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Difference in Armor Types?

I've been building my character up based on a guide I found;

In that guide it suggested NB Vampire running heavy armor and Dagger/Bow combo for Mag DPS. It sounds exactly like what I want to go for. 

Though as I'm playing, when I mention that I'm a NB using heavy armor people are caught off guard by it..

It's a simple question in the end, but what is the big difference in Armor Types that basically keeps everyone from wearing heavy? 

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    Two words: Passive skills. Look at the passive skills for light armor. They're powerful.

    General tips

    A sorcerer leveling guide

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    I hope you meant max dps instead of mag dps as mag dps using stam weapons will not get you far. Using heavy armor in pvp on a stam nb is viable and can work very well, but in pve is totally unnecessary. In pve if you are mag you wanna go a minimum of 5 light and if stam you wanna go a minimum of 5 medium. Reason being is because Heavy armor passives are totally based around defense and resource management of health, mag, and stam. Medium is based around maximizing dps and stam resource management, and light around max dps and mag management. If you are dpsing in a dungeon then you don't have to worry about health management as your healer and tank should keep you topped off with health and provide extra resistances. If however your goal is to tank then feel free to go 5 or 7 heavy.

    All of this maybe different for pvp as you need more of a balance on everything than in pve.The best piece of advise I can give you is to figure out what role you wanna do and then read the fuck outta passives. NB is one of the more difficult classes to figure out in my opinion so continue asking questions.

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    Yeah, read the Passives, and try to match them up with your Class/Weapon Passives.  Here's the Basics:

    If you don't like Dying, Heavy Armor keeps you alive.  You can use this to Tank, or just reinforce a Glass Cannon so it's not quite so fragile.  The first piece you should go Heavy (And Reinforced) on is the Body.  It has the most Armor points, so if you wear all else Medium, or Light, that 1 Piece will make it tougher.

    Medium=Stamina, Weapons Damage, and Weapon Critical.  Bow, Swords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, and Shields.  Physical Damage, you'll do more of it the more Medium Armor you wear, and the more Passives you have in it.  (The last one also makes you gofasta!)  

    Light is Magicka, Spells, Spell Damage, Spell Resistance, and Spell Critical.  Restoration Staffs, most Class Actives (Some morph for Stamina, and Physical Damage) Elemental, and Healing.  If your favorite weapon is a Staff, then Light Armor is basically Mage Robes.  If you want to wear 1 piece, the Belt (or Sash) has the Least armor.  So, that peice will lower your armor the least.

    There's an Undaunted Passive (You unlock by running Group Dungeon Dives) that gives you Health, Stamina, and Magicka for each armor type you wear.  So, a Heavy Body, 5 Medium, and Light Belt/Sash is about optimum for you, it sounds like.  Put it all in Stamina, that governs your Weapon skills, a lot of good Nightblade Morphs, Sprinting, Blocking, and Dodge Rolling.

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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