (and it still isnt foundry!) - so i'm compiling the info here.

So please feel free to post your strategies for tougher boss fights (or just share your opinion/critique of the strategies I list) here to help develop a one stop shop for pve groups :)

Be descriptive! More detail the better!  DISCLAIMER: the strategies I post represent more standard approaches that work for new and low-CP veteran groups... At this time I have around 170 CP.  At 300+ the game changes a bit and more aggressive strategies can be utilized.  Again, the goal with this thread is to make something that will be searchable on foundry and the almighty google for people searching for info on the tougher bosses in ESO's group dungeons.


I think the most important dungeons of note are:


*Vet Elden Hollow (Bogdan the Nightflame)

*Vet Darkshade Caverns (grobull and engine guardian)

*vet Crypt of Hearts (Mezeluth and Nerien'eth)

*vet Banished Cells (Maw of the Infernal, Keeper Imiril and High Kinlord Rilis)

*vet Spindleclutch (Paxin Douare and Vorenor Winterbourne)

*vet Fungual Grotto (Gamyne Bandu, Spawn of Mephala and Vila Theran)

*nonvet Blackheart Haven (Captain Blackheart)

*vet City of Ash (Hovantud the Fire Maw, Ash Titan and Valkyn Skoria)

*vet/nonvet Imperial City Prison (everything.)

*vet/nonvet White Gold Tower (everything.)


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    I will kick off the discussion with veteran Crypt of Hearts... There are two bosses here that have difficult mechanics if you are not familiar and aren't prepared.

    The first is Mezeluth, a caster that is the boss right before the final... Mezeluth has 3 main ways to attack... Single target staff attacks hit players hard unless you are blocking; small circle aor fire is dropped on each player regularly, so you have to move as you see them form or risk taking a lot of damage fast; and finally the draw in...

    When Mezeluth draws the entire group in to the central platform, there will be several dark aoe circles growing under each player. The trick here is to turn your camera away from the boss and rolldodge straight away from the middle and away from the other players, trying to stay out of overlapping AOE. If you are within an overlapping area of AOE you will likely die... To prevent overlaps, all 4 group members need to spread out around the circular area around the boss. This presents the additional challenge of staying alive with a healer unable to use aoe heals like springs or rapid regen... Blocking staff attacks, avoiding the fire aoe and successfully rolldodging away from the aoe after each draw in phase is critical.

    You need to stay ranged for this fight, and tanks can use inner rage/beast to keep staff attacks focused on them specifically, but all group members will have to contribute to damage at a distance. As a NB tank i have even solo'd this boss when my group died... Just siphon health and strategically use potions for self healing and use meteor as ultimate. It was also helpful to slot defensive stance to reflect staff attacks and deal significant damage to the boss! Mezeluth has very low health even at v16 and should drop very quickly if everyone is smart and stays alive. DOT damage on boss is super helpful to maintain damage output even while being stunned by the draw in effect and while dodging.

    The final boss is Nerien'eth... He is a caster who uses several interesting mechanics to be a pain in the ass. The basic attack is a small skull projectile that should be blocked or reflected (big damage to boss if reflected!)... He follows up every few skull shots with a large skull charged attack... This can virtually kill a healer or dps if not blocked. It also knocks the target down, which is annoying. He will summon lich totems that have an aoe around them and will explode in that area... It is best to avoid them, especially where there are overlapping areas. He also will randomly teleport and charge a wide area aoe of heavy damage that can kill low max health players... You cannot rolldodge out of it due to the wide area, So you should immediately sprint to the edge and then roll as you get within 5 feet of the edge to get clear. Finally, he will teleport to these circles on the floor, pausing to summon 2 ghosts at a time. These ghosts hit you with physical attacks and die reletively quickly... But you have to watch out for his teleport and aoe that usually follows a summon.

    The strategy for the fight is to keep DOTs on him, deal damage as you are able, block his skulls and avoid aoe, kill the ghosts as they spawn... To get a gold key from vet pledge, you need 4 ghosts alive when he draws the ebon blade (after that you can kill them)... He draws it at about 35% health. So when he hits 40% health, stop all dps on boss and heal up, move near healer and wait. Tank will kite the ghosts that spawn and stay alive... When there are 4 ghosts chasing the tank, the dps should immediately attack the boss and drop him below 35%... He will teleport to the Ebon Blade and begin to draw it. At that time, everyone in the group needs to quickly stack on the boss in the middle and drop aoe ultimates... When he draws the blade, everyone will be stunned, including ghosts that are alive, and he will grab someone in the group... Be prepared to raise that person because they WILL die (unless you manage to take down the boss's damage shield quickly enough to release his hold...). The easiest way to survive this phase is to kill the ghosts quickly, raise the dead player while kiting the boss and then regrouping and tanking him normally. Once the ghosts die after he draws the blade, the fight is easy - as long as everyone is ready to raise the dead as soon as they drop... The primary difficulty is for all players to survive until he draws the blade by being careful, healing and blocking/avoiding damage. I have had success with two healer templars, tank and dps... One templar can ranged magicka dps and serve as a backup heal in a pinch and will help when the tank needs to kite the ghosts.

