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Differences between PC and XBox One?

Hi everyone,

I had the unfortunate mishap of blowing my PC out. With that being said, I currently have an Xbox One and can buy the Morrowind expansion no problem. My ESO + is about to expire on PC, so I can transfer it over no problem either. With the Witches Festival double XP event coming up, it would be a good time to grind out a new character back to CP.

My main question is what are the differences in gameplay between PC and Xbox? How much of a disadvantage are you at without all of the add-ons? How does the gameplay feel with a controller versus the keyboard and mouse? Any info would be helpful!



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    Hi, I play on both platforms and have done just about everything the game has to offer. There is not much of a difference as far as gameplay goes. Add-ons on PC definitely help but I started on Xbox and honestly barely notice them half the time anyway. Gathering lorebooks/skyshards and crafting are a huge pain in the ass without add-ons, that's for sure. But PvP and PvE aren't much more difficult unless you're bad. The biggest and most unfortunate issue is the frames. There is nothing you can do about it, it's not a l2p issue, there's no adjusting to a new platform; it's just absolute horrid frame rates pretty much anywhere. My PC runs 60FPS through pretty much any scenario in PvE and holds 40ish in the middle of a keep seige zerg battle. My Xbox however, usually crashes in keep seiges, and I never see double digit frames in raid at any time. It may sound like an exaggeration, but if you're trying to do any kind of end game PvE then you're going to have to deal with sub 5fps at times. If you just run around questing or doing dungeons then you should be ok. PvP is also pretty bad if you aren't pretty much by yourself. Oh and servers are still horrible, you basically will dashboard/lose connection at least once every couple hours.


    Edit: Oh and also the gameplay with a controller isn't that bad. Eso only has 5 abilities on each bar so that works out well with the buttons. The biggest issues I find with controllers are input lag and trouble weaving my light attacks. Also the camera turn speed is just pathetic. The menu is kinda annoying too. Gameplay in and of istelf isn't bad, it's mostly just quality of life stuff where the controller is restricted.


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