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Crafting EXTREMELY Important, and other stuff

I wanted to make sure you guys watched this interview from yesterday with MMORPG.com and Creative Director Paul Sage. It has a lot of good nuggets in it about the beta, guilds and crafting.

This is a little bit on the crafting: "First and foremost, Paul wanted to make sure we all know that crafting will be vitally important not only to the economy, but to the players as a whole. The gear you get from crafting will be just as viable as that which you get from questing, dungeons, and the like.  In fact, Paul suggested that the players who are decked out the most will be those who partake in all facets of the game.  They want people to be able to play the game how they like, and if that means crafting is their main way to get items, then so be it.  If they don't care about crafting, that's fine too.  But nevertheless, crafting is going to be a very vibrant and detailed part of the game's overarching economy and it won't be the same-ol' same-ol' crafting we've grown used to in recent MMO offerings."

Watch the interview here.


Read the overview here.


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    Oh, sorry, HE, I am still new to the forum. I was confused by the avatar.

    The main problem is, that we still don't know much about crafting classes, crafting skill caps and level management. I think, we should wait until we have really solid information from ZOS until we really get in the details. My opinion is, that for the social component, you could only maximize one crafting class or maybe with a lot, lot of effort a second one, but never all three of the essential ones like alchemy, enchanting and smithing. This player would be absolutely overpowered, I think trading and bargaining with other players is an essential element of an MMO. But still, it's my personal opinion, not more.

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    Not sure if I should rush leveling/questing, or rush crafting.

    Oh the choices...

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    Arthix wrote on January 25, 2013

    Not sure if I should rush leveling/questing, or rush crafting.

    And this leads me to wonder if crafting will reward xp like in GW2. I thought GW2 method was poorly thought out in that people could craft their way to max level w/o leaving town. Regardless, I will have to await more info from ZO before I can determine how many crafts we can max out. I have listened to this vid with Paul 4 times now and still am amazed at what he seemed to say but really didn't.


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