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    mrowmrif2 wrote on September 16, 2015


    Interestingly, this boss gets easier the fewer players are engaging her. Something to note on this boss is that many groups find it easier if the tank sits out the fight by going back to the beginning of the large chamber leading up to the boss platform. This leaves more space for the DPS and healer to spread out and players are less likely to overlap their circles. The boss doesn't have that much health, so the loss of DPS from the tank isn't all that significant. Also, many groups decide before the fight which direction they will always roll dodge to during the bomb phase. For example, if the room is a clock, one DPS rolls to 4 o'clock, one rolls to 8 o'clock, and the last guy rolls to 12 o'clock. This way, it is far less likely that two players roll close enough to each other to die.

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    Vet Spindleclutch:  Paxin Douare and Vorenor Winterbourne

    Paxin Douare is not super difficult but has a couple attacks that can be party-wiping should they go poorly.  He starts off as a spirit of the man killed in the nonvet dungeon after he went insane and turned on you... he wanders off into a corner and goes a little nutty.  he summons forth each of the bosses from the nonvet dungeon (weaker spirit versions).  The group needs to kill these spawns as quickly as possible because they will continue to show up on a timer and could overwhelm if there are too many mobs... not to mention Paxin transforms after all bosses have spawned, and that is when the real fight starts...

    in his ghost form, Paxin uses 3 attacks:  single target magicka drain; several lines of pink magic damage on the ground; and a circle of death...  the magicka drain is easy enough to deal with - just have potions ready.  the lines of pink damage on the ground originate at Paxin and spread out in a fan... if you are caught by a couple of the lines as he casts them, you will take an enormous amount of damage instantly and die... if you stand back, you can easily move between the lines to avoid the damage altogether.  finally, the pink circle of doom... Paxin will randomly surround one of the group with a pink circle... this circle slowly moves around the room.  if anyone touches it, they die instantly...  so the person within it must move slowly within the circle until it disappears (or strikes someone!); pretty easy, but makes you vulnerable to the other attacks and virtually unable to do anything while you are moving with it.  the tank just needs to face the boss away from the group and work within the dynamics of the fight to taunt and deal damage while staying alive and letting the DPS kill him.

    Vorenor Winterbourne:

    I personally think this fight is easy, but I've run with enough PUGs to know that not everyone feels the same way :P  as a NB tank, this guy really doesn't even hurt me, but it would take me an hour to kill him solo...

    First off, he is a vampire.  He has 4 main attacks:  small floor aoe magic damage, single target basic attack, teleport strike and a drain phase in which he does not actually attack the group but instead attacks NPCs to drain them and heal himself...

    the first two attacks are simple... don't stand in aoe on the floor and block if he is looking at you!  simple as that.  the floor AOE is so powerful that it only takes a couple ticks to drop a tank, so you just need to get used to his pattern of rotating through his attacks and block when necessary to mitigate the damage.  the teleport strike is simple to block (do not try to avoid or dodge, just block it!), as he raises his hand and pauses for a second before teleporting to EACH group member in order...  when he raises his hand, all group members need to stop what they are doing and just hold block.  after he swings at you, drop block and resume activity.  when he finishes teleporting to each member he will resume his rotation.  occasionally he will perform the NPC drain, at which point it is best to use skills that Defile (soul harvest is a good example) to limit healing as well as to refresh buffs and re-apply DOTs.  he does not hurt anyone during those 10 seconds or so, and so it is a great time to go all out for the DPS.

    the goal for a gold key in vet pledge is to take him down before any of the NPCs die from the health drain attack... I have never lost or failed to complete that goal in at least 20-30 runs.

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    Vet Fungual Grotto: Gamyne Bandu, Spawn of Mephala and Vila Theran

    Gamyne Bandu is a nightblade boss that hits hard in melee, uses a ranged damage basic attack that also hurts, can disappear and summon 4 shades or will randomly summon 4 shades that will pin one of the group members down with chains while a spectral sword slowly falls toward them... which is an instant kill should it finish its descent.  another painful mechanic is this blue lightning chain that will link two group members together... when this occurs, both of them will start taking damage over time (heavy damage, very quickly); whoever is linked by this lightning chain needs to turn and run in the opposite direction from each other to break it.

    The tank can easily hold the boss steady with minimal healing... but the other dynamics of the fight make things a bit challenging.  first off, two people in the group (tank + someone else) should really have 1h/s as one of their weapon bars and slot the charge skill... either morph is fine or just leave it as the basic unmorphed version, it doesn't matter - but the skill is essential, as it is the ONLY skill in the game that will break the chains pinning a group member.  the only other way to remove the chains is to kill one of the shades, which means the group has to focus completely on attacking just 1 shade of the 4 together in order to kill it fast... you have 10 seconds or so before the spectral sword kills the pinned group member.  having someone with the charge skill allows them to rotate among the shades, stunning them and interrupting the whole mechanic.  the 4 shades that spawn when the boss disappears actually represent a break in the flow of the fight... regroup, heal up and take them out at your own pace - eventually the boss will respawn again and the fight will resume.

