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[Clarion Call] The Elder Scrolls Uncovered - Video Series

This thread compiles a number of interesting videos and articles by Clarion Call, a dedicated Elder Scrolls Online guild.

My ideal system is one that allows your skills to grow as you craft. Once you hit max level, you'll be able to craft the best items like normal MMOs, but the more you craft them, you have a chance to learn a slightly higher version of it, and by this I mean the stats could increase by 1 points, nothing major but the more you craft the better they become. Not every time does the items become better, it would be a rare chance, but once it happens you'll be able to craft the item with those improved stats, and the chance for them to improve again.

There is a interesting article about crafting, and how ESO can go about selling peoples crafts and other items.

Check out the full article here at ccguild.ca


What are your thoughts on the crafting system or the ideas on how to sell our items?

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  1. Shanachie

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    The finesse loot system might be perfected if they paired it with a social quest resolution system.  How are they handling people who down the same boss all at once?  Does one person get the quest completion flag or do they all share it?  If they all share it, then it may be a problem if many players essentially bum rush bosses, limiting the challenge associated with those quests for those who prefer tackling big bosses with minimal assistance.  Perhaps this concern is negligible.

  2. Ragnarok

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    Panterra Arius wrote on January 10, 2013

    This’d be awesome, a dungeon with like pit stops where you could stop for the day, sleep etc or work uni etc irl then when you have time pick back up on the dungeon, purely because it is so big :P

    i think thats a great idea. I assume the new faction would not be able to sweep through and just cut down the people in the pit stops

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  3. Garlyn

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    Ah, Darkness Falls.

    So many ambushes. So many deaths.

    This is going to be really, really exciting. Given the scale of the game and how large areas are within it, I can definitely see a dungeon matching DF in terms of scale and accessibility. I too am expecting it to be an area of Coldharbour, but I'm half-hoping it's a possible revisit to Soul Cairn.

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  4. Thrawler

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  5. Shanachie

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    QOTW: I chose DC because I like to play Gaul-ish characters. I'm a quarter french/quarter welsh/quarter melungeon/quarter german, so it plays in well with Breton/Redguard and I roleplay a Nord Father for the german aspect. That and most of my characters in the TES games were Breton. It wouldn't feel right to me to go any other way. Also, the politics of DC appear to be the most diplomatic and not borne out of desperation or deception.

    Player Guilds: I like the idea of multiple guilds, especially when playing a guild whose players are intermittently active. In essence, the three Alliances ARE your main guild.

    Player Guilds (Cross Factions): I actually like this. Lore-wise nothing. There are lots of instances where people from two factions of a war actually attempt to work together, especially if there was a particularly big nasty. In most wars, only 20% of a conflict actually care enough to fight over it. And there are plenty of examples of enemies who switched sides. There are people who will work with the 'enemy' to build prosperity. Think of the companies in New York who maintained business with Germany during WWII, under different names, even after the US entered the war.

    Player Guilds (Housing): Mmmmm... no. Guild campaign tents, yes! It wouldn't make much sense to devote resources to fantastic, ornate halls when your country is being ravaged by and drained financially by the warfront. As long as they have the necessities for crafting and a few merchants, everything else is a hassle. Trophies be damned.


    Good topics, guys. Perhaps you could get some more different opinions in your show.

  6. Thrawler

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    seanvwolf wrote on February 3, 2013 Good topics, guys. Perhaps you could get some more different opinions in your show.

    ESU is completely open to anyone who watches the show and wishes to partake in the discussion. I do a post on the ccguild.ca website (Follow me on twitter to know when it is posted) and anyone can signup 3 spots are reserved for Clarion Call members, 3 are open to anyone who wants in, it is a first come first serve basis.

    Sometimes we get on topics where we all agree on something, and sometimes we get into topics like Housing should it be phased or instanced, and we discuss it for hours in a pretty solid debate.

  7. Atropos

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    For organizational purposes, we have consolidated Clarion Call articles and videos into a persistent thread to house them. As you were!

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