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Cyrodiil PvP Event Feb. 27 - Mar. 6

Cyrodiil Kill Gloating

ZeniMax will be running a special Cyrodiil PvP event starting next week with CP disabled across all campaigns and increased AP rewards for participation.

In the announcement on the official forums, Brian Wheeler explained the primary objective of the event is actually as something of a live stress test as the team continues to work to improve performance in the large scale PvP zone.

Simply put, Azura’s Star (the non-Champion Point campaign) runs much better, more efficiently, and is overall a much better PvP experience than the standard campaigns such as Trueflame or Haderus. Now that we’ve had a significant population density in Azura’s Star, we strongly suspect what has been theorized for a long time: Champion Rank passives and abilities are causing too much server load, especially in situations like Keep battles where there are tons of players in one place.

As it's impossible to simulate the effects of large scale player participation on the internal test servers, ZeniMax is looking to the community to get into Cyrodiil and push those servers to the max.

The event will take place for a period of one week between February 27th and March 6th. During this week, there will be a few special scenarios in play for the Cyrodiil's ruleset:

  • Champion Points will be disabled on all platforms and megaservers.
  • All Alliance Point gains will be doubled.
  • Campaign durations and leaderboards will not be adjusted during the week.

The doubled AP rewards will make a powerful incentive to get players out and PvPing in Cyrodiil - even those who might not participate under normal circumstances. If you need to level your alliance skill lines on your main or maybe a favorite alt, this is going to be the week to do it.

I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Blood for the Pact!

About Isarii:

An errant penman on a journey through sparkling galaxies, gloomful dungeons, and virtual worlds. When not delving into an MMO, Isarii writes for your favorite MMO sites, podcasts at The Dungeon Crawler Network, and rambles on his YouTube channel.

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    So the CP system, per ZOS theory is creating performance issues in Cyrodiil.

    So let’s assume for a minute that they in fact prove the theory with this test. Then what? They invested A LOT into the CP after many of us grinded our little buts off to get VR ranks. There were also many of us who said at the time this would unbalance the game in nearly all areas and even now more so that we have one tamriel. If you pug up and run dungeons you can see a marked difference in performance on people with less than 600CP. It’s not their fault and it’s not a skill issue it’s just the raw stats you get from the CP system are potent to say the least.

    I give Zenimax a lot of credit, they are not afraid to change their game systems to increase the user base. Certainly if this test confirms the theory it’s a startling admission IMHO. They implemented a system that has decreased the performance of the game. Not just at the server to player level but arguably, CP is now the one measure of a player’s potency in the one tamriel world.

    The cyrodiil player base has evolved, it’s not comprised of hardcore PVP players or guilds anymore. There are a lot of casual players there (nothing wrong with that). I don’t see how Zenimax is going to tell them “Ya the CP system is shut off in PVP”. So short of that, what’s the solution? If you go to a CP campaign you now know that our base progression system is going to cause you lag and server performance issues? Thems the breaks kid?

    I am hopeful that we get a better solution creating the conditions by which spreading the population out resolves the problem. They have such a great PVP map, with so many assets I think the best answer is “proximity AP” You get more AP for taking keeps away from the proximity of your other keeps.

    A great deal more, so if BRK is firmly red and AD only has BB and some enterprising group gets to BRK and flips it, they get a huge reward. Spreading people out has always been the answer here IMHO, even if this test confirms the CP issue I don’t see how that’s still not the solution. It’s disheartening to have to have a test to confirm a problem that we all mostly knew but minimal discussion on the resolution.

    We’ve been talking about the cyrodiil performance issues LONG ENOUGH. After this test, let’s see some solutions proposed.

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    Honestly though all I have seen so far from the no cp update is the zergs are bigger than ever causing the same lag as before. Honestly I know on the Xbox side of the game the server that had the cp removed from has been a ghost town where you're lucky if you even run into 3 or 4 people from other factions. Maybe I am a bit bias because I have busted my ass to be and stay max cp through every patch.

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    Those are some really good points. I hope they already have some solution on-hand to implement and test during the event, under the expected heavy server load.

    e pluribus unum

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    I logged on to my AD char last night, the queue was 147. On a monday night, that's extreme. So what this tells me is that the test is already off to a bad start because you dont have the normal play conditions, you have the extreme. On a normal monday night at 8-9 east coast you got maybe a 20 person queue tops, and you can always get into the 7 day resource campaign (I forget the names, lol).

    While I hope they get some meaningful data from the test, I hope context is applied here. ZOS, for PVP development isnt great at doing that and its unfortunate. Of course they had to tell people but making it a double AP event creates abnormal test conditions which is problematic. It could very well be that the load from the CP system with 1000 players is different than 2000 and that alternative solutions for the 1000 are more viable than the 2000.

    Either way I will be shocked if the test reveals anything beyond "to many people in one place at one time". Its painfully obvious thats the issue and at this point the people in Cyrodiil know it. If youre choosing to fight on ales bridge on high graphics settings then you have to own that choice there is only so much we can expect from ZOS. I am hoping ZOS doesnt come up with some crap solution and shuts off CP if "X" amount of people are in proximity.

    Create more incentive to spread out, remarkable over the top incentive that creates the conditions that people are complaining about the rewards and they cant get enough zerg on zerg fights. Im betting the lag issue will go away.


    The Strider: Old Build (thieves guild) A dossier on how to be an Archer in Cyrodiil (Night Blade)

    The Strider 2.0: A NB PVP BOW Build (One Tamriel ready) 

    The Abrams: New (08/16) Stam Tank/Survive in Cyrodiil (Templar) 

    The Simple Sorcerer: New (10/16) PVP Solo/leech 



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