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Does this Warden seem deemable for pvp?

Im wearing 5 piece fortified brass medium armor monster helm and shoulders infernal gaurdian, as this is a damage shield build (we get nice procs off dual wield's damage shield buffs). As for jewelry, its either plague doctor all 3 pieces enhaced for 174 weapon damage or spriggans 174 damage on 2 and a stamina upgrade for the 3rd piece. As for weapons, spriggans axe, sharpened, weapon damage enhancement up by 348 for 5 seconds. 

On the 2 handed bar we have Brawler (this skill also procs infernal gaurdian), Subterreanian Assault, Rally,  Reverse Slice, and Bird of Prey, Living Trellis, or Green Lotus.

On the dual wield, I'm running Blood Craze or Cutting Dive, Resolving Vigor, Bone Shield (again, a proc for Infernal Gaurdian), Ice Fortress, and Caltrops.

So this is just a theory build for me normally I run 5 piece Heavy Armor; sets like Hunding's Rage, Armor Master, Morkuldin, Eternal Hunt, and so on and so on etc

My character is a Redgaurd, but with this build I was wondering if I could make him Nord...but anyways tell me if you like it. Im always game for advice

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