    Spawn of Mephala:

    This is a spider daedra similar to the final boss of normal Spindleclutch, except there are some added mechanics.  The most important is that someone (usually a DPS) needs to volunteer to go into the portal and kill spiders.  that person will effectively be out of the fight and inaccessible to the healer, so they need to be self-sufficient.  the healer and second DPS (should be using mostly ranged attacks to stay out of AOE range) will assist the tank in killing the boss herself.  As a tank, I could solo the boss... really doesn't hurt me that much.  you can block the AOE burst to minimize the damage (the DPS and healer should probably run/rolldodge out of it and just avoid it), and the knockback is very minor.  the most annoying attack in this fight is a laser that comes from the sky and lays down a moving AOE that will seemingly chase people.  that AOE is more powerful than the burst the boss uses, and it can be very dangerous for the tank to get caught in it...  very easy to just sidestep it and wait for it to disappear.  note: the laser actually will disappear after it hits someone directly; so if your tank and healer are okay with it, the tank can just walk into the laser beam and eat it and be healed immediately.  I don't really recommend that, but it is possible.  having a ranged DPS adding to the damage on boss and a healer to ease the pain of the laser and burst attack, this fight is very easy.  it is important to make sure the tank is taunting the boss after each aoe burst - hate seems to reset, so she will wander off and start attacking someone else if you don't immediately apply a taunt.  with the new taunt dynamics after IC patch, this should be a breeze.

    Vila Theran:

    Another super easy one once you understand the fight... it can be relatively boring and sometimes long if you are lacking in strong ranged DPS, but no one should die if you just follow the pattern...

    the boss is a mage that uses 3 main attacks:  large area ground AOE shadow DOT, single target heavy staff attacks and all-members-targeting channel (similar to jesus beam or soul strike, just lasts longer).

    she will start the fight off stationary and start shooting people with her heavy staff attacks... the boss should utilize inner beast/rage to get her attention and utilize reflect skills to bounce the attacks back at her (for significant damage to her!) and keeping her from 1-2 shotting group members. this is "magic" damage, not any elemental type and can be mitigated with magic shield skills like Annulment from light armor line.  after a few attacks, she will teleport to be right among the group!  at this time she drops the shadow on the floor that is HEAVY aoe...  the whole group should stop everything and just run/rolldodge out of it to where she was standing.  at that time, resume ranged DPS and taunting/mitigation and get ready for her channel attack...

    the channel will be similar to the lich from vet wayrest sewers in which a beam hits all group members... stacking on the healer is the best way to survive, as they can just spam aoe regen and heals for the duration.  soon the effect ends and she is back to using her heavy attacks; she will teleport to you as she did before, at which point you just run away from her to where she was just standing...  the fight continues in that manner, back and forth.  she does not have a huge amount of health or defense, but she can dish out some heavy damage.  as long as the tank is mitigating her heavy attacks and keeping hate, the healer should have no issues keeping everyone alive.  and as long as people do not try to run up and melee her, it should be a quick fight.  back and forth, rinse repeat.

    to achieve gold key for vet pledge, you have to simply... not go into the aura surrounding the husk on the pedestal.  really, it isn't that hard, just don't do it.  you don't even need to anyway because you are just moving in a straight line back and forth... easiest gold requirement ever.

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    Vet Darkshade Caverns:  Grobull and the Engine Guardian...

    Grobull is a pain but isn't HARD... the fight can be long, and it can be frantic with all the squid adds flying all over the place.  the name of the game here is AOE DPS, AOE DPS, AOE DPS.  the tank keeps hate on the boss and all the little squids that spawn by taunting and using aoe dps skills.  you need to keep moving and not let them swarm you, but you need to allow the DPS to be able to take them down quickly.  the faster the baby squids die, the better.  there aer larger squid adds as well, and they can hit you with a stun skill that can be annoying... but otherwise none of the adds hit particularly hard - there is just a LOT of them, and they spawn in greater numbers as the fight drags on.  Killing the adds drops the boss to the ground... when that happens, everyone must converge on it and spam damage skills - he is down for only 5-10 seconds before resuming the pattern of heavy damage AOE + knockback and summoning adds.  while in the air, Grobull reflects attacks!  it is quite surprising to kill yourself with a snipe or surprise attack... so don't bother.  he also takes much reduced damage while in the air, as well...  attacks that deal 2-5k damage on the ground will do 100 damage or less while he's flying... so don't bother.  DOTs work the same way... you may deal good DOT damage while he is on the ground, but when he is flying the DOT damage goes way down.  so a basic strategy... DPS pick up adds while trailing the tank who is kiting the adds.  the healer tries to keep AOE heals going and keeps tank alive.

