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Dinner & Dancing Anyone?


To: any RPers & RP guilds,'ello! the 26th (Saturday) of this month (October) my guild is hosting an event that ties into our guild storyline. we are a XBOX NA RP guild. we thought it would be fun to invite other RPers & RP guilds to the event.

this event is a Masquerade Ball (costume & mask a must! no weapons). we are a heavy, lore-friendly RP guild (though we have all levels of rpers in the guild).

 if you & yours would be interested in joining us for a night of masked mystery, dinning, & dancing please contact me at WillowLilly07 via in-game mail or xbox messages. i would be happy to give you some details & guidelines regarding the event.

 i would also need a headcount of how many would like to attend. you are allowed to bring a guest(s).once details are confirmed ooc a formal IC invitation will be sent.have a great day/night! 

*** we are looking for actors to play the part of a few hosts (about 7 characters) if you're interested, please contact me! thank you!****

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