    Engine Guardian:

    one of the strangest boss fights, but very predictable and therefore easy to strategize (sometimes executing takes a little luck).  There are actually 2 strategies that are viable, though I've only ever used the long way successfully.  I will explain both!

    the huge dwarven spider has 3 phases that is rotates in and out of randomly.  the fire phase will have it shooting large aoe blasts from the sky very similar to catapult or ballista from cyrodill and just as painful.  1-2 of those will kill you (vamps die horribly from 1 usually)... the trick with the fire aoe is to watch as the red circles expand, the blast hits and then you can run into the red circle!  there is a delay with the circles disappearing after the burst of damage, but be assured - there is no lingering aoe.  it is a single burst of damage.  obviously you want to avoid additional new aoe bursts as the circles repeatedly expand on the ground, but you can easily move around or among them to stay out of harm's way.  getting too close to the boss during the fire phase will force it into a spinning flamethrower mode... it pauses and starts rotating slowly while spewing fire in a flamethrower - this attack is heavily damaging and should be avoided simply by staying back.  you can take advantage of the pause in movement to spam ranged attacks, though.  the poison phase is obnoxious because there is nothing you can do other than just stay near the healer...  or rather, the healer needs to stay near the DPS that are frantically spamming damage from a distance during this phase.  IF YOU ARE NOT NEAR THE HEALER YOU WILL DIE.  the poison is unavoidable damage just by being there... the very air is damaging.  just stick to the healer and shoot the boss at a distance and you'll be fine.  finally the lightning phase... during this phase the boss will shoot bolts of lightning at people who venture too close, which can hurt.  the range is about 30-50 feet, so just stay back.  additionally, as it enters the lightning phase, the boss squats down and poops out several dwarven spheres... these use ranged ground attacks in a line, bow attacks, close range exploding aoe and also will join with a chain lightning effect between them.  it is best for someone to bring them in close so that the ground can use aoe to just take them down.  the faster they die, the faster you go back to killing the boss!  fighting the boss "the long way" means just working with these mechanics, dealing damage during fire and poison phases while surviving during lightning and taking out the adds.  sometimes can take awhile, but with sufficient ranged damage it is not really that hard.  I find magicka NB DPS do really well here by spamming funnel health and keeping various DOTs on boss while spamming spectral bow from grim focus via light attacks from resto/destro.  stamina builds with a bow are also very effective from a distance, obviously.

    The "short way" - this is not for the faint of heart.  usually you want 3 DPS that can dish out 20-30k DPS for this... the objective is to full assault the boss during the poison phase and then fall back during the other phases.  with that much burst DPS you can take the boss down in 1-2 poison phases.  I've never been able to accomplish that, but with a magicka DK and sorc in my group, they were able to both pull 20-30k DPS and take it down insanely fast.  obviously elites, so not everyone will be able to pull it off.

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    nonvet Blackheart Haven: Captain Blackheart

    Seems odd that this would even be on the list as a nonvet... typically nonvet dungeons are super easy, with mob health and defenses being drastically lower than vet versions.  however!  the final boss of BH is obnoxious.  He is a skeleton with a 2h that is supported by a constant swarm of spawning skeleton archers and melee fighters that come out of the ocean onto the beach.  the method to win this fight is straightforward but can be difficult to execute even by teams that have beaten it several times...

    skeleton adds:  the archers are the biggest priority here... both they and the melee fighters have very little defense and health, but they pack a punch.  the faster you can kill them the better, and you just have to keep up the onslaught throughout the fight.

    boss: he uses only 2 basic moves... he has an AOE attack he will perform that isn't that big of a deal and can be blocked to mitigate; his other move is much more SINISTER!  he transforms a RANDOM player character into a skeleton that can only perform a basic attack... this is super painful - no use of skills to heal, taunt or perform aoe DPS... you just swing a sword.  this is useful for killing the adds, but it is not as fast as if you were normally attacking them, obviously.  if you are the tank and get transformed into a skeleton, you have to just kite the boss in a circuit around the beach until he chooses someone else to change, at which time you can resume your tanking duties.  if you are the healer, you need to just run and hide in a corner somewhere until it wears off so that the archers do not kill you and wipe your group... it also means there needs to be a backup healing capability in the group, whether vigor/siphoning/green dragon blood or restoration staff skills used by the DPS or tank, or just a second healer that can provide some DPS capability.  if you are a DPS and you get turned, just keep doing what you are doing but beware you cannot block or in any way defend yourself... so just be careful and weather the storm while trying to kill a few adds.

    and that's it.  the tank should be the only real source of significant damage on the boss in this fight - the other DPS and healer can maintain steady DOTs, but it is not really recommended for most groups to waver from the strategy of killing off the adds as they spawn to keep their numbers down.

    another strategy of just zerging the boss down in 30-60 seconds is certainly POSSIBLE, but it is also possible the tank or healer gets turned into a skelly and there are all of a sudden 20 skeleton adds on the beach that will overwhelm you in seconds...  if the tank cannot swap gear to go full DPS setup in an attempt to burn down the boss, just use the standard method.

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    mrowmrif2 wrote on September 16, 2015

    Engine Guardian:

    Another thing to note on Engine Guardian is that he cannot be taunted, so a traditional tank is next to useless for this fight. As already mentioned, melee is dangerous for this boss. As such, EVERYONE should be holding a bow or a staff (or spamming Flying Blade, I guess) for this fight. Your tank should carry some backup DPS gear and be prepared to swap to it before this fight.

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    CasNation wrote on September 16, 2015

    mrowmrif2 said on September 16, 2015 :

    Engine Guardian:

    Another thing to note on Engine Guardian is that he cannot be taunted, so a traditional tank is next to useless for this fight. As already mentioned, melee is dangerous for this boss. As such, EVERYONE should be holding a bow or a staff (or spamming Flying Blade, I guess) for this fight. Your tank should carry some backup DPS gear and be prepared to swap to it before this fight.

    exactly - as a magicka NB tank I would just swap to 5L-1H-1M and DPS rings/neck with DW and resto...  under 25% with impale my damage is ridiculous... like 18-20k hits even with 50+ attribute points in health and using regen food...  as a stamina tank, I just swap to bow and DW for tornado on the adds.  no tanking necessary on the engine.

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    Vet Banished Cells: Maw of the Infernal, Keeper Imiril and High Kinlord Rilis

    Maw of the Infernal:

    Not super difficult, but it can get really bad if you have low DPS in the group...  the tank has to be on point with this fight, kiting the Maw slowly around the room.  Ideally, keep the boss facing away from the middle of the room (the two DPS and healer should stand within the central circle where the boss spawns and use ranged attacks); the boss should be kited very slowing in a very tight pattern, the tank only moving when fire is spawned on the floor under their feet... they should just shimmy slightly to the side in a slow and very wide circuit around the room, just within healing range.  When the Maw stuns the tank with a knockdown, his hate will reset and a taunt needs to be reapplied to get him back on the tank again.  just keep the damage steady and keep the Maw controlled, stay out of the fire... easy.

    Keeper Imiril:

    really the most annoying fight of the dungeon, mostly because the boss is only present to attack for a fraction of the time.  she will randomly every few seconds disappear and summon adds in a pattern: banekin > clanfear > twilights...  the banekin die really fast and are conveniently tightly grouped for a few steel tornados; the clanfear will do their typical charge attack, which can spread them out (tank should try and taunt all of them to keep them clustered); the twilights annoyingly dart off as they spawn, making it difficult to grab them quickly (again, tank should taunt them to keep them close)... the DPS just need to aoe spam them all down quickly.  however!  the boss will spawn more and more of these glowing orbs that are surrounded by a very heavily damaging aoe... the orbs move around throughout the fight, which can be very dangerous - quickly escape their aoe or you will die in seconds.  the key is to keep the boss taunted sufficiently to only come after the tank (she hits HARD) and to destroy all adds quickly so that they do not stack and overwhelm the group.

    High Kinlord Rilis:

    he only really does a few things that keep you scrambling... his heavy staff attacks can hit pretty hard but can be absorbed/reflected back at him; at the very least, anyone targeted by the boss should block the incoming staff attacks to reduce the damage.  he will fill the room with blue fire aoe in patches, which can be very potent and painful as well as inconveniently placed on the floor plan; avoiding the fire is a good thing for everyone, but it will not kill you instantly.  Rilis will also randomly select a player to lift into the air inside a colored orb of force... this orb will consist of blue or red runes; those runes will indicate to the player where they need to run to have the DOT effect removed once they land - there is a red circle of runes at the base of the stairs you entered from and a blue spot on the ground on the far side of the room.  stepping into the circle of runes of the appropriate color will stop the DOT that was applied as you were in the air.  he will also teleport around the room to a few locations every 30 seconds or so, meaning the group will have to chase him around to maintain DPS on him.  while this is all going on, daedroth spawn periodically from where Rilis first appeared and will attack the group; these should be killed quickly to prevent them adding up and overwhelming the group.  Similar to harvester type mobs, healing orbs will spawn and move through the room seemingly aimlessly... should they strike Rilis, they will significantly heal him, setting you back in the fight.

    Gold key for vet pledge:  at about 20-30% left on Rilis, stop killing the crocs...  at this time the tank should begin to kite them until a total of 3 are in the room.  as soon as the third one spawns, the group can converge on Rilis and take him to 0% as quickly as possible.  3 crocs, a room full of blue fire and a healer or tank up in the air could spell trouble...  best to move quickly and take him out fast.  25% is the sweet spot because most executes are dealing full damage below that target % and will make for a very fast kill.

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    fuck. wrote a  shitton of a guide for WGT but i got loged out for some reason and now, everything is gone. Maybe I can make myself to write it again tomorrow...maybe...

    Player: @Jeckll || Guild: Chimaira – Raidgroup Hydra || Server: EU

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    Vet Elden Hollow: Bogdan the Nightflame

    The rest of the bosses in EH are pretty easy and straightforward...  Bogdan is really the only potential issue for most groups, especially when most of them are going for a gold key for vet pledge.  Bogdan does a few things that are interesting...  first, he has a fire breath attack (doesn't hurt tanks that much unless you are a vamp); he summons two types of adds, black shades and white... the black will fear people and drag them into the fire on the floor and force them to break the CC while the white spam heal bogdan; there are regular white fire aoe patches that drop on each person in the group and eventually fill up the entire floor... the fire and adds are cleared by the leap; dragon leap... every 25% bogdan will leap and land, dealing heavy damage to all within the area and then clearing all adds and fire (essentially a reset)

    there are two strategies... one is the typical "just DPS zerg him" race to kill him before he kills you type of deal.  you just spam skills on him to take his health down fast... if done properly/quickly you will reach the 25% marks and clear the floor very quickly.  the main challenge is that melee may have issues with the fire on the floor spawning quicker than they can deal damage.

    the other strategy is the typical straight tank and steady damage.  some people kill the white adds > black adds > bogdan... some people ignore the black adds and just kill the healers...  some do the opposite and just kill the black adds!  it depends on your group composition and skill level, but my group tends to focus on ranged damage on the boss with all ultimates targeting him and then clear the adds as they spawn.  you could dedicate one DPS to clearing the adds while another keeps up the damage on boss, or you can have everyone on boss until adds spawn, then the DPS splits off and kills them before they go back to bogdan himself.  As far as tanking him goes, he is a really easy boss.  similar to the final boss of spindle, he really   cannot hurt a tank much... his breath and melee attacks are pretty weak, and the aoe fire can just be avoided.  tanks also have plenty of health when he leaps and can pop a potion if the healer drops.  I've had to raise the healer when she and both of my DPS have died... and I just pop a mitigation ultimate (as a NB, veil of blades) and raise the healer then turn back around and focus on bogdan while she raises one of the DPS.

    the key for bogdan is just to make sure you have enough damage dealing capability to reach those 25% marks quickly in order to keep the fire off the floor... the more fire, the harder it becomes - most DPS will die fast if they have nowhere to run, and a tank can't mitigate damage successfully if getting hit by a bunch of stuff all at the same time.  otherwise, easy fight!

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    Jeckll wrote on September 16, 2015

    fuck. wrote a shitton of a guide for WGT but i got loged out for some reason and now, everything is gone. Maybe I can make myself to write it again tomorrow…maybe…

    awww i'm sorry, that sucks...  I really appreciate the contribution!  I did the same thing 3x today on my phone while at lunch at work and then just dropped it on the counter and waited til I got back to my desk to post it :P

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    Actually about mezeluth in veg COH: sorcs can teleport past the aoe via bolt escape, no need to dodge roll or pay attention to where aoes are. The range is great enough, so long as you teleport away from the boss. Basically, if your group consists of sorcs, they should always survive unless they are dumbasses that teleport off the ledge (I did that... once and never again. Since then I've been teleporting into a direction where there is no ledge to fall off of.)



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    Kuratius wrote on September 16, 2015

    Basically, if your group consists of sorcs, they should always survive unless they are dumbasses that teleport off the ledge (I did that… once and never again. Since then I’ve been teleporting into a direction where there is no ledge to fall off of.)

    Lol, that happened in my group once too. It is actually why, even as a sorc, I just dodge roll out. That and because I don't slot Streak for PvE.

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    mrowmrif2 wrote on September 16, 2015

    Bogdan the Nightflame

    Part III of CasNation gives minor auxiliary information:

    The white fire patches that spawn from Bogdan's Breath (the ones cleared at 25% intervals of his health) can also be removed with Negate Magic. If you are slow on the DPS, and have 1-2 sorcerers in the group, it is a good idea to slot Negate in case things get ugly and you need to get rid of fire ASAP.


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    White Gold Tower Veteran

    First Boss: Harvester

    Mechanic 1: "Imprison"

    He puts the players who stands nearest to the cages into one of those. Make sure that's the healer. He has to lockpick his way out of the cage while he recieves damage. It's highly beneficial to have the lockpick passive from the ledgermain skill line to force your way out.

    Mechanic 2: "Ghosthand-Bolds"

    Every once in a while, the Harvester turns around and starts casting those Ghosthand-Bolds that are moving away from him in different directions and most importantly, they will also return. So you have to take care twice. Unblocked, this thing 1shots me with 20k HP. If you see him casting, move to the sides or behind him as melee. Range just step to the side.

    The rest are just some red circles and he spawns adds regularly. You need some AoE to take care of them.

    Second Boss: Three Dudes

    There is a healer, a nightblade and a tank. Each of them can use Standard of "i kill you all". There are different ways to kill them, here is ours:

    Tank taunts the healer and the tank. One of the DPS taunts the nightblade (first target you need to kill) and moves away from the other two adds.

    Nightblade Abilities: Ambush, Rapid Strikes, Steel Tornado, Fiery Breach (?)

    He dies very quickly. If the healer teleports close to you , just move him away again. If you have a melee DPS, it's best if he's doing the off tank duty. After the nightblades is dead, taunt the tank.

    Tank Abilities: Chain Pull, rest is unimportant

    He loves to chain pull into his Standard. Other than than, he doesnt have a lot cool stuff. Keep him away from the healer, DPS him down. Then move on to the healer.

    Healer Abilites: Healing Field on the ground, normal Healing, Fire PBAOE, Teleport

    He teleports to the rest of his group frequently and tries to heal. You can interrupt the healing. You can also interrupt the PBAOE Fire thing (like Valkyn Skoria does) with some knockback/stun abilities but it only works if he is not immune due to previous stuns/interrupts of his healing. You can also knock them out of the standard by using Magnum/Draining Shot.

    Other groups prefer to kill the Healer first which is legit in a full range setup. We found this method is working best for us.

    Third Boss: Planar Inhibitor

    Sucks to be melee, right? :) Dont worry, here is what you have to do. Let your Tank wear full DPS and make sure your healer has ranged DPS sloted as well.

    Mechanic 1: Orb thing in the middle

    The boss always has aggro on the guy who used the orb in the middle. What you have to do is rotate Player 1 takes the orb and as soon as the orb is useable again, Player 2 actives it and takes aggro. You get a DOT that keeps getting stronger when using the orb, so it's important you take turns. You can simply stand and tank the boss until he gets blue flames around him. At that point, you need to kite and everyone has to do range DPS.

    Mechanic 2: Portals

    While 2 Players are playing aggro ping pong, the Inhibitor summons Portals and only one (later two) people get the ability to destroy them (your vision turns brownish). This player needs to kill all portals BEFORE any adds are spawning. That's why heal and tank needs to be able to DPS as well. The portal destroyer cant be bothered with also tanking the boss, so dont take the orb if you get the portal buff. Basicly, it's always 1 guy killing portals, 2 guys playing aggro ping pong and 1 guy DPS the boss.

    There are also tons of red circles, just avoid them :)

    Forth Boss: Molag Kena

    Compared to the third one, this is a childsplay with obvious mechanics. But there are quite a few of them :) You start at a plattform with the boss in the middle and 5 adds casting a shield on him. If you kill the adds, you can attack Molag Kena. That's also one of the Mechanics:

    Mechanic 1: Shield Adds

    When he summons the Shield Adds, you need to kill them before you can attack Kena again. They explode on death like Lamias, so run away in time. While he is shielded, he casts Lightning Waves like the Titan in City of Ash does with fire. You can walk between the waves. At the beginning and at the end of this mechanic, he uses a Knockback. If you get knocked into the blue flames at the edge, you're dead.

    Mechanic 2: Lightning Wall

    His "trademark" skill I think. The Lightning Wall is a straight line that looks like he cuts the plattform in half. This "cut" rotates either clockwise or counter clock wise. Standing in it for more than a second means death, but you can roll dodge through. At 25%, he summons 2 of this Lightning Walls, one rotating clockwise and the other one counter clockwise. If you activate the hardmode, the rotation is way faster. Sometimes, you can "interrupt" the Lightning Wall cast. Happens sometimes and then, the Wall just disappears.

    Mechanic 3: Lightning Cloud

    Easy one. Just some Clouds moving around. If you dont stand in it, you're fine.

    Mechanic 4: Attronarchs

    Sometimes, he summons Attronarchs (seems the case if DPS is low) on top of a player. He stuns the player and after than, he marks one of the players with a white lightning beam and runs towards him. If he catches the guy, he explodes after stunning him -> sure death. So the other players have to kill the Attro fast.

    He also cleaves and in the whole fight, you get struck by lightning regularly. But it's easy to counter.

    Player: @Jeckll || Guild: Chimaira – Raidgroup Hydra || Server: EU

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    Player: @Jeckll || Guild: Chimaira – Raidgroup Hydra || Server: EU

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    For FG, the spider daedra boss is unusually harder for some PUG to deal with...mainly because of players not avoiding the red circle. Solution - avoid it; there is no trick to it.

    For Nerien'eth in vCoH, the fight actually goes by really quickly - often some PUGs I run with miss the 35/40% mark and have to intentionally wipe for reset. So I guess the takeaway trick is to watch the bosses' health if gold key requires keeping adds up at certain thresholds. Also, the lich crystals that Nerien'eth summons, they do damage; it feels like it is obvious, it's sometimes amusing and even more frustrating to see players die to them.

    Expert Hunter helps on some of the mobs/bosses like the spider in FG, the vet Wayrest, EH, the CoA, CoH and of course, the new ones.

    e pluribus unum

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    Vet City of Ash: Hovantud the Fire Maw, Ash Titan and Valkyn Skoria

    Hovantud the Fire Maw:

    At first I thought he was really hard, that the adds were overwhelming... but after a few runs, he is really not too bad.  His attacks are pretty simple and easy to counter with practice.  He does a typical daedroth fire breath cone that you can just sidestep as a tank; he also does this ground pound with his fists that brings rocks raining down, shown by a ground aoe of several red circles... again, you can weave in and out of them to avoid the damage.  The biggest problem with the fight is actually not the boss - it is the adds!  You can actually kill them all over time, but there are quite a few of them... you are more likely to finish the boss before you finish the adds off.  In any case, there are two strategies:  Pull him to the gate and have everyone but the tank stand on the rock and ranged DPS... essentially the rock keeps people out of the aoe and forces the adds to trickle in through a bottleneck so that they can be killed as they approach.  I hate this strategy with a passion.  The tank has almost no maneuverability, so if you do not have sufficient ability to mitigate all the damage you will get dropped by the ground pound and adds swarming you.  I vastly prefer the strategy of tanking the boss in this little alcove near a door you cannot enter while the healer and DPS kill off the adds.  I find it laughable that I can basically solo him as the tank as long as my group keeps the adds off me... I take almost no damage at all and can heal with potions if needed because you have room to just walk around his aoe while maintaining DOTs and damage skill weaving.

    Ash Titan:

    Pretty straightforward fight that only becomes complicated at the end when the adds spawn.  The titan itself stands pretty stationary and just uses a wave of fire and other aoe damaging skills that can hurt but really are manageable with a decent healer and by paying attention.  At some point the titan will summon a really big air atronach that will spin toward targets, dealing pretty heavy damage... and then a second one soon after...  the tank grabs the atronachs and uses movement speed skills, dodging and healing to kite them away from the group (that is important... away from the group!  otherwise as they take damage while the things spin by).  The tank just needs to stay alive at that point while the DPS and healer kill the titan, who will drop pretty quickly.

    Valkyn Skoria:

    I don't ever fight him on normal mode... just doesn't seem worth it if you are going for a skoria head piece or gold pledge, and the difficulty isn't that much greater.  that said, he has several mechanics that can be painful.  First thing first, for tanks (having a good tank is critical on scoria because that determines the management of his damaging mechanics): block or avoid his attacks!  don't just take them without mitigation... seems simple but because he can hurt you so much, it is doubly important to be a little more cautious.  Skoria's most painful skill is his eruption "fire star" ability... self-explanatory really, but a good way to avoid the spewing and highly damaging lava (that can add burning effect) is to tank him on one edge of each circle; when he uses the ability directly under the tank, immediately move to the opposite edge.  this will allow everyone to avoid the lines of lava that spew out and reduce the damage taken.  he also uses a petrify skill that needs to be CC broken immediately or you will be a sitting duck for his next skill.  He uses something very similar to Wrecking Blow from 2h skill line... this knocks you back, which is a big problem when you are near the edge of a circle and get pushed into the lava...  blocking his WB will prevent the knockback and is pretty important for survival since it will deal enough damage to put you at risk of dying from the lava damage before you can get back on the platform.

    Skoria will within a certain time frame destroy each platform itself, sending everyone scrambling for footing.  It is critical that the group deal at least 30% damage to him on each platform, because if he manages to destroy the 3rd platform, the only place to stand is lava or a few rocks here and there, at which point the lava spouts will strike you and cause burning, which will kill you faster than the boss.  there is one tiny rock where you avoid the lava spouts, but the tank cannot join the group on that rock or risk killing everyone with the fire star when he uses it... so the only choice if you have no more platforms to stand on is to have the tank stand on one of the larger rock outcroppings while the rest of the group stands on the tiny rock in the middle of the lava...  this becomes a ranged attack fight, and if it drags on the tank will die, forcing the boss to move on to the group itself... one fire star eruption and you are all toast at that point.  after the first platform, the boss will summon several fire atronachs that surround the platforms and shoot group members with fire.  taking them out is very helpful to reduce the amount of damage taken, and saving AOE ultimates with damage mitigation for right after Valkyn destroys a platform and teleports to the next is important.  My Templar healer uses solar prison and our NB uses a veil of blades, adding some nice DOT in the area as well as damage mitigation... we bring the atronachs into the aoe and DPS them down before Skoria ends his fire spewing pose in the middle of the platform.  then it is just a repeat of the same strategy.  Hard mode you get 3 platforms... normal mode you get 5.  He is very killable with only 3, but you need 15k DPS from both damage dealers or a contribution from the tank/healer to make up at least 30k DPS overall in order to kill him before the 3rd platform is gone.  3 million health = 30k DPS * 100 seconds...  more is better, the clock is ticking on the platforms.

    It is possible to do a DPS race without a true tank (probably on all of these bosses), but the risk is that if someone dies you stand to run out of time.

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    Lol @Jeckll your group are elites - i couldnt imagine our group being able to dps race some of those boss mechanics. Makes me sad lol... Goes to show how powerful CP and optimal gear can make people. I will add a disclaimer that my strats are for newb vets or low CP folks (<300).


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